Ridiculous crafting system.

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  2. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    I play everyday on 3 toons. Once I max marks, which doesn't take long.. I only run content that drops the scraps currently needed. I buy the matter enhancers with all those extra marks and keep stacking them in my bank. I am only able to make one mask and 2 rings per toon, yet I gear both support and dps so one goes without (usually the dps). I can't afford to make anything else in there so I have to depend on the raids to drop what I need twice (for both roles). If they stop changing the stupid scraps then ppl would have a much better chance to make more, I cannot tell u how many metalloid scraps I delete/sell weekly. Not everyone has a few hours a day to grind for those scraps on multiple toons and as I stated.. even if u do it will only afford u rings and mask for one role.

    The stat increase from vendor gear to crafted/raid gear is an insult, especially since stats don't matter anyways! What is the point of the grind if there's no real benefit? I was excited for this crafting stuff but now it just pisses me off. By the time u craft the mask/rings you're about to get a brand new plan and scrap.. there's no time to even enjoy the pieces u grinded so hard for. I can't figure out if it's the speed with monthly content, the fact that they keep changing the scraps on us, or the ridiculous amount of scraps required.
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  3. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    the "chase".... hmm. I was dumbfounded that RNG was an aspect to getting scraps. It's absolutely stupid. It's maddening to get 2-6 scraps from salvaging rare items. I'm fairly sure, the most scraps I've gotten from salvaging a piece, is 24 scraps. These scraps will be useless to a character eventually just like the mark's symbols that were removed from the currency tab, and my character will sell the scraps.... I think their cash value fused and not fused should be increased.

    I will visit the Rare style vendor when it gets the tier gear related to scraps added to it. If I'm still playing.

    PS: The Rare Style Vendor should only sell gear that is NOT available from a prior tier vendor. It make absolutely NO sense to put items in the list from the Rare style vendor, when those items are available for purchase for less from a different vendor. Rare style vendor should offer styles that DROP as LOOT because it was setup as an alternative to RNG repeatedly not providing the item needed to complete a set (which includes those Rune styles that required getting the recipe from Drop Loot, in order to craft the item). The RNG in the Vault... how about adding SharpShooter style to rare style vendor?

    pps: There are 7 tiers currently.... why not bring back one mark per tier?? The current situation that a T1 helm from a vendor is the same cost as a T7 helm from a vendor is greatly disturbing.
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  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This literally is best gear in the vendor. You play content, you're guaranteed currency, then you spend it on gear. The issue most are stating here has to do with the cost, so let's all agree there's more to it.
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  5. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Yeah the amount of effort doesn't match the pay off in the end with how new content is released.
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  6. Alba Eclipta Committed Player

    Friends in my league told me how ridiculous it was. I had to see it for myself. My scraps are building and I have toyed with the idea of going through it. But, no way. Just playing the game involves too much time and effort. I have too much to do in life to put that kinda effort into a game.

    I will say this, though. Crafting in any game is over-rated. I play GW2 and I can tell you that just looking at the crafting side of that game makes me feel feint. Crafting is the most un-enjoyable part of any game, and whoever thinks that their game needs to do the crafting thing is pandering to what they believe most players want. When you have to put this kind of effort into it, it is more painful than even the constant grinding stuff over and over. To sum up:

    "Crafting sucks!"
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  7. Fies Committed Player

    Not at all. What you describe as "currency" (scraps) is nothing but an extension to the loot-lottery since the amount of scraps we get is random (2 - 396). Only "atleast 2 scraps" is guaranteed. I can get "lucky" and finish my "craft-vendor gear" within few drops or it can take forever. Its in no way plannable regarding "effort vs reward". Its not even best gear also since its neither elite- (nor OP- :)) gear.
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  8. Sam Hannah Well-Known Player

    The crafting system isn't that way though, because the scaps rely on a RNG system, wherein someone who runs a duo, and gets a blue piece and a green piece of gear, gets lucky and gets a box of 264 and and 392 scraps. They can craft the face, chest etc. after 1 duo. But someone like me that runs all the relevant content daily only gets that same amount after a month or more of farming that content. Think about it this way too, what if someone has a job, kids, wife, etc. They might not be able to run all that content everyday, meaning they cannot get all the required scraps + Matter Enhancers required to craft a piece of gear. The RNG and replay aspect of the crafting system should be gone, it should be have been introduced in the first place.
    Please answer me this...why are we forced to craft the rings and face if it contributes the lowest amount towards the CR? The rings and face most of the time don't have to be crafted because you can buy the vendor gear to be top CR.
    It was already stated by multiple people in this thread that the no one likes the crafting system, which begs the question, if no one likes it, why do we have it? The same question could be raised about a few other changes in this game. To me it doesn't make any sense to me, if my customers don't like something, I'm not going to introduce the very change that they didn't like, that's just bad business.
    Yes I understand that you don't make these decisions, but you know the people that do, so why don't you tell those people that we don't like the change? That makes no sense to me, your making changes that paying customers don't like and you drive away those customers.
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  9. eanur Well-Known Player

    I think the way this crafting should go in this game is that every month 4 pieces of gear come out that can only be attained via rare loot drops in raid OR by crafting the gear using scraps you obtain. This will satisfy everyone involved and in order to do this you will just need to lower the scrap cost you need to make each item.

