SaiKo is opening to recruiting.

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Pale Rage, May 22, 2020.

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    SaiKo, originally created in 2014, is opening it's doors to any and all Heroes and Heroins. There are various bases, of members, that you can access for when you're in the open world, and need a place to recoup. We also have a League Hall of you're wanting to test your loadout on multiple targets.

    Whether you're an experienced Hero, or just learning how to fight crime, SaiKo could be your League.

    New players will have an opportunity to get an edge on the learning curve of their powers, interactions, and direction in the DC Universe.

    Right now, the League is small, as recruitment has been closed for years, but the door is finally opening.

    For recruitment, respond here with your heroes name, or simply send a tell, in game, to one of the following:
    Fat Kitty
    Pyrotechnic Rage
    Holy Smash

    We are not a "do it for you" type of league, we will expect that you learn your power, and we will help you learn it. Once you have adequately shown your determination to be able to take the advice and help, with helping yourself as well, we will begin putting more effort into helping you get some of those tougher to grab feats during your progression.

    Before you can learn to fly, you must learn to have wings.