Sea of Ravage PvP Update Solution?

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  1. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    So, this was an idea that I've had for awhile but kept to myself, but seeing your recent posts, I think my idea solves these problems or at least most of them and gives a direction we could POSSIBLY go in. 'Sea of Ravage' is a pvp update/time capsule/artifact system rolled into one update with the following goals:
    - Increasing pvp playtime by the community
    - Increasing open world activity
    - Incentivizing the PvE community to engage in PvP
    - Creating a system that can produce revenue
    - Allow for pvp meta shifts while also encouraging gear progression

    To begin with, just as an eye catcher before I get into the conceptual progression and more pvp'ish aspects, ths is the picture I had as my inspiration for creating this idea that would produce the style unlocks from time capsules.

    Time Capsule Portion
    3 Collection Sets:
    - Deathstroke Pirate Cap (head) - 3 star
    - Deathstroke Pirate Cloak (back)- 3 star
    - Deathstroke Pirate Dagger (waist) - 3 star

    Gear Set - Updated Military Style - 3 star

    Wintergreen Supply Crate - Chance to receive 50/100/200/400 WGR

    Rare Drop - Military Gruff Hair Style

    PvP Artifacts/WGR Progression

    So what is the WGR mentioned in the above section? I planned on it being the progression for PvP artifacts, with WGR being an abbreviation for WinterGreenRations (Willian Randolph Wintergreen, mentor of Slade Wilson). So the way the artifacts would work is the following:

    *DISCLAIMER* - These values would be subject to testing obviously. I like them conceptually, but balance is always the priority. This is also already assuming some form of a weapon update where taps and combos perform the way they're supposed to aka MA/Shield/Rifle/etc. tap exploiting is not intended by this.

    Artifacts Cost 6250 Valor Each, Available after PvP CR is 97
    Every PvP Artifact Increases 2 main stats over time up to Rank 120:
    - Total of 4k more health
    - Total of 4k more toughness

    Slade's Fatal Blades - When below 50% health, increase weapon damage by 10/20%. Nerfs power regeneration by 50% while active.
    - Grants Precision as ranked up.

    Adeline's Snipe - 35%'er bonus damage is increased by 100/200%.
    - Grants Might as ranked up.

    Slade's Fortitude - Countering an enemy grants 2/4% of your health as regen over 6 seconds. This may only occur once every 6 seconds. Halved in tank stance.
    - Grants additional Health as ranked up.

    Slade's Restitution - When below 50% health, countering an enemy increases your critical healing chance and magnitude by 50/100% for 2 seconds. This may only occur once every 30 seconds.
    - Grants Restoration as ranked up.

    Slade's Resurgence - Countering an enemy increases your critical power chance and magnitude by 5/10% for 12 seconds. This may only occur once every 12 seconds.
    - Grants Vitalization as ranked up.

    Joseph's Silence - Countering an enemy grants damage absorption equal to 2/4% of your health for 6 seconds. This may only occur once every 6 seconds. Halved in tank stance.
    - Grants Dominance as ranked up.

    Deathstroke's Fury - While maintaining a hit counter above 5, gain increased precision by 5/10%. Does not persist for several seconds after hit counter is lost. Nerfs power regeneration by 50% while active.
    - Grants Precision as ranked up.

    Deathstroke's Everlasting Presence - Countering an enemy grants 5/10% of your power pool. This may only occur every 12 seconds.
    - Grants Power as ranked up.

    Rank 120 Artifact - ~160,000 Wintergreen Rations (xp)
    How to Earn WGR:
    1v1 Maps - 50 WGR - 3A/3L - Daily Lockout
    2v2 Maps - 100 WGR - 4A/4L - Daily Lockout
    4v4 Maps - 200 WGR -8A/8L - Daily Lockout
    8v8 Maps - 400 WGR- 4A/4L - Weekly Lockout - 12 replay badges to reset
    4300 WGR Daily, 3200 WGR Thursday
    33300 WGR per Week.
    Bounty Mission - 50 WGR - infinite for faster progression for pvp main's
    Diamond Heist/Ring War - 50 WGR - infinite for faster progression for pvp main's

    There is also WGR in the time capsule mentioned at the start as progression for those who are less active in pvp.

