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  1. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    The problem is they have a routine and a cycle... No matter what content they put in game, it's all the same in a different environment. Gonna have solo/duo/alert/raids, some with elite version. Open world gonna have new OP gear to get and it take the same way to get that gear and level as all the ones before it... gonna have 3-4 daily mission givers, and at first 1 8 person open world boss mission then they add a second one later. Again, it's all the same no matter what. The game is really just a rinse and repeat game now. They do nothing dynamic, nothing different. I've played the game since beta and at first, new episodes and dlcs meant new things... and each was different. Now, nothing is different. It's the same **** with different environments and they think their doing something special. Their not. Everything in this game is recycled crap, and new episodes are just recycled crap with new environment. What you did in 31 century is the same thing you did on Titan Island, which is the same thing you did in washington DC, which is the same thing you did in Ruined Washington DC which is the same things you did in Star City, which will be the same thing you do in the next episode release... Your doing the same thing over and over again. It's like doing a job for 20 years, and you get tired of it so you find another job at another company to make a change and then realize your doing the EXACT SAME THING just in a new environment. Nothing has changed in the game worth while in years.

    The only time they add anything new to the game is just to get you to pay for something... not to add anything useful, just to make you pay for something. Time capsules, allies (they really don't do anything for the short time they pop on), artifacts, augments, materials, etc... all these are really just to give you a reason to pay extra for something. But they never create something brand new or break the cycle for the sole purpose of keeping the game interesting.... Don't know if they know that if you make a gamer more interested in a game, they will continue to play and spend money on it. But if the only substantial additions are crap you should have already but have to pay to get... come on.

    Allies, why should I have to level up Superman? He's already one of the most powerful justice league members.... but no, I have to pay to upgrade SUPERMAN?!?! come on.
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  2. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    It's Ultraman in disguise. Your payment doesn't clear, services won't be rendered.
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  3. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Tbh it's "ally favor", so it's not leveling per se, it's getting him to like you. The more he likes you, the more effort he will put in to help you lol. If he doesn't, well you are just gonna get a super fart before he flies off.
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  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You do realize that that can be said for literally everything…

    All cod does is first player shooters. All mobas do is just add reskin maps. All _ does is (whatever that game type typically does).

    So an MMO is supposed to no keep releasing dlcs? Not keep releasing missions? There are only so many ways they can do something and be in the same genre. What? You expect them to make a dcuo dlc where you all of sudden play a first plate shooter?
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  5. Offline Well-Known Player

    I'd is all recycled stuff over and over again. I had about a 5 year break and came back for about 3 months. After 3 months I'm so bored of the game because I can only run normal content due to not having 3x 200 level artifacts.
    The game is not even minimum effort at all. Ita below than minimum. How many times have I ran league of assassins map now.
    I've started looking for another game due to not having the time to rank artifacts up to carry on. If I find that other game I will leave 100%. Just need to find my new game.
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  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You’ll just find something to complain about other game too and then whine how everything that everyone else uses is broken and what you choose is terrible so everything needs to be nerfed while your builds gets buffed.
  7. GrumpySnorlax New Player

    Hey Bud I understand your frustration believe me and I decided to take a break and cool off from this game. A nice cookout with family and friends and BBQ Ribs does the soul good Heehehe haha. I pop on sometimes you know here and there to see what's DC cooking. I logged in to see this stu stuff I know folks aren't happy and some are and some don't mind stu or it could be just something different to do. But apparently this one was from last year? .

    I feel and understand there are folks who want this formula pattern to change and feel the devs don't try enough and all they care about is money blah blah. It's difficult because it's like 50/50 you have players who love this stu and arts and all that Time caps and clamp stuff and others who hate it all hahaha. Also there is a group who defend them and every decision they make, be it good or bad hahaha.

    I feel bad for everyone involved they are never going to please everyone plus this a mmo people will be upset no matter what. I use to play heavy but decided to slow down a bit. I know they had some staffing issues and they have my condolences I can't imagine trying to work like that, it must be stressful.

    I said I would never ramble like my drunk uncle Jim pffft and here I am hahaha.
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  8. Korlick Loyal Player

    Ok. You dont want O.W dailies/Bounties, solos, duos, alerts and raids anymore. What do you want to replace it with¿
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  9. Captain Catalunya Level 30

    I think, some old gamers look for a "new dcuo game", not farming every day 6 months the same new duo/alert, the same bountie, the same events (christmas, halloween, etc.)

    I was legendary 2012-2017, and buy lairs, armory, teleport, replay coins... But capsules and artifacts (money money) appears and I cancel my subscription and leave.
    Return at 2020 with legendary 1 year and cancel again my sub. Art, capsules and now allys... And the game a full of hacks and bots with no sanctions, pay for what? Tss
    Now im premium, 6x200 art, 2 ally at 8 and 720sp, a try to do, so much hours farming nth and favor, tryin feats... So, is possible play, but you need put in ignore so much people and accept this is a pay for "win" game.
    And yes the dinamic downs. For every new player 5 old leave, and the new player when learn about sp, art, ally, capsules, leave too.

    People is tired.
    I like dcuo, i play only dcuo, but is boring. But i accept, if fanboys, max sp egos and hacks pay for it (and make real money) and the company have good €$ this never change, until they say: closing, no players
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  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Sorry but that’s just ridiculous.

    For every new player 5 old players leave? That’s just BS. If that were the case dcuo would be completely empty and the game would’ve shut down. So may like to make baseless claims without offering absolutely no proof.

