Server Downtime - December 8, 2022 - Game Update 131

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    I just started *really* furnishing my first lair (the ORBITAL Cat Cave)! :p I see why you like decorating so much!
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  2. Time Stone Active Player

    Ok, I get it now. Only people who live in the US play this game. How a silly I am. My apologies.
  3. Zeropointmodule Active Player

    Orbital Batcave.. THE ORBAT!

    Wait there are places that aren't MURRICA?? :p
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  4. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I now officially want a cat orbital that drops teekls, streakys and isises.
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  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    One of my characters has a cat themed base. I have, if I remember, about 15 cats in that base as well.
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  6. Zeropointmodule Active Player

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  7. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I think you Meant To the Scratching Post!!
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  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    That's actually the name of my base lol
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  9. GabeKnowBest Level 30

    Yall have some real dope base names, I dig it.
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  10. Zeropointmodule Active Player

    I hope maintenance finishes soon, I've got the urge to make a water dps/battle healer, possibly on villain side
  11. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Their happy to take our non-American money. :D
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  12. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

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  13. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Wym that's not much time we only have 24 hours in a day. That's nearly half of the day gone.
  14. Zeropointmodule Active Player

    To be fair most mmos do NOT have maintenance times over a couple hours more than once or twice a year on extreme occasions. even for major updates.

    in the mmo landscape, a 10 hour maintenance is very abnormally long.
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  15. MyHeadIsBurning New Player

    Well, it is an ultra mega giga major update, to be frank. To add seasonal that we had already like 10 years in a row.
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  16. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I remember the Days when Seasonals were Simply Turned on Even mid Day at times
  17. Simon Baz New Player

    Please can u give us blue lantern powers for heroes with violet lantern powersfor villians as healers or anything? :/
  18. Ultimus Primus Well-Known Player

    First year with DCUO? Common place for this game. EVERY update that has ever been has had a 6–10 (normally 6-8) hour maintenance window. I highly doubt it will take the total 10 hours. If it does, then it was obviously needed
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  19. Zeropointmodule Active Player

    It's been roughly 8 hours already. so if they were going for the Scotty trick of looking like a miracle worker by giving an estimate twice as long, it's not working.
  20. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Tbf though, this is quite an abnormally long maint, even for dcuo at this point. they are usually 5 hours average, if not 6