SERIOUS problem with elite content in this game

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  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Ahh, kind of. I've played both and they are not the same. Your comparing a game that can run with macros to a game designed to be played with a controller. The gameplay is also different.

    Technically, Marvel could be the only competitor if they ever got their crap together and made a decent game. Final Fantasy and Everquest type games have been done so much. I'm overly tired of dungeons and dragons it's not even funny.

    Now for the elite being difficult, I blame the players and these forums. Before the revamp, there were WAY more mechanics than just blocking on the red skull. You could play melee and do more damage as a risk reward. People cried and we are left with red skull block. Funny thing, since the revamp and these being the mechanics. Precision players really never have to worry about this. You never get stuck in a channel as a precision. You can do way more damage while being mobile, ect. Let's not even get started on the SC, for say electric.

    The days of learning a power and mastering it are gone. The revamp introduced more diversity in play styles. Bwhahahaaaaaa. Jk. The game is more broken now that prior to revamp.
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  2. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    The problem is that they seem to be very limited in terms of manpower. Allocating and focusing too much of it towards Elite (challenging content) would probably mean that the rest of the content will suffer. They haven't touched PvP because of that reason, if they were to assign everyone to revamping Elite, the rest of the plans would have to be put on the backburner and I doubt the community would enjoy that.

    Realistically speaking, a very small percentage of this game's community actually partakes in Elite content. It would be a waste of time and resources to invest manpower into it.
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  3. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Well now, you and my wife have a common opinion.
  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    You do know that the ones that respond to things like the Fate helmet are usually not the same ones that work on difficulty, right? A game has several departments that work together to do. One deals with art, one deals with combat, one deals with maps. Only dev I've seen jump in a thread that does it all, is Charon. Which he responds to difficulty and bug threads as well as fun style stuff.

    If that is true, that's a bug and should be reported in a bug thread.
  5. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Glad to see they adapted your life into a screenplay. Nice to see DCUO players finding success.

  6. zNot Loyal Player

    I think this means 2 bigger raids will be in that episode. While also having a duo or something.
  7. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Try pugging elite and see how well you do lol
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  8. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Although I agree with you, this game's difficulty has been a subject of debate for a decade. This game had a 50 Million dollars budget and was still released with sub-par difficulty for endgame content. It hasn't been improved over the years and even though the devs have addressed it in the past, it hasn't changed much, if not at all. I'm not huge on Elite content, I'm also realistic and understand that it's a pretty niche aspect of the game but I feel for those who have been sitting here for years asking for some sort of change. It must be pretty frustrating for the Elite crowd to advocate for a reform and not receive much attention while cosmetic stuff amongst other trivial things, gets a lot of attention.

    The issues with the endgame content's difficulty will have to be addressed seriously sooner or later.
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  9. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    That's rich coming from someone who's not much older than this game.
  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Ever wonder why it stayed that way? Maybe, the small amount of players that want the face melting content aren't the ones producing the "50 million dollars"? That it is the casual players that love styles, running with iconics, etc?

    It's like PvP in that regard and it does amaze me that they still separate Elite content from regular content, which means that the percentage is high enough to still produce for them.

    In the end, they are selling a product and if the product they are selling requires the majority to get through it, they will adjust difficulty.

    Edit: I also want to mention, they did give a face melting twitch reacting dlc. It was Origin Crisis. That resulted in being too difficult and they lost money. Which at this stage in the game, is probably the biggest problem for a lot of test things. If it doesn't go well first try, they stop immediately and then turn around.
  11. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    This is true. In a ideal world there would be personnel, time, and money to do all things. Given their limitations the work they are doing now on Ep. 42 takes priority.
  12. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Difficult to ask for because what your not considering is that most of the elite groups clearing it are pre-made groups meaning you aint shouting an giving anyone a chance.
    How can you say “motivate players to get good” when most cant because most arent invited to try.
    I shout, i dont have premade elite groups and have made it full renown an full gear since i came back a year ago+ (BoP).
    I do this via farming solo’s/duo’s mostly because most of the elite runs are fails.
    Every now an then i find a group good enough to make it but that mostly doesnt happen.

    Y’all elite players cry a few things at same time
    1) cry for it to be harder (most cant complete as is)
    2) cry for special loot (which will piss off most be ause again most cant clear it)
    3) cry for people to get better (but you run in premade groups and dont give anyone a chance to get better)
    4) someone suggests the content be the reward and you immediately turn up your nose……

    How about if you so called “elite” players come off your pedistal an give others a chance to run the content with you. Teach some of us, find the ones that are teachable an help them grow…… thats what i do.
    I will run and Q elite content of any sort with everyone and give them a chance to learn and get better. How bout try that and you’ll see the content as much more challenging before just cryin for it to be harder to satisfy your premade groups and further alienating the rest of us.

