Roleplayers USPS Villain League All Roles Welcomed

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Darksilver320, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Twilight Man New Player

    Ok gotcha. I was wondering because I may be disbanding my own league soon (has a villain and hero sec.) and felt you guys may bee a good match. I'll send one of the officers a shout if it seems like a possible fit for my main villain.

    Thanks :D
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  2. Ultima88th New Player

    Very interested in Joining a Good Active/Helpful Mature league as i am 26, I have a Mic. very active player. Kinda new to DCUO
    Power-Quantum (nature healer on my second account)
    Role (Dps/Troll) ( Healer)
    51Cr 41Sp
    Psn Name is ZeroGraven.

    DCUO Main name is- Ultima88th Send tell if i qualify for a trial run.
    Very tactical player / Looking to absorb as much info & advice as Possible.
    Looking for help with load outs, Figiting style & How to be an Effective troller.
    Looking forward to hearing for you guys.
  3. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    Sorry we are a villain league. :(
  4. Ultima88th New Player

    Ok, Well ill be happy to make a villain, I haven't tried the villain Side yet so maybe when i hit Level 30 as a villain ill link up with you guys & girls.
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  5. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    Yes as soon as you hit level 30 we will be glad to revisit joining
  6. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    It's Time for a BUMP! :)
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  7. rjekkins New Player

    I would like to join if u guys are recurrting.
    recently just got back on the villian side.
    lvl 30 cr 37.
    i know my role. healer
    played since launch
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  8. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    Psssh I believe she is more active than you are so there might be some sense to putting her first. lol.
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  9. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    Don't forget that they have to be willing to handle the jokes that come along with playing. Such as being a part of the "yoot community"
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  10. thelazerusarrow New Player

    Contrary to what our name implies we do not roleplay however we do play our roles. We our a strong active league that runs pvp and pve content. We are currently in need of healers and trolls but all roles are welcome. We are Also looking for more frequent pvp'ers So if you love pvp come and apply.

    mic/preferred not needed


    skill points/ as long as you grind your feats we will work with you

    If you fit these requirements fill out an application at our league page and contact Mark Burnem, wicked wishes, or mentalcase XII via ingame mail So we can setup a trial run
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  11. SinisterGrin45 New Player

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  12. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

  13. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

  14. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

  15. LIGHThealsDARK New Player

    IS there room in there for the light?
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  16. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    I'll sign you up right away :p
  17. Hate killz New Player

    I'm afire dps tier 5 looking for a new league
  18. Hate killz New Player

    I would like to join
  19. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

  20. Hate killz New Player