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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Tat, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Tat New Player

    I am 60 years old. My primary toon is cr 223 with 277 sp as a dps. My power atomic and mods are tier 8 as opposed to being olympic or higher because it cost too much time to acquire the materials for these.

    The pc hero league I am in is currently inactive.

    I am married and my wife does not necessarily like my playing any video game. Our life is crazy busy and consequently she frequently interrupts my playing the game.

    I need a to be around laid back mature players who understand this. I am a low drama player, I am not one for crude and rude language, not that speaking the King's english is necessary. I just like for people to remember this is first a game and life exists outside of this game.

    I have no elite gear, just the luck of the draw I suppose. I'm not that good at pvp.

    If you understand this, i'd be interested in talking.

  2. qECLIPSEp Level 30

    I can help with a league, but I can't control the language. I'm sry hope you find a league that fits you well but if you are willing to see, contact me in game. I am under the same name that is shown here.
  3. ShannonHavok Active Player

    you sound like a great fit for Exiled Misfits we are old dudes are self's but the cussing is a problem as qECLIPSEq there's no way to stop the cussing Good luck with that have a good one hit me up if you wanna check us out

  4. Tat New Player

    Thank you guys. I sincerely appreciate it. I am also considering leaving the game, too busy of a life, if I stay I will hit you up in game

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