Running Our of Patience With This Completely Botched DLC Launch

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  1. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    Ah yes. Free content. Except when such content ends up breaking the core aspects of the game, preventing you from upgrading through the use of Exobytes, you'll only have a game of stagnation that just fills up inventory with no place for it to go. Each mark for exobytes takes up 15 slots, times that by 3 for mark 14, 15, and 16 respectively. On top of catalysts, Those special exobytes for your other three and then some slots, and then you have a disastrous attempt of making things non-F2P friendly in terms of inventory clutter. All that junk with no place to go would just destroy the incentive to do content to grow stronger, and in regards of unknown ETA to fix things, it yet again becomes a window of uncertainty of if and when things become "playable" again.

    I mean the damage role can't improve unless they have extra might from exobytes, more HP to survive fatal blows, an ally for a boosted burst of DPS, followed by Artifacts to help with their Power Interactions. Without any of those, there's a wide gap of potential DPS being lost in comparison to those that already have maxed out their stats and not have to worry about things.

    Feat hunting is another topic I would want to go over, but people would go batty over people still stuck at less than 200 Skill Points due to RNG being skewed against players in terms of being role-locked in lower tiers, or by unattuned boxes in higher ones. I get people can buy styles with source marks, but some full sets cost a whopping 80 source marks, and then there's some styles that skyrocket all the way up to 800 source marks for an entire set, at 100 per piece. That's a lot of stagnation before people actually get chances to progress in regards to newer players vs. Veterans.
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  2. nawanda Loyal Player

    I don’t play new DLCs much in the first week any more. That special buzz on new DLC launch day is a thing of the dim and distant past. I can’t be arsed with the bugs. I’ve not even done the raid yet.
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  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Same here. I have other alts that are waiting for some CR skips. I'm just about getting ready to use up their inventory slots. Loot boxes are stacking. Deleting crap just to make room for newer and things of better value etc. Good thing is chucking crap on the broker also that I normally wouldnt have time to bouncing between my army of alts.

    I'm always fascinated at the people who either intentionally seek these things out to abuse, or stumble across and abuse whatever exploit(s) they find. This is the second time with artifact/fortification glitch. Not sure if its exactly the same, or what. From cash exploits, to item duping, to artifact/fortification glitch etc etc etc. It sucks, but fascinated and amazed.
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  4. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    Thank you for the update.
  5. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Lack of content packaged(alerts and raids) into this dlc releases combined with bugs will surely turn people off..

    There should be 2x more DLC episode raids(NOT TIER RAIDS) then alerts per dlc release and, there should be more episode alerts than duos, per DLC release..

    This should be the standard model expectation for 2022..
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  6. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Tbh i rather have more duo's then more alerts from my point of view less ppl to rely on.
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  7. Latino New Player

    You guys are doing perfectly fine. You didn't even miss a exploit, it was a bug in general that people exploited. My league mate simply signed in and had the issue with the fortification popped up and almost consumed her episode currency before realizing what was happening; as has many. There's no predicting it would of happen, until people figured out how to exploit it from it being a "chance" to encounter the bug. But Thank you Mepps & the other staff for working on resolving the issues.

    I ESPECIALLY want to thank you all for doing so while not going into maintenance to fix the issues; inwhich not to completely knock others but some people react as if their WHOLE WORD IS ENDING over maintenance or unscheduled maintenance from issues.
    Plenty of games have issues with much bigger development teams. The fact that you all disabled the fortification on a "weekend" was a clear sign you guys were working hard to resolve this. I actively try to remind people of this on the Xbox servers, but you can't please everyone. Thank you for keeping the servers up & your efforts in continuing to resolve all the issues.
  8. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

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  9. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    At least yall are working on it and admit when you could do better.
  10. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    What about issue after effects?
    Today i alsmost salvaged my OP goggles when i got a drop that was higher stats and thankfuply realised that the drop gear shouodnt be better and so hung onto goggles. How many people are gonna salvage better gear because the glitch makes them think its not better?
    He forum is great for those of us who are here to stay caught but but what about all the other thousands of players who arent in a position to know better or are still learning etc? They have no way to know these are even problems and are gonna shoot themselves in the foot.
    Even a “we are sorry” gift is not gonna make up for a lost OP item due to us seeing stats an CR that are far less than drop gear…….
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  11. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Well if your playin somehin dif then a roll back is fine for tou but what about the rest of us?
    I have a wife, kids, job, etc. a roll back may solve some problems sure but it creates a whole new set. I was lucky enough to land the correct group and had time to clear elite raid 3x in a row.
    A roll back erases that progress and theres no tellin if/when that opportunity will come again.
    So no, lets not wipe out peoples progress negating the time they have spent to progress.
    Thnx but no thnx
  12. Apollo Starr Active Player

