Safehouse Rescue. Yes, again.

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Gale Reaper, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Although I have the feats and couldn't care less about it myself, there are people who still need the feats or potentially just want to play the map. Has anyone even seen it since that week it came back?
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  2. ErnieB Loyal Player

    every so often it's on, I still hate it though, winning one single match is hard enough, but getting 5 for the feat is hell.
  3. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    I've seen recovery and bomb disposal, but not rescue.
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  4. ErnieB Loyal Player

    well maybe 'I'm confusing it, they need to change the first name for at least one if them
  5. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    I need the feats, and no I haven't seen it. But it really hasn't been THAT many rotations since it was up. I expect it next rotation or maybe the one after that. If it doesn't show up in two rotations then I'll worry.
  6. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    I certainly agree that the map rotations need to be expedited a bit, two weeks is entirely too long. Maybe they can be reduced to a week for those that have specific feats associated with them.

    I've been waiting over a month for Ace Chemicals to show back up on the Legends side..
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  7. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    Not once since then. I got 30 of the 50 needed for Hostage Negotiator during that first rotation. And I haven't seen it again to finish since. It's the first thing I check after each new map set.
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  8. SenateZ Active Player

    It hasn't been added in rotation since November 2014 when I came back from vacation. Very disappointed that I've missed it. I opened a ticket, and they said they have no idea when it will be added back, and that whoever wants it back, should post feedback on the forums. (The usual response).

    I'm not sure why it's been removed again, apparently even customer support aren't aware of it.

    So, I guess, if you want it back, post about it.

  9. RagingNature Active Player

    I haven't seen it back on USPS since that week :c