Server Downtime - January 8, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    The thing is, it's not just MoV. It's any case of things that goes to your currency tab or splits into more things apparently - that includes MoTs, Promethium Boxes and rewards that go directly to you tab. So technically, if you could actually log in now, you couldn't do anything related with currencies or rewards of any kind.

    I wish we could do something to help - at least make some coffee for the devs! Let's hope they manage to solve this today; after all, it'll only be an 8 hour downtime overall. Go read a book, meet up with your friends, build a snowmen or something, guys. Just 4 more hours.
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  2. GrumpySnot New Player

    What is being worked on????
  3. JustaWolf New Player

    90 days / 30 usd = 33 cents a day
    33 / 24 = 1.3 cents an hour
    1.3 cents an hour x 8 hour down time = 11 cents

    I want compensation.
    Please mail my Bank check payable to CASH in the Sum of 11/100 USD to:

    I need to complain about something
    Po Box OU812
    Complainsville . TX 8675309

    (Numbers used are just an example please dont correct my math)
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  4. Vulpis New Player

    Actually...I worked for the local county offices as a computer operator waaay back when i got out of high school (low-end IT job, responsible for putting on mag-tapes when the programmers requested them, collecting and distributing printouts, and generally making sure the system didn't go obviously fubar...the less obvious fubars being the responsiblity of the far more highly paid system analyst down the hall). We had a dual system much like what DCUO supposedly has, with a test system and the production system. The programmers were *never* allowed to let code be moved from test to production with the kinds of major bugs the DCUO devs keep getting away with, and would have been fired if they tried. Granted, this was over 2 decades ago now, but still...
  5. Myrocha New Player

    I here there are new hairstyles.
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  6. Tyne New Player

    My complaints are not what they seem. Infact I'm quite happy they are fixing it. My complaint is directly to European patch times! Which directly effect European Prime Time!

    When they are finished fixing , most of us will be in bed sleeping for work the next day! What I'm asking for is Split patch days for Europe! ProsiebenSat1 are owners of our server after all not Sony!
  7. MrUnexeptional New Player

    oh good lord peeps. relax,have beer and wait till later ffs
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  8. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    I would agree with you if they didn't first break it. This was supposed to be an update... which they messed up. Not a hot fix.
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  9. Vulpis New Player

    Cute. :) That be honest, be nice to Mepps. Keep in mind that the poor guy is *not* a Dev, he's the Community Rep...which means he's stuck shuttling messages between irate users and irate programmers while this problem goes on, and not really able to do anything to solve things himself.
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  10. Dump Truck New Player


    8pm EST.
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  11. HermanRuth New Player

    Systems Development Cycle always seems to fail at step 5 for DCUO. The implementation process. Every single time.

    If you are new to this game, don't expect to play much on update day or DLC release day. Just not gonna happen. If you're a veteran of this game, stop acting surprised. This game is what it is.
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  12. Hyuske New Player

    If you happen to see Hyuske next time you log on say hi and fight me!!!
  13. rimvader Well-Known Player

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  14. Borosa1971 New Player

    Has anyone considered that we may be getting a further Update? I mean War of Light pt 2 os on Test now right sooo....
  15. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    I hear with rage there are going to be new dental styles........ :D
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  16. Taygher New Player

    its only 4 hours, dont think the world will end any time soon so hang in there sunshine !! ;)
  17. Vulpis New Player

    Huh? Renown with factions has *nothing* to do with leagues. Renown is what you get by doing missions for the mentors, in particular the solo Challenges.
  18. Sasami Well-Known Player

    Trust me, I hear that accusation soo much in game that the comment / joke comes naturally on it.
  19. Piper New Player

    Yah i hope its about the horrid lag and crashing as well. im really tired of it.
  20. Crotch1911 New Player

    to everyone complaining about compensation because they pay for services and for 1 day every couple of months they cant play!
    do you not think that dc thought of this before ya know they could say to each other lets give all of our PAYING customers something when we screw up and DLC takes longer than we thought or someone finds a glich and we have to shut the server down foe a few hours and someone speaks up and says how about we just give all of our LOYAL customers somthing in advance because we all know this is going to happen. i know says someone lets call them loyalty points..... yea thats a great idea!!!! now that all of you are complaining i would tell DC to take the loyalty points away and only give them out during times like this would you like that idea better???
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