Server Downtime - March 12, 2020 - Game Update 102

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All worlds will be taken offline at 5:30AM PT on March 12, 2020, for Game Update 102. Downtime may last up to 8 hours.

    This update primarily features the 2020 St. Patrick's Day seasonal event. On Nintendo Switch specifically, this update also significantly reduces the download size of the game, and in most cases will require a full uninstall and reinstall.

    The full update notes will be posted in the Live Update Notes forum when they are available tomorrow.

    Note For Xbox: It is still to be determined when the Xbox servers will receive Game Update 102 (though it will be as soon as possible). For Xbox, the St. Patrick's Day event will turn on without downtime and without this year's new rewards, feats, or adjustments. Xbox will have a standard one hour restart beginning at 5:30AM PT.

    Update: Xbox will receive the update with the other platforms at the time stated above.

    Update: All worlds are now online.
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  2. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Looks like Xbox is getting the short end of the stick.
  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Xbox info has been updated.
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  4. Jensu Well-Known Player

    can't wait, this is one of my favorite seasonals to run of the year
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  5. NewSuperman New Player

    Excited for the update!
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  6. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Can't wait, want some styles and base items from this event. I do hope though that we get to test Spring event soon enough, I really want to see the new base items & styles.
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  7. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    "Explore Mxyzptlk's Metropolis" is now able to be completed weekly rather than daily. (Rewards adjusted)"
    I'm curious to see how many marks we're gonna get from this now. Let's do some maths: as it has been standing til now, we've been getting 4 marks por day, which adds up to like 60 marks all over the event runtime (about 15 days without having to reset). Weekly means we will be able to do this mission three times (give it or take). I would expect we gonna get at least 20 marks at a time.
  8. Jensu Well-Known Player

    same here, i need to add more items to my jungle theme base, so i can't wait for Spring
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  9. Kryptowarior New Player

    The server down is every day or when?
  10. darth_paul Committed Player

    This was answered in the other test thread about the event. You get 10 clovers for the weekly tour now and 8 clovers for the daily pots of gold. You also only need 22 coins a day now instead of 33.
  11. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Same old event with additions. Not real sure why its taking so long Zzzzzzzzzzz.
  12. CoolBreeze New Player

    As the St Patrick’s day parade was cancelled in Ireland due to covid-19 we can celebrate it here with the DCUO Community
  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Deploying any full game update will always take roughly the same amount of time, whether it has a lot of new things or the more moderate amount. It's not what's changing, it's the process of the full shutdown, deploy, restart, and then confirming the everything worked as expected that takes time.
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  14. Raginggamer1101 New Player

    How long is the down time for u.s servers
  15. Yepz New Player

    How long does this usually take
  16. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    It's ok I'm patiently waiting. I know if you hit the Leprechauns to go faster it might end up getting more Mxy tricks than the Devs expected. I'm super looking forward to it whenever it goes up Dimensional Ink guys :)
  17. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    about 8 hours. ish.
  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All worlds are now online (after about 4 hours).
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  19. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Servers seem to be up. At least EU PC is. :oops:
  20. Stoopid Witch New Player

    can you fix login issues?
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