Seeing Your Assigned Role Inside the Instance

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by mdharlem, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. mdharlem Active Player

    Quick question: Is there a way to tell what role you've been assigned after you enter an instance? I'm aware that you can see the assigned roles for others next to their names; however, sometimes I accept an instance without checking to see what role I was assigned. Once I'm in, I can't figure out how I can see what role I was assigned for myself.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    When you go in you will be whatever you were role before you went in. If you queue as, for example, Healer and DPS and the queue pops up saying "Healer" but you are already in DPS stance it won't switch you over when you go in. If you see nobody else has a Healer icon as their main one then you can just switch to Healer (or whatever the role is). The role that is "assigned" to you isn't enforced, so you are free to switch between your roles.

    There isn't a surefire way to see what you were actually assigned if you missed it in the pop up, but if you see that nobody else has a Healer icon beside their name, then it's pretty much guaranteed that you were assigned as Healer.
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  3. mdharlem Active Player

    Thanks, that's what I've figured and have been doing.
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  4. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Besides what Jafin mentioned, its not enforced but another way you can tell is by looking around the group names UI. Far as what I believe, people who q'ed up as double roles will have a dps and healer(for example) icon around their name.

    Some players(including myself) we q up as both roles, hoping to dps, but once in and nobody else is my said role... then it is your jurisdiction to fill that role or roll with the punches.