Rewarding Higher CRs for Lower Tier Content

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  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Now with stat revamp out and the ability to solo raids are gone, with the emphasis being put on mechanics over steam rolling through older content, lower tier content will be less desirable to run because the in ability to run through them with ease. I enjoy this revamp and really think its a great idea to emphasize mechanics over out healing/tanking/damaging/power giving mechanics. With that being said, the result of this revamp is going to hurt players not at the highest cr because no one at the highest cr will want to run this content with new players who don't understand the mechanics or will want to take the time to teach the mechanics because there isn't a reward of benefit for them to do so. I am suggesting some alternative rewards that are more marks of victory, I understand how that would ruin the grind and getting things will be to fast. What I am suggesting are alternative rewards that might be rewarding enough to appeal people to run older content, this will help bridge the gap between tiers that lack people playing them, which can increase the amount of people subscribing to legendary over just buying certain episodes/dlcs.

    Suggestions would be:

    - Exobit Clusters reward us counts towards the gathering feat. Have each exobit cluster open reward us 10 gathers towards our feat for exobit gathers. With the introduction of time capsules and the ability to get exobytes from them and the cost being so low because the market is filled with them now, getting the 25000 gathers is a really terrible grind. You are suggesting that we get that feat by playing the game to just run around looking for exobits around the world. Instead of us having us do that, why not rewards us gathers through exobit clusters from older content so we can either queue into them or LFG for them and help out the whole community by teach or running with lower tiered players so these players aren't stuck in queues or not being able to find groups.

    - New Mark that are used for styles only, not tied to styles with feats for skill points. Have a vendor created on each faction that sells the opposite faction's styles. These styles obviously don't have feats or skill points tied to them and are strictly cosmetic. Currently the only way to get the opposite faction styles are through Prom. Boxes, and even then the are all randomly generated with a lot of styles that we currently have. Allow for legendary players to receive a marks for old content that are specifically used to just buy styles in the game that are strictly cosmetic and offered only from the opposite faction.

    I don't know of anything else of suggesting that is rewarding but not game breaking, maybe more stabilizer fragments, but that would cut into the money, they could be making.
  2. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    Definitely curious to see the drop-off of new members who are trying to run the lower tier stuff to level up. I know that when I was leveling up my alts, I loved seeing a high cr person in there because then it would be smooth.
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  3. TheCMS Well-Known Player

    Same. Currently struggling to level an alt on hero side because high CR cant carry. Pretty much reliant on Duos at the moment
  4. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    I just want to say real quick...I am not a player that finds older content less appealing when I can't blast my way through easily.
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  5. BestPlayerAfrica Well-Known Player

    why do you need a reward ?? oooh lemme guess sir cr differential is gone and now you cant carry khandak alone ??? sheet thats really bad right ?

    so now when we get a high end game cr in the group instead of one shotting everything HE IS ACTUALLY STRUGGLING to carry the raid xDD more controllers for him pls guys he need power to carry us xdd

    and now they want a reward cause it had became a pain in the a$$ to do so ? pls you guys litterally ASKED for this crappy revamp!!!!!!!!
  6. myandria Item Storage

    I have noticed a drop of higher-level characters in PUG raids in the past couple of days. Since I do not have a character that is over CR 150, I can tell you that it is A LOT harder to do the basic content, let alone the alerts/raids. I even have to be careful of how my characters travel through the cities; is it me or has the aggro level of wandering enemy NPC been set higher? It would not surprise me if some players lose patience and decide to quit the game for awhile. I wonder how this revamp is affecting speed feats, since it seems like many players like to complete them and this revamp seems to slow down speed play considerably ( I am not a fan of speed feats). Ah well, back to the drawing board.
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  7. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I am not complaining on the struggle or care about blasting through content, i hope this doesn't get lost in the suggestion, I love the challenge and enjoy the game very much at the current revamp with CR differential being removed, but I am thinking about the overall player base and community. Other than alts, let me ask you this, on your main, what reason would you have to queue into any batcave raid, gates, prime battlegrounds and etc? If hypothetically speaking, you are at the end cr and so are your alts, what reason do you have of going back and running old content?

