SCP Fiction - Secure, Contain, Protect

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    Anyone reading/contributing to any of this? I saw some youtube videos from various posters about this thing called The SCP Foundation [standing for "Secure, Contain, Protect"]. Below is the link to the main Wiki page which has a lot of the writing and stories from various contributors. Also, if you go to youtube and search for "SCP" there are plenty of video entries/stories/channels that come up. It seems Lovecraft-ian in nature and some of the stuff is really cool. Anywho, feel free to comment if you know anything about this stuff.

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    Actually I've been into it for 3 years now at least which SCP is your favorite? My favorite is SCP 294 the coffee machine

    Lord Bung made a series based off of the SCP universe

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  3. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    Haven't done enough research into each one specifically, just been watching a lot of videos about the SCP itself. I will report back soon enough.
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    "God" is literally an SCP