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  1. Captain Decency New Player

    "Hi there. You can convert your coins into Source Marks now, and the vendor now takes Source Marks instead. With each episode launch, the oldest episode still with individual currency will convert to Source Marks."

    This is very misleading.
    I only ever mentioned having lex coins, and at CR43 I don't have access to any other episode's coins.
    You cannot convert your lex coins into source marks, and you cannot do it now.
    The vendor does not take source marks instead of lex coins.
    And, even with 287 CR, the items that I am looking for are gone, as other players have mentioned.

    So, even had I waited (and paid for) however many months it will take for the BOP vendor to convert to source marks, the gear is not available anyway.
    If I sepnt $50 getting my CR to 255, and then grinded to 287 to find out that the gear was still unavailable I would be pretty livid at the lack of directness and what seems to be intentionally misleading.

    I'm guessing it's hard to retain new players.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Just on the off chance you missed it, some items were removed from the vendor by mistake and have now been returned back on to the vendor.
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