    Just a suggestion, whats the harm? What have u got to lose or is the thought of being challenged and helpful at the same time too scary?
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  13. zNot Loyal Player

    How come other world famous mmos are able to make high difficulty content and dcuo is not?
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  14. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I totally agree and even stated that Elite was a niche aspect of the game. My point was that endgame difficulty was always lackluster even when the game released and had a significant budget. The issue isn't that people want face melting content, it's that endgame content as a whole and especially Elite (which is supposed to be difficult) doesn't offer any kind of challenge whatsoever.

    I understand that the product requires the majority of the community to get through the content but if the content is too easy, player retention will not improve.
  15. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Because creativity and difficulty went out of the window a long time ago.
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  16. zNot Loyal Player

    Im not playing the game for 3-4 months now,since the thing i enjoy (difficult elite raids) is not being implementd into the game,im fine with teaching players i even had a guy who become very good at the game once he played with me for a few months but rolemodels like me ( no flex) wont play dcuo if they dont put content out there for us,endgame players often times have large impact on the economy and other things.

    it motivates average players to be as good as us but if we getting trashed on then we aint playing it i know many taking a break or playing other games,im still on the forums since i like dcuo i even enjoy the forums more then the game itself atm thats how underwhelming it is to me and i can tell the devs lost so much money and unique players by making elite raids so easy and designing them in a way that its super easy for elite groups to complete it with 5 dps in 10-15 minutes. Heck the flashpoint elite raid was even below that like 7-10 min and the other one got 4 man completed with mostly previous episode stats.

    I know a group of league that had many money spending players in there ALL of them quit because of low difficulty of elite raids.
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  17. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Honestly I find the game extremely hard with a few noobs in the group or when running regular content alot especially after stats revamp. I do find the game hella easy like redickulessly easy with an experienced group because that's what stats revamp is for and it didn't work. All it did was make it much harder for new players and experienced players to run with noobs. Stats revamp basically put the biggest wall in front of experienced players and new ones. To the point where I jump ship as soon as I see one. I just don't have time to help every noob thanks to stats revamp not my fault
  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The target audiences of those games are different than this one. As simple as that. If you didn't notice, but the classic endgame (Old T2 stuff) as well as original content, got adjusted over the years for completion or downright allowed you to ignore it. The developers see what works and adjust going forward.

    The problem I have with this, especially with Elite, is that it DOES offer a challenge, but the players that are complaining about it being easy either have a very specific way of combatting it or in the case of a few recent exploits, cheesed through it. I can guarantee that there is a far larger majority of players that struggle with Elite, but have no problem with normal.

    If you ask me, they have stepped in the right direction. Elite content as a whole was always really Raids. (Except for that small time of Monthly content.) Which trying to get a group of players to do is painful. Now we have solo, duo, and alerts regularly. Which gives players more chances at best gear. You have to understand, content difficulty alone wasn't pushing away players. I'd argue that gates and walls pushed more.

    The recent update to all free now. Add on more options to elite. These alone give more for general players.

    Yes, I do agree, sometimes even normal content is just a straight up loot pinata, but in that regard, they've always done that for the replayers.
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  19. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I don't think DCUO can ever really compete with FF14 in terms of scale. Sure it is trying to get other console gamers and really the only hook DC has is it's combat system and DC IP. Should Marvel ever make a real attempt at an action based MMO with the scale of FF DCUO would be in trouble. DCUO currently carved out it own little space that is seeing it be profitable. I think a lot people just have to come to terms with DC not catering to them anymore and seek that thrill somewhere else. It's clear a lot of people don't care about the styles or the lore of the IP so the only thing keeping them is the combat. Honestly, that's a bit disheartening to learn. If I didn't like the world behind the game good gameplay couldn't get me to touch it (looks at MvC infinite). So it seems like a lot of people who only enjoy the mechanics of the combat torture themselves in a world they otherwise wouldn't enjoy.
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  20. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    There are a ton of groups made to clear even the hardest raids through LFG, if you want to be in these groups you need to be ready, understand well your class and character and know most of the mechanics.

    If you are expecting ppl to invite you into an elite challenging and teach you your class, artefacts, role, mechanics positionning etc, nop people are not here to teach everything. They will explain you some of the machanics but that's it, before going into those raids you need to be ready yourself.

    All the people who cry about elite raids just have 0 knowledge or atleast not enough for those raids and they start crying on the forum, and those same people crying on the forum get those elite raids nerfed and they are the people pissing off the end-game players because devs listen to them.

    Don't wait people to teach you everything, open youtube play the game and use the tools the game has to offer, if you can't do that then stick to normal Raids that is exactly what those people should do.

    Eelites Raids aren't hard, you just need to know what you are doing, simple as that. If you don't understand the game will other people understand it for you?