"Rude League Names"

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Larizsa, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    This post says it all.
    Since they don't have in game monitors, any bad toon or league names need to be reported.
    The tickets will be the only way they get dealt with other than a dev seeing it while actually being on and playing the game.
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  2. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Its humanity, disrespectful to the max. Report the names with screen shots and go on with your life
  3. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    I am NOT defending that league but u posed the question in ur opening line an the answer that immediatly pops in my head is
    1) i dont have the facts
    2) i dont know why its called that
    3) i dont know personally of any of the members doing anything malicious or wrong.

    Those 3 points alone to be enough to offer the benefit of the doubt an for me to mind my own business. Its why in the court of law you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was committed and by whom.
    In this soecific example, perhaps the founder has a downs child and made the league in honor of them? I dont know, maybe they are a complete POS an are trying to be as malicious as possible. Again we dont know. Theres no facts present to support either scenario so we should err on the side of caution and give the benefit of the doubt for the greater good.
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  4. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

  5. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Correct, if someone has done something wrong or you feel someone Has done something wrong they get the pic an report an go on about having fun!
  6. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    And that my friend is the subjectivity i wish to avoid. Truthfully either everything is ok or nothing is and its because of the subjective nature of being offended. Literally anything can be offensive. I also can guarantee you that the censorship would only favor one direction (also the prob with mediating based on subjective thought)
  7. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Ten out of ten for effort, but let’s be real about this, you’re creating a hypothetical plausible explanation for something that is indefensible.

    You even make reference to the burden of proof of something in a criminal trial ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ in an earlier point, but no reasonable person would reasonably accept that explanation for that league name, even if it were put forward. It would be the defence of someone lying through their teeth to avoid punishment for choosing such an awful name.

    I will say one thing though, if I am ever in a criminal trial, I hope you’re on the jury.
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  8. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Not at all, i responded to a direct question where they asked what scenario could there be so i gave one. Nothing more.
    Thats exactly why there has to be burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt in court otherwise its just subjective.

    The example scenario i gave as requested came so fast because i actually knew a girl who made a breast cancer guild because her grandma died from it. It was called breast cancer and same thing happened. Ppl reported it over and over an even tho she explained it over and over ppl would not let it go because their subjectivity would not allow it an the name got banned in that game. It was sad to see but reinforced the issue with subjectivity.

    Again i dont have the facts so i am NOT condemning nor defending any of these leagues. Sunjectivity is the issue and its up to the owners of the game (the devs) to decide if its aginst TOS as mentioned above. Like their decision or not we must u derstand we are viewing it through our subjective lenses absent fact.
  9. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    And lol, jury duty is blah mostly lol. For me its simple, its the facts convict you then i vote yay. If the facts dont support the case then i vote nay.
    In either case, how i feel about it is not relevant. My individual feelings dont matter And its not society's job to cater To them, nor should they be expected to especially when theres VERY real results at hand.
  10. the solowing Devoted Player

    Honestly, i disagree with removing league names like "coved-19" because its a slippery slope. The moment people can report people for being offended about anything seemingly offensive, anyone can be reported for anything.
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  11. the solowing Devoted Player

    If i can report somebody for having a offensive name to me, what if i said i found your name offensive and gave a bogus reason for it? If you apply the same standard to coved-19 to a name "Blackout" i used to use, then i would also lose my name because blackouts arnt inherently good
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  12. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    My question is, how is covid19 offensive?
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  13. nawanda Dedicated Player

    But don’t you see that just because someone has a child with Down syndrome or a grandparent with breast cancer that that does not give that person license to trample over the sensitivities relating to Down syndrome and breast cancer? The problem with what you’re saying is that you don’t believe in standards. If someone can come up with a reason why they don’t ‘intend’ to be offensive then in your view that means that it’s not reasonable for anyone to question the potential for distress that their actions cause.

    It’s a terrible argument. Look at the Greenboro Baptist Church. They picket the funerals of deceased soldiers and hold placards and shout phrases about the sexuality of the deceased and about how they deserved to die. By your way of looking at things, nobody can be offended by their actions because they “don’t know the facts”.

    Then, when someone points out that those facts don’t justify the level of offence caused by their sickening actions, people should mind their own business. If someone believes that naming a league in DCUO Down Syndrome is anything other than horrible because the person who created that league can string together a superficially plausible explanation for it, they would also believe that religious zealots can tell the grieving that their deceased are in hell because they sincerely believe it is god’s will. And you’d be happy with that? I hope not.