    What exactly do you expect them to do that is “different”? Turn dcuo into a looter shooter? Turn it to a moba? Turn it to a sports game? It’s an MMO. An MMO based around dlcs.
  11. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    fair enough. if that's how you feels, that's how you feel. I'm not gonna refute or champion any of what you say. it is what it is. take a break. see how you feel when you come back. if you still feel the same, sod it, go find another game. there's plenty out there. there's only one DCUO, mind you. for good or ill. bear that in mind.
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  12. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I don’t know if the formula they use ( solo/duo - alert - raid(s) with elite variations) are necessarily problematic in and of themselves. I think maybe the substance of the current episodes could be what is proving to be disappointing to you and other players. Shock to the System’s only raid is literally a plain, transparent box. I found the raid to be unimaginative and very disappointing. I believe it is the substance of what has been offered to us lately is lacking in comparison to how it use to be.

    Perhaps this will improve now that there are new people involved who bring with them new ideas and new talents. There has to be a “breaking-in” period if you will. One cannot expect new hires to immediately be able to master their jobs. It takes time, and now they have had some time to practice their skills and learn about their jobs. (FYI, learning never stops. I am still learning new things about my job all the time).

    You have laid out some valid concerns and brought up some valid points of contention especially around Allies. I will say that Allies are not required to complete content. I rarely use them but for full disclosure I do have both of my allies (Batman on Hero / Nubia on Villain) at level 8. I find them to be useless and I can not see any real benefit either of them serve. But they are there if I chose to call them and watch their pretty animations or hear their witty banter.

    I have my complaints about DCUO too, one MAJOR one comes to mind immediately that diminished my fun, but no game is perfect. I play FF14 and as wonderful as it is, it is not perfect. I just wish DCUO would return to taking us on an adventure with each new DLC with great story telling. I believe Shock to the System could have been better if more time was given to it, which is why I want to believe Ep. 46 will be great since it is being developed over a longer period of time, but I do not know and I do not want to get my hopes up again.
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I 100% agree, but I also 100% knew that was the situation about 5 or 6 years ago. Most of us are in for the long haul now. Worst of all, I don't think we have any idea how to fix it any more than the Devs do. Longer, more involved raids sound interesting....till you run them 20x. They tried the OW bounties, and for the most part people disliked them. The daily missions are a necessary evil as many can't/don't run the instances and they need an avenue for marks.

    Other than fundamentally changing the game (shooter?), I'm not sure they can move very far out of the box they have built for themselves.

    Personally, what would make me enjoy the game more is the ability to NOT play it for a bit, and not fall behind. The prices for gear, count feats and late DLC added styles, feats, gear...mean you feel forced to play a bit every day. The daily grant also reinforces this. So playing feels more like a job....and no one really needs a 2nd job. If I felt I could take off a few days, the days I'd play would likely be more fun, or I'd be more inclined to chase an actual interesting feat if I weren't worried about blowing up 555 gizmo blimps instead. Now, a lot of that is on us as players....but some of it is on the devs/DI too.
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  15. Jcal Dedicated Player

    It's called "gameplay loop" for a reason.
  16. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    I've heard many interesting ideas presented by players over the years that COULD be implemented that would shake things up. Things could be different.
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  17. Dev72 Committed Player

    1000% agree, especially for those of us who have significant play time in and are in it for the long haul considering the amount of time, effort, and money spent. The counter feats do need to have a major look into...If they were to look at them, I would suggest moving the counter feats down significantly to the point where they could be obtained within a month or so just running daily..or even weekly. The 250 runs found in STU is more than just climbing Mount Everest, beyond it being mind numbing...especially when the content isn't even new, which speaks volumes regarding redundancy.

    I have been a long advocate of removing counter feats and adding lengthy linear instances across the board similar to other games where it takes several hours to complete and that is without wipes, removing daily content in its entirety.
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  18. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I still think this type of set up could work if the content was more engaging. I for one got very burnt out on all the death metal themed content. What if the Open World bosses somehow fit into the storyline itself as opposed to how it is now, i.e. the open world bosses are just there and bear no meaning to the actual story. Such a Chemo. Why is Chemo even there? Why did we not fight Parasite instead since he was used in the Alert. It would have made better since. Major Force unleashed Parasite upon Dakota City so we have to fight him/it/whatever lol.

    Idk, it just seems Open World could tie in better with the overall story better than what it currently has been implemented.
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  19. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Is it that time again to make a rant knowing well we will all come back to playing this game once we cool down?
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  20. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Yeah, but understand what he really was getting at. Other MMOs switch up the patterns and/or have completely different mission/quest lines (even if not *completely* different, it sure feels different enough to be fun and engaging).

    DCUO doesn't switch it up other than normal world boss pattern or patchwork pattern, everything else is predictable. Same 3 dailies/weeklies, same OP/Augment grind (but getting longer each time), same amount of instances. Same mechanics relied on too, dodge 1 shots and limited revives, etc.

    In EverQuest 2 every DLC was a completely different world and multiple instances not based off of any pattern, could get 3 alerts 8 raids or 8 alerts 4 raids or 1 raid 3 alerts etc. No set in stone pattern. Each open world was extremely unique and detailed, nothing was copy pasted. Missions were always different never the same kill XX amount every time every day.

    If DCUO had mission/quest lines it could make it more interesting. And a really big reward at the end. Like the OP item. I know it's a different game/style but it's ran by the same company, they could do with taking some tips from it.

    Oh and don't get me started on mechanics lol. I still love that games' mechanics the best, a lot of them were extremely clever and well thought out.

    However, this all might be simply because they wait 6+ months between DLC, so a lot more time /effort is put into it with a larger staff.

    TL;DR All they really should do is switch up the patterns even a little and make it not feel like the same exact grind, that's what the OP meant. Keep things interesting and not feel rehashed.

    Sure, not everyone will be pleased, but as you know there is no pleasing everyone. A little bit can go a long way, however.
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