Server Downtime - January 8, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. barneythekillladinosaur New Player

    dcuo website says that playstation servers are up but its a lie just like the cake the worlds are actually down so if you see on the website that there up in the US there not at least not in the midwest region
  2. Bullet New Player

    This Blows More then the wind =/
    ....But Ok i can deal with it. Just STAHP E-X-T-E-N-D-I-N-G the TIME Please :D
  3. Mr. Krazeespike New Player

    It's now 8:20 pm PST.... wth guys. Come on dudes!..........really? try 5:28 pst ... google is our friend.......time zone converter!
  4. Nyema New Player

    um sweetie its not even 8:30 on the east coast yet...
  5. Giorgio New Player

    if you look at the server page, it says it is low, which will never be the case if the "world" is up and online.
  6. Nyema New Player

    Since when do companies run off of PST? & why are you?
  7. James29 Level 30

    I didn't say it was 8:30 PST now. I meant that now they are saying it will be 8:30 PST before they have the server back up. I thought they said at first it would be 6:30 PST.
  8. Killwalkeronforum New Player

    i almost never click a "like" button. But this was well deserved.
  9. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    DCUO ALWAYS announces in PST which is 3 HOURS behind Eastern. Simple.
  10. SkyPorthos New Player

    Thank you for the time ^-^
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  11. SethWolffe New Player

    I play CO, have since it's beta days. Nice game, graphics are very cartoonish compared to DCUO. Strong points are much more costume choices and wider variety of power selections, although the f2p archetypes will seem a lot like the DCUO power trees. Less restrictions on hero names and they have recently added vehicles to the game. Coolest thing in CO is that at level 25 you get to create a nemesis for your hero and actually have battle with them.
  12. Jonn's oreo stash New Player

    Thank you your majesty. I'll quit playing or be patient now.

    I don't think there's cause for anger, these things happen. But when you pay for a service, you should receive the service. If not as a consumer it's natural to feel entitled to some form of compensation. Anyone who feels we should get an extra day of legendary for this is not out of line at this point.
  13. Goldstomp Active Player

    DCUO deserves a spot on a Fail Compilation video on YT...
  14. MattaFact Active Player

    It's not even 6:30pst now.. just patient.. I rather them get it right than have bugs.. like so many that are already out there..
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  15. Astro® New Player

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  16. Note Worthy New Player

    So its 8:30...
  17. Jewellery Bonney New Player

    KEEP CALM and don't FLIP OUT :p

  18. kiritonarukami2 New Player

    you fool what have you done you've opened pandora's box now
  19. Nyema New Player

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  20. sniperFox29 New Player

    This is incredibly annoying; world maintenance should not take every conscious hour of the day. But eventually the servers will be brought back online and everyone will forget they had to wait so long, so I'll hold my peace.
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