    I go back to my earlier point. You need to have standards of decency and someone applying them. The free speech argument you’re exploring is really flawed when you apply it to reality where something is clearly objectively offensive.
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  14. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I think you’re replying to the wrong person. I haven’t commented on the league name Covid-19.
  15. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Hell by some of y'alls arguments the word 'hi' could be offensive lol. Have yall ever thought a Massive Multi-Player may not be for everyone?
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  16. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Im not saying no one can be offended. Being offended is a choice. You can choise to be or live like like me an choose nit to be.
    Your church example, im unfamiliar with it so for arguments sake, lets assume you presented fact and left nothing out etc. in that case my argument holds. I think thats a cruddy cruddy thing to do. I am genuinely confused on how someone can think thats productive or ok. None the less, agree or not, i agree with speech being protected even if i dont like it. I will fight (and as ex marine) i will even die for peoples freedoms like this. I dont have to like whats being said, but i LOVE being part of country where ppl are free to express themselves. Censorship has all sorts of policial motives as well but that will take us a whole dif direction but “decency” and a standard of it is just not as simple as your making it. I agree fully and wish everyone would be sensitive an decent but at the same time i wish that censorship would never be a consideration either.
    The core lies for me in the subjectivity. What i find offensive you may not and vica versa. Whos to decide? Are you in the rite or am i? Where is the proof?
    Feeling subjectivity offended Is just not enough no matter why your offended to censor others.
    Now, a TOS that we all agree to when playing the game is a binding contract and IF these horrible league names are in biolation then so be it but if they arent, also so be it. Anyones subjective view can change (this is the other issue with acting on subjective feeling).

    Cant reiterate enough, its not about if im offended or agree or like whats said. As an ex marine, i will fight and die for your right to say it.

    Edit: i missed a point u made. Objectivly offensive is a term u used and i agree, objectionably offensive things (Like name calling etc) should be policed by devs via the TOS.
    So i will bounce the ball back to u. What is objectionably offensive about the words “down syndrome”. My wifes friend has a downs daughter and i have used the words “down syndrome” Hundreads of times and offended no one that im aware of. Its a real medical term for a real medical condition. Its not offensive UNLESS its being used to be. This is where subjectivity comes in. Provide me the context, explain the motives an the proof of them as to why its malicious and i will agree. Theres no proof and no context. Saying its objectively offensive doesnt make it so. They are just words until context and proof is provided. An until then, i err on the side of caution as its dangerous to punish someone based on Subje tive feeling as the same standard can be applied to you absent proof.
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  17. nawanda Dedicated Player

    You already know the context in which I am saying the term Down syndrome is obviously offensive. In the context of a league name in DC Universe Online. In the context that league names are used, displayed beneath the name of a character, to denote membership of a type of online gaming club or guild.

    Of course the term Down syndrome is not inherently offensive. It is the name of a genetic disorder. But in the context in which we have been discussing it, it is in extremely poor taste and misapplied. I think a reasonable person would conclude that someone with a family member with Down syndrome would be likely to be upset to see Down syndrome being used as a gaming tag, moreso because (despite the hypothetical scenario you came up with), it is highly likely that the person chose that name because they thought it was funny.

    I don’t see our discussion developing further from here. You clearly have a different view of the subject of free speech to that which I hold. And you’ve also agreed with me that TOS takes prescendence in the case of DCUO anyway. And again I assure you, I am no snow flake and no fan of censorship, but there are just some situations where it’s justified in saying “this is not acceptable”. Mocking people with Down syndrome in an online game meets that test, for me. Some of the other examples mentioned in this thread aren’t as clear cut.
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  18. Brit Loyal Player

    I respect that different people have different issues that they are sensitive about. One person might find a League name which references the global pandemic to be in poor taste; someone else might not be bothered at all.

    As a point of reference, some people might be incredibly offended if somebody made light of serious, life-threatening diseases like cancer, having lost loved ones to those tragedies. In contrast...

    … DC Comics has no problems with making "Kancer" a Superman villain, a creature which is essentially a living Kryptonite tumor.

    If we want to split hairs about naming and nitpick every little thing that somebody somewhere might potentially find offensive, that is fine by me. But if we're going to nitpick names, then I think the first place to start is with the Terms of Service which specifically prohibit naming characters and leagues after DC Comics intellectual property, or any copyrighted intellectual property from other companies. So every single player who made some sort of "I name myself and dress up like an iconic character" has to rename their character to something that has nothing to do with any iconic. No more XXXB4tm4nXXX or WallyWestCWDC2020 or V Volverine.

    When they enforce the actual naming rules they have in place, then they can extend it further and start enforcing subjective decisions which are open to interpretation.

    Fair is fair.
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  19. High Troller Loyal Player

    If you discovery a league name you suspect violates the Terms of Service, feel free to use the link at the bottom of my signature to report the player and the league. The GMs are the folks that "do something against it".

    This game is a player-run reporting system. If you don't do your part, change will not happen.
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  20. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    @High Troller thanks alot!
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