Server Downtime - January 8, 2014 - Game Update 33!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    Thank you very much! I hope you're correct x3
  2. GrumpySnot New Player

    Did any of the weapons, gain from this update????
  3. Vx4700 New Player

    I joined DCUO nearly a week or so i didn't honestly know the details about this update, i play a controller and been playing a lot in these days and been at it for Marks, got T1 and T2 full sets then yesterday(without knowing about the update changes) i purchased my first T3 piece(kryptonian chest for controllers). Is there any way that i could make a ticket and get a refund so i can re-buy it at the new price? or be allowed to get an additional piece of the T3 set pretty please? :(
  4. Tudar New Player

    You'd spend more time filling out the ticket and waiting for a reply then you would if you just ran another alert/raid to buy more.

    They will not refund you.
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  5. Awesome Barney Well-Known Player

    Client is downloading. PS3: 1,6 GB, PS4: 6,4 GB
  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    No, it was strictly a nerf. They had originally over buffed DW again, but they reverted that to the nerf state it is, because it was way too good. This change makes no sense and too many people have already voiced distaste. If you want to be useful in PvE, you want to use Rifle and HB.
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    As stated, you could file a ticket, but I don't think it really matters. Marks come by VERY fast now. Just continue to run content. You are buying T3 gear, which means you are in the T3 content category. Run the T3 alerts and you will be fine.
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  8. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Really big changes. And looking forward to the armory.
    But the question that never shuts up:

    With all these updates when you released the languages ​​of the game so we can enjoy the history of it? It is always amazing to be completely ignored on this subject.:(
  9. Mademoiselle Chenault New Player

    Sounds awesome q(^_^)p
  10. Tweek New Player

    Will they be giving PVE a trinket or something to replace the BREAKOUT TRINKET that we had with the pvp trinkets. This was really liked by nearly everyone and was a big discussion on numerous threads?????? Spytle replied on one such thread that he would bring it up but made no promises? I hope pve gets some kind of breakout:rolleyes: . I miss mine and was a major reason for me canceling my sub.
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  11. Epicgames New Player

    Do the Devs even play this game? I can't post in test feedback regarding weapons nerf apparently so ill post here since it pertains to update 33 anyhow.

    WT .... with weapons nerf! How long till Devs brains turn on and they add massive health spike to pvp gear especially since you can't wear it in pve anymore to avoid getting 1 shotted instead of nerfing pve dmg....... 1h now hits like trash so dps melee the ravager? we have all seen HLs slip a combo, and know how that ends. fair well 1h, death to stupidity from barking 13 yr old pvpers, and eager to please but slow to think long term Dev team......Rest In Peace. Remember Devs empty cans make more noise than full ones, careful who you cater to or you will wind up miles from where you set sight.

    DW charge reverting to crap shortly after if not on update 33 so grounding will have you hitting for 400s most of the time in dox......
    Maybe bc they want people to buy power tokens to bump sales for celestial, and/or rage since they don't need weapon damage quite as desparately ?

    Just tired of the tidal motion of this game one step forward followed by two steps backwards this could have been addressed by adding 3-5k health over what is already on pvp gear especially since some genius came up with the idea anyone can debuff a healer now.....

    My Suggestion DO NOT REPLAY New Content till this is addressed! why? bc stats are useless if they keep getting rolled back you are wasting your money. Stop paying for t5.5 and getting t4.5 It's up to you community

    Btw if you are an idiot itching to reply to this post its not open in my mind for discussion. answering this post conversely will only illustrate you were the one crying for a nerf bc despite the dev attempts to help you learn to counter you fail..... and you are pathetic........slither away......
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  12. The Klepto New Player

    I agree man. A lot feel the way you do.

    And honestly what is the purpose of a weapon if someone specs full Precision because that's what they like to do, there's no point in have so much precision if they keep nerfing weapons.

    And also did you watch the live stream? They were lost in the T5 duo.
  13. thefrogshateme New Player

    really after all that good news lol. GOOD JOB
  14. kiritonarukami2 New Player

    so let me get this straight to get the gun slingers chest we need last laugh right?
  15. thefrogshateme New Player

    Thank You!
  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Um, speaking of languages, I find your question unintelligible. Can you rephrase it?
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  17. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    are the pvp vendor synth mods only usable for pvp? and are the pve vendor mods only usable on pve gear?


    ETA: sorry, just waking up, so is there just one new set of pvp gear to grind? --or is it like last season with the multiple mini tiers? please say the former...
  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    US PC is now online.
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  19. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    He's been asking for different language versions of the game for awhile, and the Devs have never responded to him.
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  20. Victor D New Player

    First, I don't know why people on this thread keep saying Hand Blasters got nerfed when it says "Staff Focused Spin and One Handed Focused Blast, were doing much more damage than intended", how does One Handed become Hand Blasters? Please read more carefully next time. Also, anybody that has been playing this game for a while knows that these 2 weapons have been overpowered for quite some time now due to the charge attacks doing massive damage without having to be fully charged which is why we've seen SO many people using One Hander in particular.

    The only reason players are whining about this update is because they will have to start looking for the next thing to exploit which looks like it's going to be Rifle and Dual Wield now. I wish they would stop gravitating to whatever the flavor of the month is in terms of weapon type, movement mode, power type or whatever configuration and just focus on what they like style wise instead of always looking to get an edge in order to feel superior to other players and tell them they are trash because it's really disgusting and pathetic behavior with these elitist egomaniac jerk wads .
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