Seller Constantine: requires a specific currency !

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    I didn't expect to see a comment like this. Very nice. You seem to miss what I was saying though, your comment implied one should invest money in the marketplace regardless of your status as a member. This means that if you're Legendary you should still drop more money to play the game... What? And why shouldn't anything you mentioned be a baseline feature of the game? This is part of what's wrong with the game, a bunch of stuff that should be baseline features instead needs the marketplace to work on TOP of the fact that some people are paying a monthly sub, and let's be honest... This game is pretty much a box model game, and for once I don't think I have a problem with that despite some instances being buggy. And lastly, don't you think I want to support it's development? What makes you think I'm trying to freeload?

    That was my thought, but I can get sourcies no problem either way! Thank you for bringing this up though, I'm not yet at the part where I've fashioned myself for endgame and I would have loved stuff like this!

    Also, I hate to make posts like this but it is what it is!
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    This query is not exactly clearly written.

    Source brands? Do you mean "source marks"? And what is "CSD stuff"?

    Okay, so explain WHY you think something is silly if you wish to convince other people. It's certainly not remotely obvious here, especially since "choose up my artefacts" is gibberish and "buy my stuff for my character level" also is completely opaque. Could you try rephrasing more carefully?

    Reaching the hard light quickly? What does "HL" mean here?

    Sorry, but those two sentence clauses seem to be complete non-sequiturs. "You need to allow players to level their artifacts," sure, fine, absolutely. And people do that with Nth metal. So?

    Also, again, what does "HL is reached" mean? What is "HL"?

    Constantine does sell artifacts for Source Marks. What is it you're trying to say? You want Nth Metal and Source Marks to be the same? Why?

    What problem? So far you haven't mentioned any problems.