    Catalysts Are Rare Drops from Legends/Arenas (like exceptional recovery kits used to be)
    Seals will be granted with 8v8 Map Loot Lock.
    Rank 20 Catalyst - 2 Military Rations
    Rank 40 Catalyst - 2 Supply Cache, 1 Superior Supply Cache
    Rank 60 Catalyst - 3 Fatal Reserve's, 2 Superior Fatal Reserve's, 1 Concentrated Fatal Reserve
    Rank 80 Catalyst - 4 Lightweight Stash's, 3 Superior Lightweight Stash's, 2 Concentrated Lightweight Stash's
    Rank 100 Catalyst - 5 Deadly Poison's, 4 Superior Deadly Poison's, 3 Concentrated Deadly Poison's
    Rank 120 Catalyst - 6 Crafted Blades, 5 Superior Crafted Blades, 4 Concentrated Crafted Blades

    Feat List/Revenue:
    Feat List:
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 20 - 2 star
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 40 - 2 star
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 60 - 2 star
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 80 - 3 star
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 100 - 3 star
    Fortify a pvp artifact to level 120 - 4 star
    Total: 2.75 SP

    Artifact(1-8): Fortify this particular pvp artifact to level 40: 2 star
    Total: 2 SP

    Collect 100 WGR - 1 star
    Collect 250 WGR - 1 star
    Collect 500 WGR - 1 star
    Collect 1000 wGR - 2 star
    Collect 2500 WGR - 3 star
    Collect 5000 WGR - 3 star
    Collect 10000 WGR - 3 star
    Collect 20000 WGR - 3 star
    Collect 40000 WGR - 3 star
    Collect 80000 WGR - 4 star
    Collect 160000 WGR - 4 star
    Total: 5.05 SP

    Marketplace Options:
    PvP Artifact Starter Pack - $20, auto - level 40
    WGR Detector - Enemies in open world have a chance to drop additional WGR's. Lasts for 1 hour.

    While I do not approve of everything I mentioned in this system, I realize that some aspects would be necessary to see motivation toward a task of this magnitude. More than open to criticism, other artifact ideas, etc., but I will not be responding to comments in the nature of "we don't need more pay 2 win" or "I hate artifacts". I play and spend money just like everyone else, and I also took/take part in pve and pvp testing. And while there are people here that will argue to push for agendas and updates that aren't realistic, I'll be the first to meet halfway and say: If we're going to monetize this, let's do it properly while still giving the community multiple avenues. More than anything, I just want pvp fixed, whatever form an update has to take to reach that stage, I'm all for as long as it doesn't break my wallet.
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  2. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I said that DCUO needs to make PVP profitable along time ago by utilizing the TC's and scaling gear like PVE gear. Besides the gear grind for PVP just takes too long.
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  3. hoaxone Committed Player

    Besides making a whole other system that would take important team members from the pve development team essentially alienating pve content for probably a year,this is just another money dosent fix anything and we dont need ways to make money before we fix pvp.take this out back and burn it pls.
    O and btw,we get love deathstroke
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  4. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    No more immunity #bringbackhardstun

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  5. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    I was about to respond to this comment fully until I realized this is the exact type of troll post I wanted to avoid engaging with. A person I don't recognize in game or in feedback, a person who obviously doesn't understand the situation in terms of possibilities, and has obvious toxicity meant to try to trigger me. And fyi, everything in this game is themed. Black Manta is already in the game, Suicide Squad was the last pvp event. Who else is a well known mercenary/killing force to represent pvp that just so happens to have a comic storyline that revolves around water like the recent dlc releases? .....
  6. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Lowkey, I wouldn't mind testing this. Only immediate concern I could see would be testing 4v4/5v5 survivability. But I have a friend who wanted healing buffed in arenas so we could go back to solo heals anyway. 1 healer against spam rage/hl/dog/stealth is just rip.
  7. hoaxone Committed Player

    Well damn.captaincoldjrakatriple007fromhellareacode212,no need for personal attacks.
    I'm from a time long ago where we fought in centennial park on birthright.but you dont need my credentials in game or on the forums.i dont post as much to earn well known,especially since this is the second forums created.
    My reply wasnt offered no ideas to fix the state of pvp,just how to monetize it.we dont need that at all,thats what they want.
  8. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    To spell it out:
    - Artifact passives could be used as minor patches to encourage certain playstyles in pvp or to fix discrenpancies that lie between different playstyles. Examples being: how does a dps fight a healer/tank 1v1 easier, how much damage should 35%'ers do, how do we promote getting counters instead of spam/taps only, how do we make weapons more encouraged than power spam, etc. Artifacts were used in this way when venom wrist dispenser came out which gave 2 weapon combos potential to compete with other top dps from PftT (power spam).

