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    We are a bunch of people with eons of experience in playing DCUO on other platforms. We have a vast game knowledge and information on feats which people who run with us can testify. If you are interested in a fun filled. Never boring, always something to do league, then Safehouse is for you.

    Pm "Daisy" in game

    We need all the hands we can get to save earth
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    Our numbers are growing so is the average skill point in the league.

    if you ever find your self looking for a Safehouse, you know where to look.

    Pm "Daisy" in game
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    Safehouse recruiting ACTIVE players, no level requirement - we will definatly get you up in CR and SP.

    Pm 'Daisy' in game

    CR 280 / 256SP
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    Still recruiting ACTIVE players! There is a lot to do on DCUO N.Switch, just need you as a vital part in progress.
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