Roleplayers USPS Villain League All Roles Welcomed

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Darksilver320, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    In what way did you make this assumption?
  2. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    this is based on getting all league members up to date on gear CR and SP and making sure they utilize their "role" to the best of their capability.

    You want in? :)
  3. Darksilver320 New Player

    There was no mention of it because we are not a role-playing league. "Roleplayers" if you are looking for meaning behind the name means we know, understand, and play our ROLES..... healers, controllers, tanks, and dps.

    I mean we can role play it for you if you want..

    Healer ...."I am healing the tank now.."

    Tank - "Why .. I have pulled yet... I am fire.. I need to burn first..."

    Controller - "I am trolling now... trololololol"

    DPS - "WTF Healer, healz me yo I'm getting smacked...the dam tank won't aggro kick him yo and why isn't the troll power dumping!!??"

    Controller - "Oh I am power dumping all right..trolololololol"

    How's that work for ya? hehehe

  4. HandsomeHoward New Player

    Hey darksilver,
    You smell.

    Respectfully yours,
  5. Oddpodd Dedicated Player

    That's awkward...why'd you even smell him in the first place?

    Anyways, I'm not sure of this but I believe we are still looking for a dedicated tank? If you are a dedicated tank, please honk your horn and join Roleplayers!

    Where everyday is:
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  6. HandsomeHoward New Player

    It's unavoidable to bask in dark's aroma as you pass through the same zip code. Not saying I don't like it. In fact, it's the opposite, I enjoy it.

    As for the league, great bunch of players. Very easy going and knowledgeable. No application required, message one of us and we will see how you gel.
  7. Oddpodd Dedicated Player

    Still....very awkward....basking in another man's aroma is not really one of my top things to do this year...
  8. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    By reading all the posts that had been posted at the time that I posted my reply.
    There had been no mention of role-playing, so that is why I asked my question.
    It may be that you don't have an answer.
    I wasn't trying to offend you.
    I simply didn't see anything indicating that you wished players to join for role-playing purposes.
    It may be you are simply looking for other players that would play roles instead of just playing characters in DPS mode - based on some of the discussions I have seen on what some players believe role-playing is.

    My intent was to find out if you were trying to form a group around people that wanted to talk in-character during their DCUO interactions.
  9. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I understand.

    Semantics often turns into "them antics" is one is not careful.

    And , not to cause trouble, but I have hard that the DEVs don't consider DPS to be a role. It seems that they believe it to be more of a lack of a role.

    If it was to make it clear that you were looking for players to do what they do in game already, you were quite clear. (... minus the complaining about everyone else part, of course ...) They just usually don't bother saying it but function in that mode none-the-less.
  10. Darksilver320 New Player

    I need to be more detailed in my answer so we have no misunderstanding here. I do not, nor do I expect my team to .. play how the devs or anyone else plays. What Roleplayers recruits, are the players not their characters. We play our roles.. as players on a team and we do so with the knowledge we have to make our team better and stronger the further we go along.

    What you find in alot of games such as DC are players who have little to no loyalty to their teammates anymore. It's about the "ME" generation. People who put teams together are doing so for their own gains at times and in the end, you see those teams fail. We try to be that team that players such as ourselves who want a place to not only do the in game stuff, but build that chemistry that makes a team unique.

    I know, being who I am, I will not always be popular to the community, nor do I look to be. What I look to be is a solid leader to a team of players who look to be a part of something fun, and exciting and worthwhile to log into every day. Any fool..and I use that term loosely, can slap a random tag on someone. What we do is talk to those who have an interest, get a look into who they are as a player, gauge what they are looking for and decide if we would be a good fit for them and give them the opportunity to decide if they feel the same. So, to be frank, what the devs consider a role, and what the community considers a role shouldn't matter to a team or the build of that team. What should mattter, and what matters to me and my teammates is.. what role as a player, (Not the character) will each recruit fit into.

    Clarification complete....

  11. Kiddslayer Well-Known Player

    I have a villain I just created like a week ago and he's 94cr with 40?sp atm I know I skipped alot of stuff that I will go back and do. He's a mental troll atm but I think I will be changing him to quantum soon. I can dps with him I just dont have the gear. His name is Evil Kiddslayer and a friend of mine on the villain side I believe is in this league and says everyone helps out everyone regardless. I'm interested, active, have a mic, a teamplayer, and I love doing pvp and pve content with friends.
  12. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    Hit us up in game I'll run my troll with you
  13. Darksilver320 New Player

    We now have open enrollment, not looking for anything specific, just looking into bringing in players who have the same type of playstyle we do.
  14. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    I like our tight knit family are we really opening up the flood gates?
  15. Darksilver320 New Player

    Its not a flood gate, more like an open door for folks to walk in and see what things are like, I am still going to talk to people first so there is no instant invite. =)
  16. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    There was an instant invite for me :) . Luckily Wishes is a good judge of character. Although I'm not too sure what you guys think of me yet. Cause I mean you guys "see me trollin' you hatin', tryin to catch me trollin' dirty, trollin' dirty" lol. But on a serious note this league is pretty awesome. And they do take things serious when it comes to knowing your role. *cough* the funny tank experience *cough*
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  17. Darksilver320 New Player

    lol yes wicked knows how to pick em.
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  18. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    Gonna bump this post real quick
  19. HandsomeHoward New Player

    Currently looking for multiple dps.
  20. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    If you call yourself "beast" please do not respond to this inquiry.
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