    - People want gear progression for pvp, for 102,103, etc. pvp gear and they want to see a difference between their stats and someone new like back in the day. If you had a pvp main with 2-3 artifacts, they'd have almsot double health and toughness compared to someone running normal stats. The artifact max level could be increased from 120 to 160 and above like how they do in pve in order to create a new pvp grind instead of having to create new gear and new styles that don't involve profit.

    - Daily lockouts on arenas/legends encourages people to play the different maps pvp has to offer every day, which leads to pvp feats such as safehouses and 8v8's being possible without having to go to LFG to boost with another group. The open world diamond ring/bounty mission being unlimited functions as the same as how the 300+ npc kill missions in pve are supposed to function. A way to still progress while waiting on queue's/after you finish. This allows someone who goes above and beyond in pvp to rank up faster. It also promotes open world gameplay again, which leads to more pvp yt videos for publicty, easy access to footage of exploits, possibly tournaments, and even people returning to fight clubs in metro/gotham.

    - People wanted more skill points possible in pvp. Not only does this reward pvp players for extra grind by adding another 8-10sp for them, but it opens up harder to get feats like mentioned above that were in dead queue's, and it brings the pve community into pvp as well.

    There's several features/agendas when you think about how a system like this would actuallly play out like. They basically said outright that they're not going to fix pvp unless it makes money, and more than likely something small scale isn't going to cut them dropping the already implemented system, and the pvp community doesn't have comparable deep pockets like pve'ers do in the current gen. Instead of arguing and yelling at a brick wall for a pvp fix, I'd rather stop wasting time and cave in and say let's monetize it but leave the grind there and find a way to make pve'ers pay for attention to pvp. Because while these artifacts would need to be tested on test server before release, we could get in small patches to other things as well. I'm viewing the situation as having to pay to go see a doctor. Money has to be involved before you can even get seen, and it's not cheap. But once you are seen, you can start talking and get the problems you have fixed. You can get temporary solutions to feel better or you can talk about a future surgery and how much it would cost to get it solved permanently or in a better way, etc.
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  9. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    That's a good PVP video there. Oldie but goodie. If people would watch this video they would see that none of the combos used were over 5 clicks.
  10. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    The PVP gear grind is very alt unfriendly. I think like the current gear system, any PVP gear should be half price if you buy the feat. And personally I would like to see the rings, neck, and trinkets left out of the CR stats to reach the next level.
  11. Azreaus Well-Known Player

    I don't see how any of this drek would encourage me to participate in PVP, it just looks like a way to get people to spend money on PVP so it'll be worthwhile for the Dev team to fix it.
  12. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    If there's nothing in that system that would encourage you to pvp, then you're not a pvp main (wanting max gear and wanting to have incentives to fight competitively) or a pve completionist. In which case you're not the target audience. If you fall under a casual player that isn't chasing stats or some form of completion, you're not a driving force financially or through playtime for development decisions. A pvp main isn't going to fall behind stat wise to other people, and a pve completionist isn't going to let 10sp go ignored. We saw that when Belle Reve came out and you had pve leagues queue'ing just to get the 50 wins feat and a style feat, which probably totalled to less than 2sp.

    No PvP system in any game that I'm aware of is designed for multiple playthroughs/ranking ups. The feat for pvp gear is also unlocked via lockboxes which makes it possible that over time, even if a person never pvp'd, they'd have the complete style already unlocked. At the current prices, a day's worth of pvp can get you an entire gear set which means 97-99 is 3 days of work. 2-3 days for 100/101 pvp gear. You're talking about a week of work for max level pvp gear which isn't that bad. You can't get a full vendor set of pve gear in a week without replays. It's if you run pve and can't commit to pvp consistently throughout the day that the grind becomes long. That's the time management of the player, not the fault of the system.
  13. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    How many hours are you placing in these "days/weeks" of yours? Are you talking about mostly winning (double marks) your matches or mostly loosing (half marks) them? Some people are better at PVP than others and some enjoy it more than others. I find PVP to be a chore that I mostly have done for SP on one toon. My available playtime is limited. PVE is my focus, and I just PVP in my spare time and am not great at it, so I usually end up w/ like 2 or 3 pieces of gear per week. So 2 to 4 weeks for each tier. I'd like my other toons to have the gear/stats just to add to my leagues stats and for versatility, but spending that much time over and over in a system that is considered "broken" anyway is not how I want to spend my time in game...

