Save The Universe - Return??

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Raven Nocturnal, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    "These Save The Universe events are available for limited times but, don't worry, Save The Universe will return."

    Okay, any idea when? :/
    Those 250 feats are a nightmare.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Next year maybe.
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  3. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    They should at least leave it so the scaled versions still count toward the feats, as it is currently. I hope they do :/
  4. SpyderBite Active Player

    I just started fortifying my Hunter Gloves. Need more grains! gah!
  5. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    If the plan is still to re-release STU alongside big DC Movie or TV events, then it could be back as soon as March 2022 for The Batman.
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  6. L T Devoted Player

    Maybe it will be back for the Anniversary Event this year. They like to highlight older content for that event.
  7. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I wish I knew the effort it took to make those scaled instances. Like I can’t imagine it’s as easy as someone pressing a button to just turn the CR up. But I really would love to see this in the rotation full time. It’s a great way to reuse content, and also a nice little nostalgia kick.
  8. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Survival Mode Season 3 or STU Season 2, March - April 2022 or April - May 2022. That's my guess.

    I think moving forward, STU's run time will be much shorter. I don't think 3 to 4 month long STU will ever be a thing again (not if it can be avoided at least).
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Shhh people will get pitchforks if you mention liking Stu upscale content lol.

    I believe a dev mentioned they wanted to use the Stu as a rotational event. Not a seasonal that comes back ones a year but something they could add as needed. Either to fill gaps between dlcs or even to line up with movie events. And there are a lot of movies being planned to release in 2022. Yes you have the Batman movie. But you also have the black Adam movie in July. The flash movie in November. And aquaman in December. You could even see it for the super-pets movie in may. They may even line it up with tv shows. But who knows.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    This would be a terrible idea and would detract from the anniversary event itself by simply having too much going on, fresh DLC still, Christmas event just ending, Anniversary event, followed straight up by Valentines and St Patricks.

    Yea, sorry, but hell no to that idea, even though it'll never happen it's just all sorts of bad :D
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    Sorry you don't like it. If we're going to have to grind Anniversary content for marks anyway -- and you know we're going to have to/want to-- I thought it would be need if we could get some STU cool points at the same time.
  13. Proxystar #Perception

    Yeah, I mean I'm not intending to poo on your idea, it's just the anniversary already has its own content, 2 raids, a solo and an open world. I'd hope they're even adding something new like a new duo or alert.

    I don't want old stuff in the anniversary event :)
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  14. L T Devoted Player

    Sure you do! It's ok to say it! After years of reading your replies on these forums I'm thick-skinned and totally used to it lol!
    Except STU isn't about new content.

    Centennial Collapse STU edition here we come! Complete with AFKers lolol!
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    By pooing on your idea, I probably meant I didn't intend to cause offense in my negative response despite the fact it was, well, obviously negative lol.

    As you've rightly pointed out I generally don't tend to hold back on my view of ideas and that can unintentionally cause offense despite not being my intention, so I was trying to make that clear :D :D

    Also as long as they're going AFK under the waterfall where they're less detected, that'd be great :D
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  16. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Can I petition the removal of STU content yet lol I'M NOT READY :p
  17. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I always liked events that were secret episodes like Anti-Monitor Anniversary, Starro (which eventually turned into Deluge) and Death of Superman so STU's return will be cool I think.
  18. Great Architect Loyal Player

  19. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I really hope so.
  20. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I'm not sure if I should save my Grains of Time till the next STU or just buy as much catalysts as I can for now?