    Another way you could do this is to only get scraps from items you get in non raid content. Therefor you either run the raids and have a chance of getting the rare gear or do solo's, duos and alerts and be able to craft the best gear. Again this would involve lowering the cost but being careful so people don't be able to craft best gear in first week of the month.

    In the future this could be introduced backwards just like the loot picker has been done to allow new people lvling up in the game a way of gaining the gear they need without doing the raids its hard to get into.

    This is how crafting in an MMo should be done IMO
  10. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Make a R&D experience-progress-bar? ....that as one levels up your R&D, your chance at more or better is increased?

    For those that like progress bars.... it's an idea. Reminded me of, https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Luck :p

    Yeah, didn't think that would be interesting to many.

    The bottom value of scraps given per rarity should be set in stone. Green =2 minimum. Blue = 24 minimum. Purple = 64 minimum. imho. with a chance to get more.
    orrrrrr, have a single scrap value per rarity?? Green =10 Blue = 50 Purple = 100
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  11. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Best gear in "VENDOR" means in an actual VENDOR.

    Having to SPEND currency to buy a PIECE's required components ( plans, enhancers, etc. etc. ) after you have COLLECTED the amount of SCRAPS needed to CRAFT a single PIECE is not even CLOSE to being "BEST GEAR IN VENDOR".

    Especially when it isn't the best gear in less than 30 days.

    Cost isn't the issue. Why craft when in 30 days I can get it at regular prices? Now your going to change that part right?

    It's the whole "RNG" thing that's the issue.

    I'm just a retired old man who doesn't have the ability to understand why the definition of is is actually a defense to using the definition of is as is is meant to be used.

    It feels like we are getting that type of double talk from the Devs Mepps.
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  12. Backseid Devoted Player

    That comparison is just... :eek:

    You guys really need to understand that random is only fun in small doses.

    People want to know exactly what their time, and money, is being spent on.

    This system (yeah mostly the costs) is so outrageous, I'm not sure why it was even implemented as is OR why it hasent been drastically altered yet.
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  13. Backseid Devoted Player

    Just your opinion. There's a good reason why all games of this nature have crafting.
  14. BumblingB I got better.

    There really is more to it. I'm not a fan to it the idea of different metals. Everyone has their own views of the system. I feel that the RnD needed to be expanded some. The way it was implimented was very similar to the DLC5's Rune gear. A lot of materials very little worth.

    Curious, since data is logged, how well is it utilized? What pieces get grabbed? Are players just saying, not worth it and continue to replay current content in hopes to get that gear that they would otherwise craft?
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  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    expand the R&D system?? :p how about a R&D method to expand the inventory?
    Craft a bag that can contain 20 items. Items in this bag will never appear in a sell-to-vendor list and will not move when inventory is sorted.

    I'd post a link to WarhammerOnline crafting but.... hehhehheh. nope. :rolleyes: I link things that I've experienced previously. I'd like to link other designs/suggestions/ideas, but have not experienced them.


  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    When you say something like this, it's clear evidence that you at least have not understood the system, since that gear is best for the full cycle of ~90 days. That information is as useful and as valid a piece of feedback as anything else others might offer, so it is good to hear and note as we consider the feedback as a whole, but it does fly in the face of some things others are stating here.

    On the note of RNG, we could definitely just make everything award the baseline of 2 scraps. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that that, too, doesn't actually solve anything for you. We're at a fundamental impasse on how long/how many plays it should take for gear to be acquired, and the monthly cadence/separation/distribution further complicates that.
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  17. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    Get rid of RNG. Go back to 3 mo release.
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  18. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    It's not the best gear for trolls and healers (non elite). Tanks and dps players also get a small stat boost from the A and B mods too, although CR differential makes that gear not the best for them when they have higher non elite pieces. I would be willing the spend the current marks cost, grind for scraps, and battle the elite raid and alert last boss for the elite plan. It would be nice if you could add the elite gear plan as an automatic drop the first time you beat the elite last boss. That way you still have to beat elite content to get elite gear.
  19. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    This game isn't fun like this.
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  20. inferno Loyal Player

    And I hope you realize that when the game was in the 3 month cycle, after the first month, most players are bored and have done everything in that episode and would migrate to other games. From a company's viewpoint it is never good for your player base to move on to other products and let your own be forgotten. Even now in a month cycle, players burn through the content because it is minimal.

    The monthly cycle and the new crafting method accomplished one very CRUCIAL goal from the developers: KEEP YOUR PLAYERS BUSY. I don't necessarily agree with this because then it began to feel like a job; there's no feeling of gratification or success. Going back to the 3 month cycle, we need to figure what is it that you are really asking for:

    Personally, The only thing I like about the monthly episode is the fact that we get new content every month. So for those espousing the comeback to the 3 month dlcs, let's pull together the things we like from both formats and create a new one.

    3 MONTH content: contains the full set of gear available in vendor but the content is released in 3 parts in a monthly basis.
    Return the rings and face back into the loot system: lower the number of scraps needed or cost of crafted gear.
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