1. Incineration Inferno New Player

    This message is mainly for the Devs and hopefully MEPPS himself. I'm not even sure if it's in the right area of the forums.

    I've been a long time loyal player since launch. I love Tanking, it is hands down my favorite this to do in the game. I do prefer the old school way and have alot of fun watch the score board like some DPS's do, but heres where my fun has always been.

    I like pulling everything in ads. bosses, sub bosses etc. (if mechanics allow of course) and seeing how much damage I can take/survive and not struggle. I love looking at the score board and seeing if this new elite is going to break my old damage received record, just as the DPS like to see how much damage they canpit out I love seeing how much I can survive.

    With all my rambling being said the reason I wrote this completely off topic beginning is to explain my love for a certain role in the game and was wondering will we ever see the one power in the game I was seriously reading to spend money on to switch to for ranking....SERUMS.

    I was really excited to hear about this Bane/Buff style Tanking power but sadly it never came.

    Please understand not trying to start any drama, I have alot going on in real.life right now and I'm playing g to get my stress relief/taking a break from everything for a few hours a week.

    I just really am hoping to see the power I was most excited to play with come to light and be a reality.

    If a Dev or MEPPS could reply I sure would appreciate it

    Thank You for your time
  2. Ankh_Legacy Loyal Player

    Simple answer, No.

    Longer answer.

    With what is known by us non DGC employees, there were problems with Serums. It seems that the power was proving difficult to make work, so when Water looked to be a more viable power from a new Aquaman NPC power set, they made the switch.

    There was also talk of some PR type issues of a player power based around taking drugs to become powerful.
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  3. Trexlight Loyal Player

    I was there in the room when it was announced. Pictures are still on my instagram.

    I was also there when Spytle took it to Twitter and said it was getting canned and teased about Water Powers. it was shelved and dead due to exactly what Ankh said. Its dead jim. Its dead.
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  4. Lycan Nightshade Well-Known Player

    Dammit Jim im a doctor not a developer!
  5. Incineration Inferno New Player

    Well that's a little depressing lol.

    Taking drugs in game to empower your is a no but stealing, lust, murder, etc is ok.....lol.

    I do appreciate all the responses explaining why they shelved it. The complications I could understand but the other is just crazy considering all the other things that go on in this game being based off of a fictional comic world.

    Thank you all again my questions have been answered.
  6. CandySlinger New Player

    If they ever wanted to get rid of the stigma I'm sure branding it as nanite boosts or magic talismans would fill the same role. My guess is the mechanics of it was the real issue they never could resolve.
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  7. bigbadron alt Committed Player

    That almost makes it sound like Serums became Augments. ;)
  8. Dom-Eon Dedicated Player

    If it can't be put in a time capsule I wouldn't hold my breath for it lol
  9. TheLorax Devoted Player

    Was Water in a Time Capsule?
  10. SekretVillain Active Player

    Here's what I never understood, they claimed serums would promote drug abuse, but what about munition, rage promoting violence and gun abuse? Imo I dont think they knew how to pull off serums so they gave us the lame excuse of drug promotion and scrapped the power.
  11. TheLorax Devoted Player

    That wasn't the reason. Atomic was going to be a healer powerset, Serums a tank powerset. There was a Twitter poll after players showed interest in a Water powerset. Serums was scrapped, Atomic took it's slot as the new tank powerset, Water (largely delayed) became the latest healer powerset.
  12. SekretVillain Active Player

    Actually it was, I recall a dev saying it.
  13. TheLorax Devoted Player

    It wasn't the prime reason. There was also an issue with some of the mechanics of a Serums powerset.
  14. SekretVillain Active Player

    That maybe but it was still 1 of the main reasons lol

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