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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Millbarge, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Less than 24 hrs before they're released on live? I really hope this was a late message and they were on test long before.
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  2. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    According to the events tab Wonder Woman Save The Universe has been pushed back a week.
  3. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Oh, well I didn't see that. Last I check current events was a few days ago, so I was going off of that and Mepps edited that today.
  4. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    The longer it take the better I'm really not looking forward to trying to run Throne of the dead clamped in a pug group.
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  5. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    It will be a nightmare. :(
  6. Luke© Well-Known Player

    Throne Of The Dead Elite

    So today we completed TOTDe on test after about an hour of trying. The group consisted of Myself, Snow, ObsidianChill & Owner from Pwny EUPS/PC, Crash & Grant E from Success USPS/PC, IcySoda from Ethos USPS/PC and Finally Deaa from Versed USPS/PC. Overall I thought the raid was much better than than the previous they have released for Save The Universe. I think with this raid being fairly well received in the past definitely helped it with regards to difficulty and overall fun.

    First Boss: Ares
    After a few runs of Ares we were able to complete it fairly easily by seperating the Essence from Ares. We completed both 2 Tank and 3 Tank we found 3 Tank was a Much cleaner run run as Damage was not split by the adds. Overall we believe Ares need's a health buff similar to the one given in FVe to Grodd. One of our first times we completed Ares we completed with just 6 Players running 2 DPS and we finished it after Killing 5 Essences, Upon trying again with a Full 8 Man raid group we found you could defeat Ares in as little as 3 Essence Phases which for our low sp Test characters was way too fast.

    Change 1 - Ares 1.5x Health Buff
    Overall We believe it should be given maybe a 1.5x Health Buff atleast updated on test first so we can try this and see if it is more appropriate.

    Second Boss: Aeacus, Minos & Rhadamanthus
    This boss was really fun to play as we felt it was the most mechanical fight in the raid. The fight plays at well and will be completed by most Leagues who are organised on their respective servers, it is a very mechanical fight and relies on the whole group being very responsive to the mechanics as one mistake causes insta-death. The fight plays out very well however there are a few things we feel need to be changed.

    Change 1 - Unfair Judgement
    Whilst fighting this boss if any of the Bosses do Unfair Judgement(It looks like an AOE 360 Stomp Animation) group members picked at random die we believe there are two solutions. The first solution would be to add a red skull before the Unfair Judgement enabling group members the opportunity to Block in time to avoid the 1 Shot or perhaps make it so it only has affect at mid-range affecting the tanks mainly rather than the group.

    Change 2 - Boss Special Mechanics
    So throughout the fight each Boss is actiavted one by one until you eventually burn all 3 to around 20% then they are all unlocked. However until all bosses are two of them remain in stone each boss has a unique ability for example Rhadamanthus will spawn eggs that follow the player he targets and will 1 shot anyone who stands in them. The main issue was caused by Aeacus he basically shoots a beam at any player which you cannot block we later found out that Group Shields such as Tempest can block this. The only real way to avoid it is to know the rotation of special abilities in the run and time the Water Shield, we think we have a better alternative that will enable players to complete with a more variety of powers. The Skull above the bosses heads when they perform these attacks often happen after they have attacked we would suggest triggering the skull a maximum of 1 second before and allowing the group member to be able to Block and stay alive at 5% Health except for tanks. This change would be it would be more player dependent then power dependent so we don't just see a bunch of Water and Atomic players abuse their overpowered shields and will make the raid balanced with Equal Opportunities. We also believe if the skull was too happen before the raid would be able to be improved by randomising the abilities and the order they come out in so it cannot just be predicted.

    Last Boss: Hades
    Upon completing the raid we found quite a few issues with the final boss fight that we believe can be improved drastically.

    Change 1 - Hades Reflect
    When we encountered his reflect we were suprised to see that even if you damaged him in the phase you weren't punished just pushed back, we believe the effects from FGSe Grail reflect should be the same Hades Receieves.

    Change 2 - Teleport Room Adds
    Once you are teleported during the Hades fight you find yourself having to kill and add we felt that the adds health was too low and needed buffing, in some instances your ally would kill him alone, definitely needs a health buff.

    Change 3 - Hades Aggro Pets, Trinkets and Backups
    As soon as we entered the final fight we realised that Hades actually aggros any pets, backups or trinkets so you didn't really need to tank as such and could be much more relaxed we think this is a bug and it needs to be removed to prevent him aggro backups the whole fight.

