Server Downtime - January 7, 2020 - Anniversary Event

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. TheDrone Well-Known Player

    I don't know. I'm kinda OK with not having to grind an entire 8piece set. Of course, that assumes they don't give us 2 pieces and quadruple the price, so...
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  2. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I imagine if it's one or two pieces they'll probably be around 100 each .
  3. Araktus New Player

    The game when it goes on
  4. Power Surge Level 30

    Well I'm disappointed already and the servers arent even up yet lol
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  5. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Really hoping this isn't the style, if it is this is a major let down a lot of people will not be running this for the style we already have.

    i mean straight up that's exactly what it is, the 3 orbs i'm guessing its an Accesory but that style is 100% the vistor style.

    Like there's nothing different.

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  6. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I think the style is just the back tubes.
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  7. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    that's a major let down if that's the case.your telling me we went from getting full sets to just 2 styles? not a good way to start off 2020 in my opinion.
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  8. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Well the way 2019 ended....
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  9. Vicious Well-Known Player

    People are always grumpy. And there isn't really a difference in the incessantness of the complaining that goes on here no matter what the situation is.
  10. Ascended Well-Known Player

    I'm looking at the homepage now and it looks like it's only the back piece. Might be a shoulder slot instead, but either way it just looks like one single thing. The other styles in the image are older ones. So it'll probably be pretty expensive, if that's all we get.

    Unless there's a high value feat and title attached I dont think I'll even bother with it.

    I guess Im sorta torn. There's thousands of styles in the game already, so if we get accessories, materials, and auras instead that's probably a fair long as the prices are comparable to what we'd spend on styles. And normally I dont mind a holiday event not giving us a whole style set. But I've always liked the styles from the anniversary, this is my favorite "holiday" in game.
  11. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    i like to pretend that didn't happen since i was working at the time but i heard about it... *whistles*
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  12. bspandley New Player

    omg finally an event or thing from the arrowverse... Attack of the Antimonitor!!!
  13. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Slow down lol, there are anniversary gifts on the horizon as well... They may have gone nuts on those instead of the event style. Can't judge the whole event on a few screen shots imo.
  14. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Your new here aren't you ?
  15. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

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  16. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    your not wrong, really don't make sense though if you update the main site with old styles.

    But the gifts i wouldn't be so hype for them because chances are it may be 1 gift and not account bound so yeah not to hype for the gift.
  17. Zoe· YouTuber

    Servers are up everyone!
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  18. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Been around for a long time actually, I've seen the devs drop some pretty nice stuff on us out of the blue. So don't hold your breath as lately stuff has been lackluster at best but be hopeful.
  19. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    You Buy them from the Vender
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