    I am sorry. I have played this game since launch and there really is no excuse for this poor of a launch. Artifacts, sound, op items,the list goes on. My sub ran out last month and with the lackluster rewards and now this why should I spend my hard earned money on a game in this state. I know the usual defenders will praise anything put out. The DLC content looks enjoyable, yet repetitive (bounties, tasks, rinse repeat) but I digress. Please give me a reason outside of a winters storm aura to sub, because until then I am enjoying being freemium. I have lost a decades worth of enthusiasm for.a game I loved and does anyone on the dev team care - no. Maybe I should be a glitcher or hacker because they are more coddled than long time players. Disagree with me if you want but some times the truth hurts. I loved this game but I can’t support recent decisions and execution. And don’t get me started on the worst seasonal rewards we have received ever. That is not debate. Enjoy the glitches, I will wait till they are fixed.
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  13. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    This is an extraordinarily candid reply for here. No offence of course. I just want to thank you for it. I think the honesty goes further than if you were to bs in your replies to the community.

    Hope it's all resolved reasonably soon.
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  14. Swamarian Committed Player

    I'd prefer not. I got the 20 kills on the lower bounties and am at just under 30 on Giganta. No way I'm doing that again if there's a rollback.
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  15. Swamarian Committed Player

    I've seen worse.
    Will PC fixes have to wait on the other clients for the sound issue?
  16. lanternspartan Level 30

    Someone always wants to justify what the devs are doing. As someone who has been since day one I don't. There has not been one dlc released that didn't have bugs. They were so not prepared merging the servers that it broke the player base. We had separate servers when the game came out. Multiple pve servers and pvp servers. They merged them and the game was unplayable. You got dc'd all the time. If you didn't get dc'd you were fighting through serious lag. A lot of players left the game back then. That was when you had to pay for a membership to play the game.

    This artifact bug is more of a big thing because how the devs set it up leveling artifacts. They made it to you having to pay real world money to be able to level you artifact up. Anyone who says they did it for free in a few months are lying. It takes way more than a few months to level artifacts to 200. Then add the ones who have alts they play on too. The ones who have a real problem with that bug are the ones who paid money to level the artifacts. I won't lie I paid money to level my artifacts up too. That was before spending an incredible amount of time leveling my artifacts up to 140. Yet, I know how those feel who can't throw down money to level items.
    I mean you can even pay real money to level op pieces, shoulder augments, and origin augments. That should not be allowed. All that created a pay to win environment. You should not be able to pay to level anything in this game. It should all come from playing the game itself and the devs should set the game up in that manner. That is how the game was when you paid to play.
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  17. lanternspartan Level 30

    Worst launch to me is when they merged the pve and pvp servers. That broke the game so bad that people left and stopped playing. The Watchtower and Hall Of Doom were ghost towns.
  18. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    Course that broke cause Coding can't comprehend a server with PVE and PVP environments at the same time. I mean you're put in a vulnerable to PVP situation the very moment you walked out of those rally bubbles along with walking outside of safe zones, and PVE prevents that. It's kind of a catch 22 flagging scenario that makes things go into a panic basket, and then subsequently crash as a result of such conflicting code in regards to player positioning.
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  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I have never seen this game so bugged, my op gloves lost all their stats, my arts are gone, the fortify tab is gone, yesterday the sound was gone, i didn't have the giganta issue cause i'm on pc, at this point i'm almost afraid to log in tomorrow to see what new nightmares await.
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  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Why does having a wife, kids, and a job matter when talking about a game? A lot of us have some or all those things too. I would also not want a roll back for many reasons. But if it cured all of these issues in one fell swoop, then it is what it is and we would all reap the benefits of it and all suffer thanks to it. Sometimes we have to do things we don't like for the betterment of a community. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but if it gets us our artis and stats and all that back, then they gotta do what they gotta do. I'll keep my fingers crossed with ya and hope it doesn't happen
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