"Rude League Names"

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Larizsa, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Larizsa Well-Known Player


    For a long time it has just been annoying and very rude to see and absolutely uncomfortable. names like "covid19" or "covid9x19" I don't know what is supposed to be so funny please supporters do something against it.

    many thanks
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  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    I also saw a league called "Special Needs". As someone who is special needs, I don't find it funny. But I just left them be.
    I have no proof of them doing it for the sake of a "Joke" or being rude so nothing I can do. But if you find it offensive you can send a support ticket to report it:
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  3. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    @zoe thats so disrespectfull i realy dont understand why people doing this sorry...

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  4. nawanda Dedicated Player

    There’s a Down Syndrome league on the EU hero side. It’s just not good.

    The community in this game is not well managed.
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  5. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    My personal advice to things like this is let Them be How they want an you be how u want. You cant force ppl to see things “your way”.
    Censorship is a VERY slippery slope. Its not up to any of us what is “ok” and whats not.
    Wouod i name a league that? No
    Would i associate with anyone in that league? No
    Is it my business or my job to censor them or force compliance to my feelings? No

    Let them struggle to run content cause they think they are funny. Everyone has the freedom and right to speech and that includes things th at others may find offensive. “Offensive” Is a subjective, thats why censorship is aginst our constitution. Anything can be considered offensive if someone chooses to be offended by it.
    In short, let them look like juvenile insensitive pricks if thats the image they want. Be the bigger person and ignore it.
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  6. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    this is probably the best way thanks a lot

    @Qwantum Abyss
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  7. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    I mean, its how i feel about it. I think its super ****** to make names that likely are there to offend ppl (sorry for the language but “******” isint strong enough of a word IMO).
    the real issue is ppl think its ok and you cant force ppl to agree with you. Fir my life i refuse to bring myself down to that. I will do me an them idiots can do them haha
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  8. Berza Committed Player

    They have been reported a couple of weeks ago by a friend of mine and currently the census show it as having 0 members.
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  9. Tenacity New Player

    There's a league on Xbox called C**n squad. I think sometimes censorship is a good thing.
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  10. Controller Loyal Player

    Thing is, though -

    I get the argument to "Leave them Be".

    I get it.

    But what happens when that controversial league name - or player name - hits home?

    How far do we let stuff go?

    How far do we push the envelope?
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  11. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Agreed but its purely subjective. It opens the flood gates. Thats why censorship is bad if it hits home or not. Because when the flood gates open, anyone can be censored for anything and who decides? Whos the almighty to decide for us whats ok? Issue is that if i decide your league name is offence for my reasons the devs have to act. Its not a majority thing its a personal thing an thats the issue.
    My heart truly goes out to ppl that these things directly Point to but the risk is not worth the reward. Protected freedom/speech sometimes means We will be exposed to things we dont like or are hurtful to us. Its life. It may seem unfair but individual feelings are subjective. Its a personal thing NOT a factual thing. Feelings cant be policed. Thats why i will always stand by your right to say things even if i dont agree with what to say because belive your right to say it is more important than how i feel about it.

    I think names like the ones mentioned above and i have to wonder what is wrong with those ppl to think its funny BUT hiw i feel about does not outweigh their right to say it. My personal feelings on the matter do not outweigh the rights of the entire population.
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  12. Controller Loyal Player

    Fair enough.

    This leaves the door open for all sorts of craziness but by your criteria it makes sense.
  13. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately, free speech doesn't apply here though. They can censor whatever they like. I just find it stupid that people can walk around with the tags that have been mentioned while other, and arguably more tame, names have been blocked completely
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  14. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Sadly it does :(
    Its a double edged sword no doubt. Just have to take the good with the bad in these cases. These cruddy league names are the exception to the rule. Generally the populous is decent and if the majority are decent then we r good.
    The Fact is, these folks will reap the benefit of their insensitivity and/or general lack of decency i assure you.
  15. nawanda Dedicated Player

    The only real weakness in your argument is we aren’t all from the United States, and aren’t bound by its constitution. Also, there is a trend of the people in your country using that constitution as a pretext to wilfully spread misinformation and to cause alarm, panic and distress to innocent people. I wouldn’t want the US constitution to be the benchmark in any discussion about free speech or civil liberties. You guys can keep it.
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  16. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    I agree with my brother Quantem Tunneler on this one, where it is subjective sometime...I don't always find the same things offensive that others do, and other's don't always find the same things offensive that I do. Some names I don't agree with and really wonder how it makes it in the game or why someone would use that name...BUT sometimes instead of jumping to conclusions we also need to have all the facts of why it is named that way, it may have been a poor choice of words with no malcontent meant.

    I think this is just one of those issues where there will never be a satisfactory answer or solution.
  17. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I think he was speaking more specifically about the idea of having the free and open exchange of ideas common to most Western democracies, the concept of having free speech, rather than the specifically enshrined First Amendment.
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  18. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I’d love any of you free speech guys to explain why naming a league Down Syndrome should be protected from censorship.

    I’m no fan of censorship, I’m not a liberal, I’m not a snowflake, I’m not easily offended, but some ‘humour’ is just cruel and vicious. One person (the individual who created that league) finding something funny is not a litmus feat for an acceptability theshold being met.

    Realistically we all had our own view of what is and is not acceptable. This is ultimately why we have an agreed set of terms of service in an online community. If they are applied consistently then nobody can have any issue with it. Don’t agree to the standards, don’t join or remain in the community.

    If you report something that does not meet the community terms of service and the person you report continues to be able to demonstrate that behaviour, this is the fault of Dimensional Ink, who have complete control and discretion.
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  19. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I don’t think he was. I think he was saying that if you find something offensive, tough, I have the right to free speech.
  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Intolerance should not be accepted. Report it and move on. The people that review the tickets will decide on if it's against TOS or not. If it is against the rules, they will rename them.
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