Serious Controler: Discussion

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ghostof91, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Chicago Bull New Player

    A troller story:
    So I was solo trolling since there was no other troll in Khandaq...this was by far the worst PUG group I've been in btw.
    The only healer there also decided to be a damage out putter with HAND BLASTER(and tried to leave) was a complete disaster
    ..we barely even made it to the first boss....and during that time ..I got knocked down and my raid people were around me and didn't think twice to pick me up...and sadly I finally rage quit and gave up on the group.

    Final text to the group: Have fun with Power.
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  2. Darth Loyal Player

    Wow, I can't believe I haven't seen this thread until just now. My suggestion on how to improve the Controller role is simple. Visit the thread in my sig and then if that isn't enough for you go visit Dark's Gadgets guide and Battery's Controller guide. That should solve your problem just fine :p
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  3. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    As a controller, I've never been asked to crowd control. Stunning an add who was about to jump the healer isn't "crowd control". For better or worse, we are blue bar healers who debuff bosses, and occasionally help control adds. as long as no one's verbally abusive, I don't mind being a battery. Sorry guys - get over yourselves.
  4. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    I love trolling...trolling isn't really that hard even when the DPS are might be a little hard with under 100 sp and t4 gear and under but I'm full rage with 178 sp troll....2567 vit...and I have no problem keeping the whole raid group above half power the whole time....2567 vit is a ton of vit and if u get another troll around the same level the power is insane....especially with extended aupercharge which gives me like five 35 percent supercharges when my super is full....the only thing I can complain about trolling is the hard light debuffs and that the gadgets energy shield sucks cause it's only activated when u go below 35 percent health....I mean I use distract but I wish gadgets had a shield....just my opinion though...others may think different...
  5. DaiKaiJu New Player


    I've pissed off a few people since they are power spamminging as a DPS, but as long as my healer and Tank are doing good, I'm being successful.


    Not at all. Sometimes, if you are not the /VIT people want, you don't get in the game. But with the right mods, and enouh bonuses, eve you can get in the game as a top Troll

    Just keep working at it, It's not for everyone no, but I enjoy it. One day who knows. Even you can become a:

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  6. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Being a controller isn't hard, being a good controller is. A good controller makes the entire raid party look good, and nobody ever likes to share the credit.
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  7. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    1. POT is a timed mechanic and you may not even be the POT Controller.
    2. Instant power gives you a damage buff when used.
    3. Debuffs and CC powers are situational in most cases as well as deal damage.
    4. Dealing damage is also a means of regenerating power, filling your supercharge and CCing.
    The Controller role is fine and while I wouldn’t mind the power mechanics being revisited, I do see there being a need to make major changes to the Controller role.
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  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    If you take CC out of control, its not control anymore its just battery.
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  9. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    My three suggestions for improving the controller mode and it's playability:
    1. Allow multiple PoT powers (different powers) to stack, with a penalty when more than one PoT is active. Maybe 30%. This would allow trollers to "compete" for top power out and increase overall power out, without getting too out of hand, IMO.
    2. Reduce the power cost scaling of tanks, healers, and damage roles by half. This limits the trollers - preventing unlimited power generation, while allowing lower tier controllers to be more viable in lower tier instances, and doesn't penalize the role as much as the current system. EDIT: For example, using easy to calculate numbers, if Controller has a +50% power cost, equivalent healer gear would have a +25% power cost.
    3. Increase the effectiveness of actual Crowd Control powers and create new content that encourages it, rather than encouraging the "battery" mentality with enrage timers and such.
    And IF # 1 and 3 were done, I don't know if # 2 would be as necessary as I feel it is now.
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  10. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    First, thanks for the edits.

    Second, agree with you 100%!!!
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  11. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Its the controllers and the tanks job to CC. They are aggro- ing the mob not CC- ing them the whole time. They don't actually have to stun, root, damage the enemies to gain aggro just cast a power. However when the mob is being CC'd by them and the controllers they can do more than cast a power and block.