    All I am suggesting are slight rewards to incentivize over leveled and over cr player base to queue into older content, in hopes to bridge the gap of players who do actually need the older content to progress and have people who out leveled it queue in as well, to improve the player experience and to help up and coming players. I am in no way asking for stuff to be easier or complaining that things are too hard, you are coming in very hostile for no reason. Exobit cluster idea was to alleviate the gather grind, and my other idea was strictly cosmetic.
  8. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Not asking to blast through it again, I love the mechanics of older raids, and having to do the again no matter what cr, really fun. But from the perspective of the players at the end CR currently who already have feats from those raids, what reason do the have to requeue into those raids again? My suggestions are not to change difficulty of what is currently introduced in revamp. It is to allow players who currently get nothing from running older content to be incentivized to do them again so that way people trying to progress through the game have another player base to draw from to help them.
  9. lukelucky Devoted Player

    right but every time a high cr was there new players were robbed the experience because u could face roll it. now before players get to end game hopefully they learn
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  10. Predicament Well-Known Player

    That's if people have the patience to teach, let alone if they queue into the content in the first place
  11. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    No trust me i heard that loud and clear in your post, and i get what you're asking for and agree with a need for some form of reward. Thats why i didn't quote you, but i wanted to chime in and speak my piece on that topic as well.
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  12. TheCMS Well-Known Player

    Personal experience as someone who started playing around AF1 and got a friend into the game during WotL2. I got to endgame then learned how to troll properly from leaguemates. Boosted my friend to endgame then taught him to heal and linked him videos and guides. Its a waste of time trying to get fresh players to spend time learning roles in tiers that arent relevant content, and hurt the games life overall when none of them get to relevant tiers. While its true fully auto pistol spammers with 50 sp was an issue, it was a pretty avoidable issue using lfg and running with leaguemates. Now that I'm trying to gear an alt, I'm more annoyed than anything with the severe lack of burn, especially since open episodes bought in a bunch of people trying the game out and i have no choice but to queue with them since no one is doing the content below relevancy. I'm legit stuck doing duos for marks since i can still carry those with a tank. Sidenote - Daybreak this is a cry for help, please make an option to advance to relevant tier instead of 100 CR. I give up on gearing this alt.
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  13. BestPlayerAfrica Well-Known Player

    bruh we are in 2017 ... and you can basicly learn a raid from a single youtube video even with the healer POV nowadays ...

    mechanics in DCUO arent that hard ... u dont need to be a genius !

    dont blame AM/WM to make it too ez for new players so they dont learn the mechanics wtf are u even talking about ????
  14. Predicament Well-Known Player

    A different alternative to that solution, also you bring up a great point about the whole teach aspect of the game. Its easier to teach once at the end because you are now informing players about their roles/job and what they have to do. Open episodes and new players who don't know what they are doing queuing into the old content do hurt the experience for players who are getting alts through as well. This is a very good point you brought up that I didn't account for, players who are experienced but have to go through the old content just to get geared enough to join their friends with an alt does suck. Not having rewards for your friends or league mates to help you with old content really feels selfish as a player leveling an alt to ask friends or league mates for help. "oh look its XXX asking for help for another alt again, why can't he just pick one power and play with it...?"

    What sucks is that a lot of these older raids are so fun to play but it's really hard to get anyone to run through them again, people all have different schedules and friends and league mates log in a different times or for limited times, convincing 8 people to run through old content for nothing and asking them to skip their dailies to progress just to run old content is impossible to do.

    As a developer and gaming company its hard to keep old stuff relevant while trying to sell new content. At one end there so much time and development put into those old raids and are a lot of fun to play but keeping them relevant through out the course of the span of DCUO would mean there's no incentive to buy newer content when you can be sufficient with the older stuff.
  15. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Sounds like you really miss and love AM/WM. By robbed the experience he was talking about going through a raid and have it be difficult and learning on your own what the bosses can actually do. AM and CR differential made bosses die in 5-10 seconds if someone 20cr higher than the content joined. What experience do these new players have left?
  16. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    we all worked our way up the game before AM N WM. so, whats so bad about doing it again????? this is more how the game should be. ill still be doing the low stuff for simple and complex. and, if you need a reward for helping someone. well...
  17. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The actual number was 38cr. Not disagreeing with you, just correcting your figures because I'm OCD. Proceed. xD
  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    awful idea

    why should vets constantly have players at end game not knowing their rear ends from a hole in the ground? thats just trash we dealt with that in 2011, 2012 and then it just kept getting worse and worse.

    why should vets be cheated out of all the rich great early content? thats imo complete garbage. you started long after i did and i can tell u end game was fun when people learned early and was fully capable of their roles and powers by end game. as a player you got screwed as some of the best content was old news by the time you entered dcuo. you might not mind but you also have no idea what you missed

    its plain stupid and hurts the game not having a way for vets to be in old content and helping new players there.
  19. lukelucky Devoted Player

    experience is the best teacher.

    what experience is learned while one guy destroyed the instance? yea nothing. that is simply awful. people buy battle for earth yet can not enjoy it. wtf is that? why dont they deserve the same experience we all enjoyed.

    AMs and WMs wrecked dcuo.
    cr scaling screwed it seven ways to sunday and both are better off gone then ever in game again
  20. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Actually running old content should award tokens that can be used at a vendor who sells all R&D materials other than exobytes.

    So basically the vendor would sell: all the essence you need as well as focus elements
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