Season's Greedings 2022

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  1. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I saw it last night on US PC, which system are you playing on, and which Server (US or EU?)

    I'll go in there tonight and screenshot it. Some items don't always show if you've already purchased them on that character, but if that character doesn't have them, they should show up.
  2. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Right, so, tonight, I put the Galaxy's Greatest Bounty Hunter on the case...

    First, he headed to the HALL OF LEGENDS. After beaming into the Foyer, the Season's Greedings Heroes Event Area was DEAD AHEAD. He proceeded to the Green Lantern Present Vendor:


    He opened it up, and on the VERY FIRST PAGE, labelled "SEASON'S GREEDINGS 2022", he scrolled down roughly two-thirds of the way down the page, and would you look at that?


    Right where I said it was! BOOM goes the dynamite! :p

    But wait, THERE'S MORE! Then we teleported to the Watchtower, and went over to Hal Jordan's customary Christmas Tree Display in the shadow of the gigantic holographic globe, and once again, we went to the Vendor Present Box:


    Opened it up, and would ya look at that?


    It's there as well! :D

    So now, Villain Side... this time, we sent Sinestro's trusted Lieutenant TEKIK.... He headed to the Hall of Doom, to Sinestro's usual spot with his Christmas Tree, and went to the Sinestro Corps Present Vendor:


    Opened it up, same page as before, scrolled down roughly 2/3rds of the way, and will ya lookee there?


    It's present and accounted for everywhere it's supposed to be. Make sure you're on the correct page of the Vendor, as some pages may NOT show it, and if you're on the right page, you should find it!

    All screen shots taken on the US PC Server tonight at just before 2:30 am Eastern Standard Time.
  3. Dwarf1701 New Player

    Im pc it wasnt there for me. But again thanks for the help.
  4. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Can confirm that they are on the vendor on EUPC, at least when I checked in HOL.
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  6. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    I think the absolute zero gear is only on the vendor if you don’t have the style already. Unlike other seasonal stuff, it looks like it goes away once you have the style. If you aren’t seeing it, double check your style tab.
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  7. LoganCaron Active Player

    Not event related..but now that its official that Henry Calvill Superman and Snyderverse ending..would it be easier now to get that rights to bring back the BVS emblems?? im a dreamer i know
  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Suggestion for next year...

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  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    So, I did try it out, and none of the 3 Royal Red Chromas give the appropriate color scheme. Closest I could get was a red hat with gold fur trim:


    The other 2 color combos were Metallic Gold with Red Trim, and White/Off-White with Metallic Gold Trim, If I Remember Correctly.

    So, right idea, but the Royal Red Chroma Materials just didn't get the job done. Don't have any other Chromas that give both Red and White to try, unfortunately. The right Chroma may exist, and it could just be one I don't have. :oops:
  10. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I assume y’all are talking about applying materials to that hat so it’ll be red without using 2 color slots?
    If anyone has red vinyl neon that could work if you lower the shade of white to a light grey. If the style is more metallic or robot-ie looking then red metal could work. Red Metal looks acceptable on my Dane style I think.
    I believe I have pictures if needed
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