    Their is nothing wrong with the controller role. Nothing needs changed this is all a community issue.
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  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    1. I don't think stacking is necessary for power needs. Also Controllers like healers shouldn't be competing for power out. It shouldn't be about the scorecard.

    2. The increase of vitalization in all gear should off set the power scaling increase but some players don't ever use their weapon. A community issue. I'm fine with making it easier but it's not needed imo.

    3. I do think with things like A and B we're seeing a shift back to sections where CC is beneficial for the team. I agree that this should continue.

    As far as increasing effectiveness in CC the only thing they could really do for PvE is get rid of trash add breakouts. The dominance change in GU 31(If I remember right) was kind of a band aid. It was at least something to make dom a little more relevant to controllers but a longer CC base duration only matters if the enemy isn't breaking out.
  13. TheDark Devoted Player

    Really? not even in A&B?
    Were you around when we weren't over geared? Never asked to pull anything in Fos2 at the bridge? Or Fos1 on second boss? You never pulled the 2 bots in BC3 to separate their shields so the team can kill them?
    You mean you never ran content for a challenge (again when we weren't overgeared) and just did it without a tank and solo pulled parts in fos1 or 2 because it was required to some extent to progress? You never experienced any of that?

    I wouldn't call stunning one NPC who is about to jump a healer "crowd control" either but it is controlling. Pretty obvious.

    I don't mind being a Battery either. But I'm good enough to tackle on other things while I do feed power so I don't get bored. To me multi-taskers just get bragging rights and props rather than someone who takes easy mode and focuses on strict power out rotations instead of being more engaging. "You don't need to do that..." just sounds like something a lazy controller would say to be honest. Plenty of tools to feed power and do more.
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  14. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I appreciate you opinions. And, I understand where you're coming from. That's why I posted my replies above.
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  15. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I feel ya and it would be nice for both players to have access to their whole loadout. I just don't want it to get to easy.

    As for the T4 guys that have to deal with T5... T5 dude's in old content need to chill out and deal with it. They gotta understand that with their increased gear they'll have to use their weapon and the scorecard doesn't matter.

    I too would like for to see both trollers able to use PoT. I just don't think its necessary. Maybe a mechanic that allows that in raid groups with more controllers would be okay just to make it more fun.

    Thanks for your post.
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  16. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    you're welcome.
    It's quite enjoyable to have a conversation instead of an argument on the forums!!!

    You're "too easy" comment about PoT is why I suggested a penalty when more than 1 PoT is active.
    And, like healers where 2 can't use the same HoT, the trollers would need to use different PoTs.
    For example, My Quantum and your Light (I assume from your avatar and your sig) would have no problem...
    Two Lights, however... (should it be by power or powerset? ie Boxing Gloves and Claws being OK?)

    I agree that if it becomes too easy and loses the challenge, Controlling won't be as fun as it is now.
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  17. Derio 15000 Post Club

    If this is all a community issue, how come its a pattern on all servers. USPC, EUPC, EUPS, USPS, the entire community needs to be fixed, but nobody can seem to fix it.
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  18. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I had my dog fixed.
    Do you think the same proceedure would help!


    In other words: I agree.
  19. Plower Girl Active Player

    I'm starting with the man in the mirror
    I'm asking him to change his ways
    And no message could have been any clearer
    If you wanna make the world a better place
    Take a look at yourself and then make a change
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  20. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    There's nothing wrong with the controller role. Do not change the damn controller role. Use weapons if you're sick of having no power. Useless controllers, keep POT active all the time and do ranged, high speed combo weapon attacks to rebuild your own power if you can't keep up. Drink a damn soder if you're that inept.

    it doesn't need changed or balanced or anything. It's already perfect.

    The ONLY thing that needs changing is the ***** troll's ability to overwrite POT. That's all. Every single aspect with every single controlling power is fair, balanced and works well.

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