Rise of the Bat operation - thx devs for christmas gift, no more OP collection drops

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by wisetoons, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    Last 20 days of running this operation and none of the players in the group got any OP gear collection, i have 6 toons and daily i grind to get my OP hands, I AM SURE THAT OPERATION IS BUGGED AND NO MORE COLLECTIONS DROP, i have run that operation at least 100 times and nobody in group got any OP collections, i am a member for more than 6 years, and this is the gift the devs gave us for this period, a few players still play but they play for nothing (ROB operation should drop but mysterically they are not dropping), u can not get any OP hands collections from rise of the bat operation, does it sound intented? Oh no maybe my group always cursed and getting nothing, also in broker you can not see any complex crime scene riddlle or faded joker calling card etc., thx devs for letting us drop in an infinite depth hole, lets see what the devs will say about that, lets see
    Happy 2018
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  2. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Sadly... sometimes it would seem that Seasonals do mess up with the Loot Drops since they have to tweak the Loot Tables to add all the Christmas Drops.

    Sad... but it happens. :(
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  3. Knight Racer Well-Known Player

    I feel the same way wisetoons about the phantom zone op helmet. Ran it for years and still hasn't dropped do me. I just want the style at this point.
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  4. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The drop rates in that dlc are beyond ridiculous. Have only finished the detective collection on 2/4 characters and not finished the riddles or op hands on a single one. It’s disgraceful and frankly a little exploitative.
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  5. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    What I don't get is the refusal to adjust things like that. Even before earth 3 came out it's doh! well we will see about it next time...I think they should leave drops the hell alone during seasonal content, only drop those useless seasonal collections in the SEASONAL CONTENT.
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  6. NerfEveryone New Player

    I have to agree. I haven’t seen one OP collection drop since the seasonal started. I run ROTB every day.
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  7. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    It does still drop but not very often. A league mate got the drop, hooked me up, and I gave it to my brother-in-law as a Christmas gift. I also seen some up on the broker right after that. As for myself. I have never been blessed with the drop itself. I got lucky and on day one of the DLC someone sold me one for $20 million because at that time they did not know how rare it was. I have received tons of OP drops during the Xmas seasonal being out though. Around 15 total, and I have not been on nearly as much as usual due to my job. That Owlman calling card from the current DLC. I've received that thing 3 times now.
  8. Tocimus Committed Player

    Even as a returning player i have only gotten 1 drop on the first run. The other 3 i've gotten were from guildies tossing in the bank.
    Outside of guild runs, this is a nightmare to run with pugs. Becuase nobody plays roles anymore, they just dps everything....then they hit the higher tier content and think they dont need to.

    Why are these peices behind rng collections anyway?
    Getting OP helm from brainiac back in the day took so long as it was. So making an rng gate 8x as long is better?
    "Oh but you can just buy it from the broker!"
    No, i cant. I never duped credits or spent an exorbitant amount of money mining for TC items to get me that much.
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  9. Kestral Committed Player

    I don't care what is claimed. I always see a decrease in regular collection drops when a Seasonal is out.
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  10. Black Prime OG Devoted Player


    The seasonal collection never used to be in the loot table until this year. They 100% have effects on what drops. Let's be real. Anything thrown into the loot table helps drove up the odds that you won't get the item your there for.

    It needs to go back to his it was. Holiday collections drop with collections you pick up, and that's it. Raids are not where I want to find the year one holiday collections.

    It won't change, but be real about it.
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  11. Tocimus Committed Player

    You forgot about the Nth metal as well.
  12. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    I see the whole seasonal items thing as just another taboo started by the player base. There was a point where people truly believed that wearing the OP back from Age Of Justice guaranteed you a drop in everything AoJ related. Others said it was the belt. I wore all three for the longest time, and the drops were pretty much the exact same as they were prior to me getting either. So the "Seasonal interference" is right up there with that theory.

    My reasoning is because I have seen an OP item drop, and right there in the table with it was Snowballs and worthless collections. The same crap you get every run. The menu that shows you what you received is bigger when the collection is there. As if an entire extra row is added for the collection itself. The fact is that some people are just luckier. I am actually not one of them. I get tons of OP collections, but they are always the most common ones from the set. The drop rate was clearly increased as promised because the majority of the collections are currently worth a massive 200k on the broker. There are a few less common ones (As there should be), and even those are nowhere near as expensive as stuff in the past. In fact if you compare them they are at least 3 times less expensive. The only luck I have had with big high priced collections is the Owlman Calling Card, and by the time I received it the price was half of what I had already paid for it. I gave one away and I later sold another for 17 million. Outside of that I've only gotten for real lucky in order to obtain the rare stuff. Like catching the Ultraman cape on the broker for 1,110,000 because someone miscounted their 0's.

    Truthfully though we can all say "I know for a fact" or whatever, but the real fact is that it is all just speculation. Maybe I am wrong, and the 15 or so collections I've received since 12-18 (Which I just noticed is practically 1 per day) are just a sign that I am super lucky. I know one sure thing. I've got to have good karma just for the simple fact that I help as many people as possible, I'm not greedy, and I definitely do not run every single instance with the expectation of receiving a rare item.
  13. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    i appreciate there are some different approachs to the drop rates through all content but the thread is about a specific operation which should drop particular OP hands collection pieces but mysterically they are not dropping anymore, i mean last 3 weeks i have tested and now the test is done and it is clear that the collections which drops in this operation are no longer in loot table, in other words it doesn't matter how many times you run this alert to get those pieces because they are not in loot tables anymore, maybe seasonal loots caused this or any other reason which i still dont know why. After realized that i am doubtful why very few people logging in running this operation, personally i think this is very desperate that the programmers caused this bug knowingly or unknowingly and caused their customers to grind for nothing, i hope i could Express what is happening, best regards
  14. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    As I stated numerous times in threads similar to yours, besides the 3 collections I bought, and the one from vendor so 4 total. From day 1 of that dlc till now, read carefully from day 1!!! Up until this very day, i have not seen a SINGLE damn op collection drop, not ONE. Not even the cheap ones or the ones i bought.

    I really don't get it, this dlc we have now, I finished both op collections without any reset. I just bought 1 which I didn't want to wait for. And it's been what a month for just 2 op collections? And yet it's been how long since the joker/riddler dlc been out and I haven t even gotten 1 to drop.