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  1. WнуѕOѕєяιoυ5 Well-Known Player

    Since the devs keep saying that there is no plans to fix pvp. It's sad but I hope that one day you guys will fix pvp! ;).
    When that happens, I'll for sure be back to the game!. Meanwhile thank you for all these amazing years spent in the game, it was fun! DCUO will always have a special place in my heart! Posting below some videos for the nostalgia :).

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  2. LittIe Girl Well-Known Player

    True pvp was a very enjoyable part of the game :(
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  3. Cajaritotutututu Active Player

    I have always thought that pvp in this game should have some sort of ranked system, that may encourage players to "show off", and give some type of reward, yes it can be a style (not feat related pls) or maybe a perishable trinket that shows ur current rank or even a title "stay on upper end rank for 1 week".

    The bright side of pvp (legends)
    The idea from the beggining was just too good, it may not have been a flawless execution of the idea, but it was really really well crafted.
    From my perspective, legeds pvp is not so unbalanced, you can still see some people winning with most of the characters (yes i know some are bad or too good, but not to a game breaking point....unless is 2 twofaces in a 2v2). Of course it needs some numbers though.

    The bad side (my perspective - arenas)
    I think the last time i played an arena encounter was when my powerset was fire, and i faced a nature healer in dog form...that was an eternal fight, we barely took any damage and could not KO each other.
    From a business perspective, makes total sense that the devs focus on pve, since it is what keeps the money flowing, and makes total sense that the company decides to leave out a part of the game that does not gives cash.

    I believe the devs could give a hand to the current issues in legends pve, maybe after that you can see if at least via streamers it may become a part of the game that helps with promoting the game.

  4. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Just turn pvp into something they can make $ off of, problem solved.

    Quickest and most direct route would be to increase gear costs in pvp, but swap the marks to source marks = they sell those in marketplace.

    "yeah yeah p2w" but unless something is done along this route or a similar one, pvp is dead and a joke honestly aside from Legends. I'd rather see it monetized then left to rot and ultimately fade into extinction as they're seemingly letting it do "we have no plans for pvp at this time" seems to be, forever.

    Future endeavors would be to fix current issues, make pvp gameplay separate again as it should be. You don't pvp using a pve loadout now do you? So combat and gameplay can differ there.
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  5. Mentaldope40 Active Player

    A Dead horse, PvP side of DCUO is completely dead and unbalanced in arenas.
  6. Reinheld Loyal Player

    As long as the added 'pay' option is on top of our ability to get it done via grind (unlike seals...there is no 'grind' option) AND that grind is not then tweaked to make the 'pay' option way more attractive...sure, add P2W.

    I don't heavily do PVP, but I have my 101 gear I got from the grind. Assuming this would come with 102 gear and some sort of PvP update, I'd hate to see 102 gear suddenly cost some multiplier on marks (it's already pretty high) or require crafting materials or whatever aspect would add the 'pay' part.
  7. WнуѕOѕєяιoυ5 Well-Known Player

    yeah revamp completely ruined arenas and duels :/
  8. antipseudo Well-Known Player

    On the one hand, if 3/4 of the players play the abused tricks by playing tank and immortal heal, how can you find interest in playing in pvp? If you are sure to get a defeat each duel attempt, there is no interest in playing in pvp .
  9. BƖack Committed Player

    I come back like 7 days ago to the game and man the pvp phase is a complete ghost town! This is just crazy and sad at the same time that there is no pvp players anymore, nobody i repeat absolutely nobody is there! the legends pvp barely pop sometimes i wait like 30 min to 1 hour or even more and there's still no pop.

    About arenas i will not speak because since revamp i don't play and i don't queue on theml, before revamp the arena of course it was broken but still it was fun, after revamp it became just complete spam.

    I don't know how developers understand the ''fun'' word but this spam ain't any fun. It is just boring and stupid, pathetic and requires no skill.
  10. nihilismia New Player

    Why not a next episode focused on PvP to relaunch this one? And put the default PvP world back as a few years ago because when you changed that to set the default PvE the PvP suddenly disappeared. that on the European server the ugly side which had a lot of league focused PvP emptied in a few days.

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