    Also, adding the half price options to the style feat for PVP would add a small level of monetization to PVP
  14. hoaxone Committed Player

    Ahh the good old days.i know I'm late
  15. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    For me, in most cases unless i'm in stuck against the same pc person who gives me a challenge, I win 8-9 out of 10 of my fights in legends. Most of my matches are between 5-7 minutes'ish (depends on whether it's a blow out, they get 1-2 kills, or give up early on or are one of those people who just fly around from the start activating turrets but not actually fighting) so I'll just say 6 minutes average. Out of an hour, that's 8*200+2*100=1800 marks. Let's just add in 60 seconds per queue to pop so that's 70 minutes for 1800 marks for me. I think it's like 15k? marks of valor for a full suit which is 8.33 hours for me. I know it's against ToS but I mean realistically, you see it a heck of a lot if you queue, but people often throw matches as well just to speed up getting marks. It's like 2.5-3 minutes for a 1000-0 match with no capture disputes so people who choose to throw often end up getting marks just as fast if not slightly faster than pvp veteran who wins most of their matches that has to fight through it while being able to watch tv etc.

    As for the monenization you mention, I put it in the same category as adding lockouts/replays back to pvp. While it does grant money, I'm not sure if it would be enough to replace or challenge what they normally make from time capsules. Relatively, if they were to give up (imaginary number) say $10k from time capsules for this system, I can't see the pvp community even breaking $6-7k. That's a guess just from my observation of the habits between pve and pvp communities. The PvE community as a whole is older than the PvP community which means you're comparing a target group that has jobs and money for leisure compared to a community that's more than likely 80%+ in school still with a portion just using their parents' money. I know people who are PvE mains that dump $100-200 every time capsule drop, $300+ to get an artifact maxed, $50-100+ for every dlc drop on replay badges. The whales of PvE just outweight PvP heavily which is one reason why instead of getting the PvP community to spend money directly which they wouldn't be used to, I'd rather have a system that draws the whales of PvE into PvP for various reasons. It's easier to bait a whale than to create a whale. Especially when talking about young kids, asking them to be whales would indirectly encourage scamming which the community knows is already majority done by the younger players.
  16. Azreaus Well-Known Player

    You really shouldn't make assumptions - over the past 7 and a bit years I've been playing I must have dropped at least £4K on the game and as for being a completionist I've always made a point of finishing every PVE armour set (even when we didn't have to buy any as the BIS was dropped gear), as for SP I have enough to get through content with relative ease and I don't see the point wasting time on hitting the current max due to the lack of need for them.

    I still don't see the point of trying to monetize the hot mess that is DCUO PVP as it's not worth playing, never mind paying for it, you should push the Dev team to get it fixed then monetize it when and only when it's worth playing again.
  17. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    "as for SP, I have enough to get through content with relative ease and I don't see the point wasting time on hitting the current max due to the lack of need for them" -> Exactly my point. You're not a current whale/baby whale/current completionist. When I say completionist, I'm referring to the 400+sp people who need every feat even when it's useless stat wise just because they're OCD. Finishing gear sets doesn't make you a completionist in the sense I'm using it.

    "you should push the dev team to get it fixed then monetize it" -> Has noone read the Mepps quote that's literally the first thing in this post -_-
  18. recoil2 Committed Player

    honestly the only reason i would engage in pvp and ESPECIALLY pay for it, would be if they added wings of sin as a reward of some type. pvp isn't the only hot mess in game, i also don't do much raiding in a game that claims the "meat and bread" of it's gameplay is multiplayer, to have that you'd need multiple players, but we can't cause they all die from rushing in as a dps' without a plan or strategy, or even a small inkling of caution.

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