Downtime Server Downtime - April 26, 2018 - Game Update 82!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. King Smoker Well-Known Player

    they should just give everyone 100 Atlantean crowns and call it a day
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  2. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I think that will probably be the next step.
  3. dreameagle2 Level 30

  4. TANK3000 New Player

    Why not getting an extra day on double Atlantian Crown since this updated is getting too long? come on Mepps, we all know you are reading all these post's. This is good for business anyway, the more double time, the more on buying replay badges, you know that, your associates know that. Make it happen.
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  5. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The accountants have likely determined the potential gurantee purchases is more of a risk that the potential purchase of a lock box.

    If they were purchaseable in the mp, they would likely 20+ for even just an aura. People are less likely to pay 30 for a gurantee item than 30 over the course of a week on a chance at said item.
  6. dreameagle2 Level 30

    well i just signed up here to say my piece, while listed as a new player been playing since t5 was the highest so I know not all NEW players are new. This is crap... I spend my money and constant issues. So halfway round the world is up and yall can't even fix your own back yard... PATHETIC. I'm taking my 50.00 card and downloading db xeonoverse2. Screw it.
  7. Chicken Well-Known Player

    How about we just buy everything off the marketplace styles, gear all of it?? Then we can stand around and look cool. No need to run content or do anything just stand there look cool.
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  8. KYZEL19D New Player

    I defiantly hear your points! I do feel that it is possible to create most of the content that I suggested. As someone that is certified in advanced programming in 4 different languages I KNOW that it can be done with the proper amount of time. Whether they are willing to put in that time is another question.

    Example: The 1st Farcry game you could create map layouts and use them for online play. They did this with old technology and pulled it off. Not sure what type of servers are used but if they use Dell Power Edge servers this would be fairly simple. \

    You did make some good points though.
  9. Ironback New Player

    It's not a question of what's FAIR, it's a question of what's the most LUCRATIVE.
    Making us pay to spin the RNG wheel to try and get styles gets them way more money than if they just let us buy those styles.
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  10. dreameagle2 Level 30

    We're NOT PAYING SQUAT right now
  11. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    That would be so nice, That dang Generator in the basement being put in diagonally just erks the hell out of me.
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  12. KYZEL19D New Player

    This wait time is not good but I am sure they are working very hard to get the game ready for play.
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  13. dreameagle2 Level 30

    bs, coding is coding
  14. IThe MasterI Active Player

    I think these are really good ideas. (And may deserve its own thread)
    One other thing I'd like to see is:

    For Water Powers

    PI: Power Interaction (electric)
    Electric Eel Module MK I
    Consumable Required Level: 30 Requires Combat Rating: 47
    On use, this item will apply these effects: • Stun - Field+45 to +65% of Max Health
    “Erupts a torrential fry (swarm) of electric eels on your target"

    ”The Snake animation from Nature powers could be used in combination with a water powers graphic."
  15. KYZEL19D New Player

    Another suggestion:

    There needs to be a real tech support department that can be contacted via online. I will run it for them lol. It is what I do at Dell for their Enterprise department. I will happily transfer to their team with no hesitation....
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  16. dreameagle2 Level 30

    Wrong thread
  17. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    I was about to say that, but ya beat me to it
  18. KYZEL19D New Player

    coding IS coding.. And it is a very tedious process that requires teams to do. This takes time. Anything worth having or doing is worth waiting for.
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  19. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Psst....we get 150 replays every month AND 500 Loyalty points/Daybreak Cash. Save each for JUST two months...and use the Loyalty points/DBC to buy 350 replays combined with the two months worth already received (300) for a combined total of...650 replays in just two months. The most expensive items are the Rare/Exclusive Booster Bundle auras at 545 replays...that leaves you with 105 replays. Do it again for two more months and you can unlock yet another. So in one year's worth of membership you can unlock 6 Rare BB Auras without spending extra out of your pocket.

    As for your "whales aren't going to spend that kind of money" statement...that's hilarious. They spend a lot already, this will be nothing for them. As for casuals being priced out...see above for the answer to that.
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  20. KYZEL19D New Player

    Only reason why I posted ideas in this thread is due to the fact I know the DEV team is watching this thread closely... :)
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