    These are just a few things we noticed from the First completion obviously some may not agree with the changes but we would atleast like to test them to see if it makes the raid more realistic in regards to being mechanically acceptable.
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  7. Millbarge Developer

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. I checked in the following changes this morning and should go out to PCTest for the weekend:

    • Ares' Health in Elite has been increased.
    • Judges will now show Skulls before their attacks (1.5s).
    • Unfair Judgement now has a Skull for 1.5 seconds before the attack
    • Note: Unfair Judgement Damages players within 5m (melee range) and applies a sphere to those outside of melee range that does damage to group members around them (within 5m).
    • Fixed an issue where Hades' Reflective Shield would not do appropriate damage in the Save the Universe End-Game instances.
    • Hades will now prefer players as targets over pets
    • Teleport Room Adds have had their health adjusted up slightly

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  8. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Has something been added to help pug groups that don't have or can't find a 2nd tank ?
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  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Let's hope not. That's like the whole "thing" about this raid. Needing extra roles to deal with the teleports and the essence. I'm figuring it'll still be easiest with 3 tanks. Elites should never be pugged, lfg/ friends list only groups.
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  10. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I could honestly care less about elite I'm worried about having to pug regular and not being able to find two tanks.
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  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Ah yeah makes sense. I'll still hope not tho. It's a great way to teach new players the importance of being able to dual role.
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  12. zNot Dedicated Player

    Maybe they could make it so that the essence (only on regular) can be killed from anyone not just the Tank.
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  13. Luke© Well-Known Player

    2 Tanks is not hard to come by
  14. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    In a pug group they definitely are.
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  15. Luke© Well-Known Player

    No they are not the only reason a Tank wouldn't want to join your group is if the player lack gear, sp, arts or experience. There are plenty of tanks, there are just a lot who don't want to play with people who are playing casually. There is a reason they made event it's for those players. Don't mistake normal and event.
  16. Essential Exobyte Well-Known Player

    Just another fine example of those people who need to buff stuff so it feels like a challenge for them. How about them other players who would queue up for that content only to find out they have 1 trillion health all because 8 people thought it was too easy?
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  17. zNot Dedicated Player

    If you randomy que into a elite raid expecting it to be easy you should play regular. Theres a reason why it has 2 versions if they make elite raid easy they may aswell just remove it because it goes against its original purpose which is that its supposed to be a challenge for endgame players if you arent willing to play challenging content dont play elite raid its that simple.
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  18. Luke© Well-Known Player

    The Elite will be easily completed by many people however it's not meant dor everybody. I suggest playing normal and working your way up. If they make elite too easy they may as well just take it out the game.
  19. Luke© Well-Known Player

    Throne Of The Dead Elite After Patch

    Today we went back into Throne of the Dead Elite raid on test server after the patch on the 15/10/21, we got to witness some of the changed that were made and we have a few bugs that are still happening and some things that need to be adjusted. I'm going to talk about each of the changes one by one and talk about how this affected the raid , whether it's working as intended and finally what could be changed.

    First Boss: Ares

    Change 1 - Ares' Health in Elite has been increased.
    So the first change we reccomended to the Devs to be changed was Ares Health in the pre-patch his health was way too low and was very easy to kill him, we have found after the patch his health is at the perfect amount to not make first boss too much of a walk in the park. In conclusion this boss is perfect and we don't believe it needs to be tweaked too much before it hits live server.

    Suggested Change to First Boss: Ares
    We believe the only real thing missing from First Boss would be a damage check, not the regular kind like you have seen in Grail in FGSe more like you need to kill the boss before the 6th Essence comes out. We believe that with this Damage Check it would stop the server resorting to running upwards of 4-5 tanks to complete it and potentially stop people trying to do 4 man raids.

    Second Boss: Aeacus, Minos & Rhadamanthus

    Change 1 - Unfair Judgement now has a Skull for 1.5 seconds before the attack
    So after entering second boss we quickly noticed the Skulls were in fact working as intended however you still cannot Block the Special Attack that comes from Aeacus when he is not the boss that is actively fighting the tank. Another note would be that which ever boss is actually unlocked fighting the tank whenever they use their Unfiar Judgement which is usually a Stomp it will still Instantly Kill random players and is not working as intended.

    Suggested Change to Second Boss 1
    Please make it so Aeacus Special Ability can be blocked without needing the use of a strong shield such as Mass Density or Tempest Guard. We feel that it should not be necessary to use a shiled to Block a bosses skull during the fight as this would mean it is not able to be completed unless you are a specific powerset.

    Suggested Change to Second Boss 2
    Make it so the unlocked Boss who does an Unfair Judgement Stomp does not randomly one shot group members whether they are max range or not. Basically while the other two bosses are locked in stone rotating their special abilitys the boss that is actively fighting the tank has a chance to do Unfair Judgement this Unfair Judgement is the same for all 3 Bosses and looks like a Stomp where he will One shot any group member no matter the distance.

    The rest of the raid seems to be running well, we really like the fact you included some od our suggested changes last time and we believe the main issue with bugs is second boss. After this has been fixed we believe it should be ready for live server.

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  20. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Have yall fixed the quantum teleport and clown box exploits from last time?