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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by DeathRogue, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. DeathRogue Active Member

    Ok this is getting really Lame. When you open up the Weekly Reward Boxes you should NOT get Gear that is NOT Tailored to your Role. I am getting tired of getting Gear for Healers And Tanks when I am a troller. The System for the Weekly Reward Box if it is going to give Gear it should be Tailored to the Role Specific or Be Straight Up DPS (Non Role Specific) Gear. Devs Please Read this And Please Respond. This is a big Issue I am sure Most will agree here on this issue.
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  2. Eternity's_Girl Well-Known Member

    I completely udrestand it use to piss me off to no end. As time has passed i still dont like it but i now understand that it is working as designed. If you look at everything that has come out lately it has all been designed to get us to play well everything more. If everything that came out of the weekly boxes was your role you would be done really fast and most likely would move on.
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  3. indee2025 Active Member

    (I'm a FIRE DPS) When promethium boxes first came out I got a DPS ring and necklace then it's been troller neck, healer ring, healer neck, healer neck, healer neck with a different name, healer neck, stupid legendary cola after cola after cola after cola after cola, healer neck oh and then one day I was really excited to see something I didn't was a healer RING!!!!! On top of this I keep getting healer trinkets from the monthly boxes....If there is some coding to help you get what you need for your role-they should tell the guy who made it that FIRE is not a healer! Thumbs up for you sir. I'm tired of opening boxes and getting completely useless junk.
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  4. Goony Active Member

    ooooo just loooooooooovvvvvvvvee those daily boxes from the new bounties that give consumables that are tier 3
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  5. willflynne Well-Known Member

    An inconvenience? I guess. Frustrating? At times, sure. A big issue? Don't think I can go that far.

    There are folks out there that are after all the feat/skill points they can get, willing to spend the money/station cash/whatever other currency is used to switch to a different power set just so they can get the points from a role-specific armor set. Besides, you always have the options of salvaging, selling or just deleting those pieces if they show up. So even if you can't use them and aren't planning on switching powers to get the feats, you can still get something out of them.
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  6. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    how about Un-Attuneds :)
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  7. MsMamba Well-Known Member

    Everyone complaining about loots in the Vault. If you make loots from loot boxes un-attuned, it would be the same thing.
  8. Jambersome Active Member

    I understand. It is extremely frustrating to wait a week to get your weekly reward and you can't even use it. Same thing goes for the group loot. I get shafted every single time. I'm a fire dps and don't even get tank stuff to drop most of the time. The group loot thing in general is nonsense. Especially when you don't get anything and you were the highest damage output.
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  9. Sionn Well-Known Member

    I swear this is intentional. A friend, and I, run duos often, and we both want dps gear, but role gear is okay too. We'd like to see dps, healer, or tank gear, but we get controller gear the majority of the time. I can't even comprehend how a 25% chance to get controller gear turns into 75% per run.

    Random is not random
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  10. DarthSizzle Well-Known Member

    I've run 13 of the new turf instances in hopes of getting the dps neck and I get everything I don't need or not tailored to my role,same with the boxes you get from the missions leading up to it. The drop system should be looked at ,one thing is to grind but another is to get frustrated not be rewarded what you grind hard for.
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  11. Heartsbane Well-Known Member

    Why does everyone hate the pro box sodas? Those things are awesome. They're just shy of a MK IV soda in stats and they cost NOTHING to obtain and last 30 minutes regardless of if you die. I don't even want the jewelry anymore as I have the neck and rings in both roles. I only want the free mark of war and sodas. I will admit, I always find myself hoping that I'll get more of the Noble Warrior stuff though.
  12. DeathRogue Active Member

