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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by RamsesVIIX, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. RamsesVIIX New Player

    What's the deal, have gotten a few might and controller based level 78 rings with a white socket "ring socket" Anyone know the deal with that?
  2. RamsesVIIX New Player

    From the home turf missions
  3. Disasterpiece New Player

    It's an R&D exobyte mod socket, same as the sockets in your gear.
  4. RamsesVIIX New Player

    I'm not talking about the Legendary rings you get in lockboxes, they have these new rare ring drops in home turf missions. It literally says "ring socket" similar to "weapon sockets"
  5. Zizzi New Player

    I believe the Devs stated those were not supposed to be there and will be taken out.
    Not sure if they will be there in the future though.
  6. Righteously New Player

    That is a bug and will be taken out on the next update.
  7. Gargamond New Player

    I just assumed the ring sockets were intended to be used when Boost III tactical mods are introduced...
  8. Jim Dandy New Player

    I think they've aready been taken out. It's too bad, because there's no reason to use them over the lockbox rings. I wish there were more options when it comes to gear, rather than just choosing between Might and Precision. Early in the game's life, glass cannons were possible, but now everyone wears pretty much the exact same gear.
  9. insinceremelody New Player

    Well, a DPS can choose to use the lockbox tank affinity rings if he goes melee and socket precision & health IV mods for the health affinity boost. Essentially, he would do slightly more damage than a ranged DPS but with more survivability in case the healer can't get to him or is just plain bad. Experimenting with gear can do wonders but it seems like everyone, if you look at the neediness of people in LFG, wants high cr/sp players with exactly the same gear who do exactly what they expect them to do when they expect them to do it. It's kind of funny, though, because dungeons with those players are typically some of the most annoying runs I have.
  10. никита New Player

    подарите мне шмотки
  11. compasionate grenade New Player

    First week home turf got 1 purple colored ring with white mod socket(from steelworks mission) Logged off. Went posted on facebook page where is white mod ring vendor at. Checked back on Facebook 3hrs from initial posting and no response. Logged back on DCUO and white socket was gone from ring. I thought I was coo-coo-cachoo cuh-razy but seeing Ur post let's me know I'm not(partially)
  12. RamsesVIIX New Player

    Yeah it was a glitch, those rings are pretty nifty though if you haven't gotten a legendary. I use mine whenever I have to switch to troll.
  13. Ogat New Player

    The dev team would never introduce jewelery that would make the luckerboxes redundant, not without putting even better jewelery into them or in troducing a new cash cow system.
  14. Gargamond New Player

    But boost III tactical mods aren't released yet... And promethium lockboxes will probably start dropping level 80+ gear some day...
  15. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    Simply not true. Lockbox neck jewelry is absolutely useless now. The mainframe ones you can pick what you want. The ones from the lockboxes are a joke. Escalating procs are the best! :p
  16. Ogat New Player

    I'm sorry should have been more specific I meant the rings of course :) The promethium box rings offer a substantial boost over any other rings in the game, and are pretty much the main reason people buy promethium keys in the first place. and Escalating mods aren't all that nice and cool anyway, relentless prec I'm looking at You.
    Yep, bring more p2win please :)

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