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    I was doing the Winter Seasonal, and I have set routes that I follow if I'm working with my villain characters or if I'm working with my hero characters that I've found to be the most efficient for either in terms of the number of trees available in a given location for each.

    I will teleport to the Chinatown Police Station for heroes and the Little Bohemia Night Club for villains, both in Metropolis, and normally I will just go there and quickly exit the building to go do the open world part of the seasonal and get it done.

    However, I was at the Little Bohemia club with one of my villains, and I needed to get something out of my bank, and I didn't have a bank bot, and I didn't want to teleport to the Hall of Doom, House of Legends or one of my home bases, because I was right there and haven't used the safehouses in so long that I thought that I would check and see if there were any banks there. I knew that there were teleporters, vendors, and mailboxes, but I couldn't remember it there were banks or not.

    So, in I went to look around, and nope, no banks, but I did discover something else that's new, that I guess I missed with an an update announcement, if there even was one.

    There is now a quick set of investigations strewn about the safehouse telling you about the different things that are there like the mailboxes, the vendors, the Booster tours, etc. There are about 7 for the set and they reward you with a case of 5 Source Marks! And, I tried it with a hero character and did the same thing around one of the police stations. You are given tips from either Oracle or Calculator respectively, and their robot avatars are also standing around in their respective safehouses as well.

    I looked it up and this was added in last year, but as I said, above, I probably missed the memo. But, now that I know about it, I will be sure to go back and do this with every character that I have to get the collection done and receive my 5 free marks, every little bit helps.

    I think that this is a very good addition to help new players, and it's something quick and easy to do for older players to do as well just to get those free marks. :)
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    This was introduced with House of Legends, and I think this was a good decision too for players to learn about those.