    The main issue on this is that the items are NON TRADEABLE...!!! see my Point? If they were TRADEABLE items then sure it wouldnt be a big deal. And honestly if you got everything you needed from the weekly boxes or monthly ones your not goingto QUIT because there is a WHOLE lot more than just a few minor things you can do. Either make the items TRADEABLE between your ACCOUNT Characters and BOOM ISSUE Solved. ( And to the Mods I am not RAGING I am pointing out the most IMPORTANT things when I do the CAPITALS like that) The point from this is that if your not a HEALER class then you should be able to trade the item to a Healer Class fon your own account. Most MMO Games Have that. Where the Items are ACCOUNT BOUND and not CHARACTER BOUND. (AQgain I am not RAGING I am Pointing out the most IMPORTANT FACTS for this main issue)
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  13. DeathRogue Active Member

    Not always you have the chance that it becomes Junk and then all you get is less value for the item in turn. And seriously only the rich can constantly afford to change there power sets. oh and the kids who have help and live at home because they are still in school in which there parents pay for it.
  14. Eternity's_Girl Well-Known Member

    What i said applies to tradeable as well. Being able to trade the items, even in account only, would speed up the collection of items to which get you done with stuff faster. Getting done with things faster is very bad in the eyes of devs of any game.
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  15. Gunny Well-Known Member

    Im about to blow your mind.

    "Account bound" items can infact be traded amongst all characters in your account. There is a specific "Shared bank" slot in your regular bank for just this purpose. However, due note that lockbox rings that have been modded can no longer be traded.
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  16. Gafa Active Member

    He's not talking about prometh boxes. He's talking about the weekly rewards you get for running the on duty content. Which are not tradeable and always end up being role specific for other than the role you play. Out of every raid I ran this week, I have gotten 2 dps drops for styles I already had and stuff from every other role except healer/dps. Getting tank drops or troller drops is pointless.
  17. Gunny Well-Known Member

    In this regard, I disagree. There are a number of role-specific styles that you can only get by using power tokens. Should you get to that point, you will be one happy player if you managed to keep all of those off-role drops in your inventory. I did just that in december using 3 power respec tokens i picked up on the sale in november. I am normally a fire player, so I changed to mental, equipped every troll item i stocked, switched to nature, equipped all the healer items i had, and back to fire. When I did this, i had 9 rows of inventory space of items that were troller and healer items I have not collected. Thats quite a few feats.

    A surprising number of those items actually came from those very boxes you hate.
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  18. DeathRogue Active Member

    You are missing the whole point to this thread. I do not CARE about the style I am refering to making the item ROLE SPECIFIC ONLY!!!! is that a little more understandable to you??? I Apologize if that sounds rude but until you can comprehend what I am actually trying to get done then it is kind of pointless for you to even respond to the thread. And trust me when I say this if you got a piece of Gear that made your Stats better but you already Had the style your telling me you would NOT equip that particular item just because it doesnt have a style you did NOT have? Good lord your a shallow person LoL. I just got a pair of boots for my character the day before yesterday and then placed a mod in them yesterday. And later that same day of placing the Mod in them boots I got a new pair which by the way were the same style as the previous boots I just modded but with BETTER Stats for my Role (As they are Role Specific) I put them on instead.

    Gunny Gafa is right. I am NOT talking about Promethium Boxes. I am talking about the Weekly Reward Boxes.

    Yes account Bound means just that. HOWEVER nothing in this game is account bound it is all NON TRADEABLE and YEST that means you CAN NOT TRADE it to you ALTERNATE CHARACTERS LoL....

    Note: Mods I am Not Raging I am pointing out some of the OBVIOUS things to those who seem to not understand what I am saying or trying to say. Sorry if you feel that my tactic is a Rage thing when it is not.
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  19. Whizzkid Well-Known Member

    This is a MMO and also a RPG. In both, you're always going to come across things you can't use. While I do agree that it's not exactly rewarding or exciting to complete a daunting task only to get something that is useless to you, it is a part of the genre for the most part.
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  20. Gafa Active Member

    I've never come across something in Final Fantasy that I didn't need unless I already had it. That being said, the sell back amount in FF games are worth more than just about everything you can sell back to a vendor in this game. You can't really compare this game to a solo RPG... Just saying.
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