Save the Universe Instances vs The Actual Raids in Queue/Omnibus

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  1. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    I’m not at home to check this, but am I understanding this correctly?

    For Science Spire, Phantom Zone, and FoS2, the three Save the Universe instances are all technically seasonal-type Event instances with Event/Normal/Elite difficulties? In these instances, we’d earn Grains of Time?

    They’re separate from their “normal” versions that we can find in Omnibus and Custom Queue? As in… we could run them in Omnibus/Custom Queue and earn Source Marks?
  2. inferno Loyal Player

  3. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    So it’s more accurate to say that the Novice version was repackaged as Event version, Normal stayed the same, they added Elite version, and they adjusted the rewards?
  4. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    What you find in the omnibus for these instances is equal to the event version of STU (clamped instances).

    If you run the normal or elite STU stuff, it is upscaled instances.

    You can get grains of time in each version, or at least that’s what’s happening for me (1x a day, then just source)
  5. Dev72 Well-Known Player

    I have only been getting dark matter for leveling the hands in unclamped STU content.
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  6. Zamara Dedicated Player

    The "event" version is the original instance after being scaled to match the new tiers, each is scaled to the matching tier, for now they also reward a smaller amount of grains but they're still the same as the original instance.
    The ones in the event tab were made specifically for the save the universe content, they got scaled up to end game level and elite levels and were given better rewards, those will roll out and be replaced by the next set next month but the "event" version will stay and will most likely not reward grains anymore. But the instances will stay the same cause they are the originals.