Save The Universe: Batman Classics!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Save The Universe

    With Save The Universe, play classic content up-leveled to the latest end-game challenge and earn new rewards.

    During Episode 41: House of Legends, three sets of Save The Universe content will be available in turn, one for each of the trinity. Look for Save the Universe in the new On Duty menu to see everything available. Each piece of content offers an event version (the original instance with extra Save the Universe rewards), normal version, and elite version.

    To get started, look for "Call to Save the Universe" in your journal, then visit Rip Hunter in the House of Legends. Don't forget to pick up your daily and weekly missions, "Perpetual Preparation" and "Save the Universe."

    Superman Classics (Available August 25-September 15, 2021)
    Superman needs your help to see Lois through the Science Spire (solo), investigate a disturbance in the Phantom Zone (alert), and defend the Fortress of Solitude's Power Core (raid).

    Batman Classics (Available September 16-October 13, 2021)
    Batman needs your help to investigate the Iceberg Lounge (solo), set his timeline straight in Family Reunion (alert), and defend his Batcave's Inner Sanctum (raid).

    Wonder Woman Classics (Coming Soon!)
    Wonder Woman needs your help to restore the Underworld in Raising Hades (duo), settle the civil war in Themyscira Divided (alert), and face Ares in Throne of the Dead (raid).

    These Save The Universe events are available for limited times but, don't worry, Save The Universe will return.
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  2. Aren Sul Committed Player

    Still a bit disappointed :( that there wasn't enough resources available so we could have had a solo and duo for each set of classics. Ah well. Yay everything else :)
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  3. Impulsive Level 30

    Inner Sanctum is bugged.
    Brother Eye doesn't trigger tried twice in two separate runs .
  4. FazlaBakmaKafaYapar New Player

    Lets gooo :)

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  5. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Amen. I particularly like having elite solos as I can screw up over and over learning the mechanics and not feel guilty for wasting someone else's time. After Science Spire, I found myself wishing for more elite solos with mechanics so I can learn more tricks on how to get through other content.

    But it's also nice to have duos to run. Ah, well.
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  6. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, not sure how Iceberg lounge is a 'Batman' themed solo. It's Sirens (or BOP if you go by the game) and Batman is only mentioned as 'Brucey Boy'. Unless it's been reworked to include Batman....haven't gotten on today yet.

    The M2 Duo would have been more 'help' to Batman IMHO, we'd rescue him during that and then fight with him on LB. Heck, Regal Hotel would have done the trick for a solo....we'd actually fight along with Batman at the end of that one.
  8. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    So um, ah...I guess we fixed the mess that is the last boss of the Inner Sanctum raid before using it as the go-to raid to save the universe on the omnibus?
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  9. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    *Looks at bug report sub-forum*

    Oh, no.
  10. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    I just beat it, so it's fixed for me.:D
  11. Aren Sul Committed Player

    Yep. Not a serious complaint, but - as you point out - Solos and Duos are different experience, and I enjoy both. Maybe if this experiment works out well, they'll see increased revenue and can bring back having both with new episodes.
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  12. Spells New Player

    Is this alert supposed to give one less mark than phantom zone did? (Reg to reg)
  13. Donna B New Player

    I have done Save the Universe Solo Elite 3 times and have not received any renown. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I wish we had some out door stuff to run like other dlcs
  15. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    U could have the mini penguin bots have a warning sign on them so we know they coming towards u. I can't get past elite iceberg lounge elite cause I don't see some coming at times.
  16. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Inner Sanctum was a terrible choice from the jump for reasons of bad play length (if the speed feat is an hour -- we don't like that!) chaotic/random mechanics with graphic pollution in ARC fight, zero people have ever clamored for a return to omac content or talked about all the fun of Inner. Prime Battleground? Nexus of Reality? Yeah people still talk about those.

    If you want to show off years of content amid community strife over how clamping can make you "feel slow" why on Earth would you pick slogging, long, graphically and mechanically outdated raids like FoS 2 and Inner Sanctum? Way to sabotage your efforts.

    And then it gets released bugged with a locked final boss on live. And no fix the following day? This is just...

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  17. Neelimus New Player

    Any word on the StU Raid boss glitch?
  18. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Two days and I'm already sick of these instances. Inner Sanctum - long, boring, bugged, Batman gets knocked out like he was just some idiot in a costume. Family Reunion - why would you use this one? It has the highest disconnect rate of any instance in the game. Were you trying to showcase technical problems? Not even going to bother doing these this month. I'd rather wait 3 episodes & just buy the gear with Source Marks.
  19. Antonio G New Player

    Hello to the entire DC Universe Online community, I hope not to bother or offend absolutely any player or group of said game, I clarify because my text is in reference to that we must have a challenge in the content, that is, if you are a player who you like the game and you must have challenges in my opinion. Unfortunately the last Inner Sanctum raid Episode 41 (Elite), in my opinion, does not represent a real challenge, I know that some people want to pass the raids very quickly but I think that falling into that dynamic of making everything easy is very little challenging. so I would like to ask and suggest that the difficulty levels be respected, if you cannot do the elite or a complex difficulty for your style of play for that there are easier level options. As I said, it is merely my opinion, but in my personal request to the DC developers I would like them to raise the level of the raids, they must represent a challenge and here at least that challenge is not being reflected so if they were so kind to fix That raid and doing a real challenge would be great, since that is how a raid should be, alert or just elite, a challenge! that's why it's elite, if you can't do a raid or alert or just elites because maybe you need to improve your play style. DC Universe Online please increase the difficulty in the raids, before they were challenging now they don't usually be, kind regards.