Season's Greedings Returns This December!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    It's truly ridiculous how many more hairstyles there are for male toons than female toons. Frankly I feel that this likely stems from the extremely high likelihood that the ratio of female to male devs doesn't begin to approach 1:1.

    It's nuts, though; there are, what, four times as many men's hairstyle's as women's? And men claim women are vain?

    Can't you give girl toons at least half as many hairstyles as male toons? (The Guardians forfend we should have parity!)
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  2. Will Power Loyal Player

    Mepps So is there a possible GU33 release or 34 for Armories cause I thought you Devs said at SOE live that Armories would come out with a GU right before the Hall of Power DLC drops so everyone gets to have an Armory?
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  3. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    The Yule Log TV screen is 10 kinds of lawlessness.
  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Been busy trying out new games recently so I haven't been playing much or checking out the forums but I do have a question about the Christmas event...

    Where the **** are my Festive Lights base item? :mad:
  5. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Don't forget the funny nutcracker head styles.
  6. DawidYaHu Well-Known Player

    Anybody ever read Jeremiah Chapter 10? ;-)
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  7. SethWolffe New Player

    A lot of men's hairstyles also include facial hair that females don't have. That helps explain why males have so many.
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  8. Toshknight Loyal Player

    what Operating system are you using... PM me your exact specs on your pc ill help you
  9. SuperiorMouse New Player

    thank you! i'm not sure which i love more... a real christmas tree or a charlie brown christmas tree?! lol. and a hearth for every occasion?! :) and a new ugly christmas sweater!? -- how did you know?? this is all great stuff. thanks!
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  10. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Is the Snowman trinket still in the event or do we get something new this year?

  11. ravenc85 New Player

    when will u fix the que problem on ps4
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  12. Ergotth Committed Player

    when you revamp Nature and Sorcery, are you going to update the art as well? thruth to be told, the plant effects in Nature like vines and thorns are no longer up to DCU's quality, they could use some re-rendering and new testures, make it softer and better.
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  13. twist New Player

    Oh great! Now I want an orange ring!
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  14. Zerefu New Player

    yeah yeah larfleeze blah blah sorc revamp bla bla celestial, none of that matters compared to that polar bear hat tho
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  15. KALEL18 Well-Known Player

  16. Will Power Loyal Player

    WOW I guess we know who's on Santa's naughty list. What made you so anti Seasonal. It's a good time to step back from the hardcore grind and play something super easy and still rewarding at the same time. I forgive you not sure if Santa will. Armories are really nothing at all just an ease back on respecing both power point and Sp wise except after every SP gained. I'm looking forward to Story progression. However I may actually start not being scared of Nexus anymore if they make it easier. I look forward to that not just new content. I'm in no rush to begun a new grind until I beat what we already have. My story is incomplete till Nexus and Para fall at the knees of this Fire Tank because I would have finally survived it on normal mode.
  17. Ergotth Committed Player

    I actually hope they STOP making missions of higher and higher Tiers and difficulty levels, I mean, the game isnt entirelly made of hardcore, cr 100 players, we, players of lower CR, fresh lv 30 exist too D: they REALLY could start making more missions of lower tiers.
  18. Charlie Fantom New Player

    The Charlie Brown tree will be my first purchase. :)
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  19. Will Power Loyal Player

    I suggested to the devs at SOE Live this year an Idea of having every thing in the game at a normal mode that has more storyline content instead of the current way we play by the end of Leveling you have the Mentors welcome you to the League. After that all you have are solo replays no real story progression till you get to the raids with Kahn Outer Inner and Sub. Kahn should be a place we can go that is as big as it is and have side mission that the heroes give out that further progresses the story line which is Alert or Duo playable or even solo play this way you could gain the armor levels inside Kahn and actually progressing the story but have them as easy as a T1 Challenge duo or Alert that gradually ready's you for the raid that is ahead they'd be in the way of dallies but with story. So thing enjoyable and still challenging at the same time. This would be the kind of play for the Comic Book fans and still at the same you still can run your Challenges Duos and Alerts there normal way for those use to it. New Video CGI before each Raid begins.

    Till my comic booky dreams come true I want that Christmas tree.
  20. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    You got no respec.
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