RIP Kevin Conroy

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    Sad news indeed.
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    I am glad he got to suit up as Batman on screen at least once.
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    I hope dc plans on a tribute for him. Big loss. Sleep in Paradise Kevin.
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    Posted this thread in a bit of haste - did not see Zoe's thread in Gotham Gameplay.....Mods can merge this into Zoe's if needed.
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    As much as Christopher Reeve was Superman, Kevin Conroy was Batman. I'll miss him.

    RIP, you were a legend and a friend to the DC community.
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    Christopher Reeds killed a horse that caused him to be paralyzed. After that I lost all respect for him. The only Superman is Henry Cavil
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    Rest in Peace.
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    The horse hurt it's leg when Reeve was thrown from the horse, after it missed a jump. A horse's leg can't be set properly from a break, so euthenasia, while sad, is often the most merciful solution
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    Let's go with that, just because a horse broke its leg and they need it doesn't mean they have to mercy kill it. But the fact that the horse got injured and Christopher Reeve got paralyzed let's not be naive in thinking he didn't feel any remorse for the horse but in fact hatred and anger. So they "kill" it because it's leg is broken. Yeah okay....
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    The tragedy with Christopher Reeve happened in the early 80s?

    Was the TECHNOLOGY even around back then to save the horse?

    We're a PRIMITIVE species as humans even NOW - even moreso 40 years ago.......
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    @Controller A living being still has feelings and emotions. Christopher Reeves knew better yet he insisted in doing these acts. The way I see it is he took out his anger and hatred to that horse because he was left paralyzed. Instead, he could've done anything else to try and help that horse regardless of how "primitive" we humans are. Sorry not sorry...
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    I get that you have strong feelings on this but I'm having a hard time believing that Christopher Reeve chose to kill a horse out of spite.....

    This is why I asked what did people do in The 80's to horses that had that type of injury?
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    I didn't think I was going to have to get into a discussion about veterinary medicine but here goes.

    There are 80 bones in a horses leg, intertwined with muscles, nerves and cartilage. Setting that, and preventing a horse from moving while it sets, is difficult at best. But let's assume you do. 60% of a horses weight is pressured on it's front legs, even assuming it does set properly, it's going to be weakened, carrying that much body mass is going to put an incredible amount of pressure on the healing bones. But let's assume that works. The horse would not be able to run or jump because of the risk of a weakened bone breaking again.
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    You know - this post reminds me of our BEAUTIFUL Siamese cat, Leo, that passed a little over two years ago. He was sickly and old when we adopted him - he ran away from his previous owner for some reason.

    He was already in a BAD state when we adopted him and as time went on we had to do more and more for him to help him have a decent quality of life.

    TO THIS DAY I wonder if we did TOO MUCH....I always asked the vets if we should "Put him down" earlier than when he passed away but the procedures they did for Leo the vets approved of it.

    This brings me to the horse that Christopher Reeve rode during the tragedy. If what you say is true then the HUMANE thing to do was to put the horse down.

    I love CATS as much as some on here love dogs....and horses and whatnot. But even TO THIS DAY I wonder if Leo was in any pain during his last few months......if we did everything we possibly could have done humanely.

    The vets said we DID....but as the owners of Leo we still wonder.

    No matter how much we love our animals we must be cognizant of THEIR way of life......and what is best for THEM.