Selling OG Names

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Lexs, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Lexs New Player

    I'm interested in selling an OG name. Not all of them. Maybe just one or two. If interested contact "Dad"

  2. Lexs New Player

    I also have the name Sercy. She's an Iconic blue lantern.
  3. Lexs New Player

    I'm no longer selling these names. I can't seem to simply remove the post. So unless you wish to offer me enough to rethink my position just disregard the thread.
  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    This is the reason they won't ever do another name reclaim
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  5. Lexs New Player

    I wish they would. Don't put that on me. Those are the names that I use everyday. Look them up. They are with the exception of two active alts. I only planned to sell one or two to raise some funds. But I came up with the cash on my own. So I plan to keep them. If you want an OG name don't complain to those who worked to get them. Either try to come up with some or buy them. I have grinded and paid billions to get mine. And when it comes down to it OG names are cool but not necessary.
  6. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    Make your own name "OG" instead of just going through the dictionary and picking every word that hasn't been already taken like "Trivia" and "Motion"
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  7. Lexs New Player

    I play the game my way. You play it yours. Motion is my speedster. Before that it was Zewm. As for Trivia I made that too during the Riddler/Joker episode using the vendor style and Riddler henchmen. I have fun with them original or not. My main is my RL name though.
  8. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Not really.

    Random words as toon names just looks cheesy, every single time. I always feel embarrassed for folks saddled with these "names" honestly.
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  9. Lexs New Player

    You certainly seem to be very passionate about this. I enjoy my cheesy names. I don't really need them though. Sure we can all rag on each other about the names we pick but what's the point? At the end of the day I like them and you pitty me for that. I'm a simple guy. I like simple names to build 2 dimensional personas around. You don't have to get it. But try not to hate on people just cause they don't feel exactly the same way as you.
  10. battsa New Player

    How much for undead or Jedi?
  11. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Well-Known Player

  12. Arkenra Active Player

    This indeed, what’s up with these “names” lately

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