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Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by TyKasper, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. TyKasper Active Player

    Scorching Material
    Watchful Material
    Glorious aura
    Dark blue nimbus aura
    Batgirl’s cape
    Batwoman’s cape
    Hero of Kandor graves box
    Visitors belt box (lex luthor armor)
    Abyssal helmet box
    Visitor’s back cannon box
    Enhanced visitors leggings box
    Enhanced green knight belt box
    Green knight legguards box
    Mid-Nite gloves box
    Enhanced speed-metal legplating box
    Beyond gloves box
    Beyond leggings box
    Enhanced High-Density tactical boots box
    Superwoman emblem cache
    Zeus emblem cache
    Orange lantern emblem cache
    Ultraman emblem cache
    Commander steel emblem cache (x2)
    Thanagarian emblem cache
    Sinestro corp emblem cache
    Mysterious DNA Sample(collection piece)
    Trace Sample Of Electrum(collection piece)
    Bane’s rageblind belt (x2)
    Robins utility belt (x2)
    Wonder girl’s mystic belt
    Aquaman’s royal waistguard
    Faust’s helmet
    Raven’s soulmask(hood)
    Supergirl’s kandorian battle boots
    Power girl’s reinforced grips
    Harley’s sinister masquerade (head)
    Oan Tech Mask
    Scarecrow’s sinister cleaver
    Notorious time capsule(x142)
    Gotham time capsule(x117)
    Arcane time capsule (x5)
    Visitors mote (x10)
  2. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I'm interested in the scorching material. Are you looking for anything specific for trade? By the way I don't think you can trade the Visitor's motes anymore.
  3. TyKasper Active Player

    Mainly the sparking material, and thanks I didn’t know they changed that
  4. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    By any chance would you be interested in a green nimbus, red nimbus, pink smoke, purple radiant auras?
  5. Bo Wiccan Active Player

    I can trade a sparking for a scorching material. Let me know if interested.
  6. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    Send me a msg IGN Delta795
    I'll hook you up with a scorching mat.

    Nothing needed

    USPS hero btw
  7. TyKasper Active Player

  8. TyKasper Active Player

    Do you have any other materials?
  9. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    I have every one of the new materials. Looking to buy one?
  10. TyKasper Active Player

    Yea or trade if you’re up for it I’m actually on right now
  11. TyKasper Active Player

    Update Added Items:

    Enhanced Hero of kandor belt box
    Flash emblem
    Mid-Nite Tunic Box(chest)
    Visitor’s gloves box
    Speed-metal gloves box
    Green knight cape box
    Qwardian guard’s belt box
    Beyond leggings box
  12. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I was wondering if you still have these pieces? If so, are you looking for anything specific for trade?
  13. TyKasper Active Player

    Yea I still have them and I’m mostly looking for powerset auras and mats, but what do you have?
  14. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    At the moment I only have terrestrial, sinester, and wild materials. I may have a temporal aura.
  15. shawn kolawole Active Player

    what will you want for the abyssal helmet box and batwomans cape?
  16. TyKasper Active Player

    do yu still have the sinister and temporal material
  17. TyKasper Active Player

    I’m looking for auras or a mat mainly but what do yu have
  18. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I don't have the temporal material, only the aura.
  19. TyKasper Active Player

    I’ll trade yu the mysterious dna sample for the sinister mat
  20. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Deal. What time will you be on?
    So you're not interested in the temporal aura? Just looking for the material?

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