Revert Suppressor Turret and Nature Scs

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Or look into Eye of Gemini even before those.
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  2. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    It wouldn't look like anything, because truly balancing the game would require multiple changes, not just one. Rolling out Multiple Changes in one update is a classic case of repeating past mistakes too. Live Server will always find new/more bugs or problems with an update than Test Server. That's not because Test Server players "do nothing", the proper Test Server plsyers tend to do a lot actually . It's simply because of math. Specifically the Probability of Success.

    Each needed update would need to be sent out individually and closely monitored. If one group is flying through content compared to others, find out if they've discovered a glitch/exploit from the first update etc. Trial and Error.

    If you're asking what individual updates would be needed and then trialled:

    A) All Movement Mode powers brought in line with another. Ending Animations applied to all Movement Mode powers, all lasting 2-3 secs, in order to eliminate a Movement Mode being chosen because its the only one of the 4 that allows Animation Cancelling. Trial for 2 months.

    B) Animation Cancelling removed completely and Clipping Removed temporarily until an Intended Version is brought back into the game. Trial for 4 months.

    C) Separation of Precision and Might implemented properly. You choose 1 of 2 options with Skill Points. Weapon Master has access to Wep Mastery Combos and majority of damage comes from Wep Attacks. 70% reduction of Might based Power damage as a penalty. Powered has access to unlimited Power Bar as this old decrepit system adds nothing to the game. Has no access to Wep Mastery Combos as majority of damage comes directly from powers, and penalty is 70% reduction in Wep Attk damage. Trial for 6-9 months.

    D) After all of the above are implemented and properly Trialled, then and only then can Powers be balanced. Trial 6m - 24m.
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  3. not serious Well-Known Player

    the thing that is at the root of all this is imbalance is the super speed that allows a player to use up to 4 sc 2,500 which gives far too many overloads to other players, 2 sc 2,500 should be the max a player can use so that we start talking about a beginning of balance. i repeat that a heal can use 3 sc at 2,500 completely breaks eog.
    Many will most certainly disagree with this.
    But they will be people who don't care about any semblance of balance in my eyes.
  4. not serious Well-Known Player

    and sry for the bad traduction
  5. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    I just want to say, that I really care about your eyes being balanced. :p

  6. not serious Well-Known Player

    ha ha , no I am aiming very well;)
  7. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    100% Agree. Supercharges are the main reason why certain powers out-perform and it would be the easiest/quickest fix, being only number changes like decreasing cost or damage done.

    If EoG is to be fixed/nerfed, I'd like it to be changed to where we only get 20% damage from ourselves.
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  8. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    I'm just asking for balance in powers right now and it can be done piece by piece it doesn't have to be all at once. Look at the change they made with ice, for those who don't know iconic powers are now useable in ice elemental which it wasn't prior to the dark knights DLC. There was no pre-live testing done with it but the change was still implemented without anyone in the community knowing it was coming. I and many others literally woke up and seen that it was changed according the hotfix post. They can drop little changes here and there if they wanted to.

    A) This needs more clarification. It looks like your saying phase dodge is OP and you want all movements to have it. If that's the case then phase dodge could be added to the iconics tree. Personally I want to see all movements have the ability to dash while in combat like superspeed does.

    B) I don't like this change because it slows down gameplay too much. Clipping has always been in the game in some form. If DC or a YTer was to give an introduction to players on how clipping works that would be better.

    C) They are already separated and already get their damage mainly from whatever they choose. Might does might and prec does prec.
    As a prec players the only might damage your doing is tesla ball for example as elec. As might the only prec damage you'll really do is from basic weapon taps in between powers.
  9. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    What I want to know is what happen to the next progression system that was meant to come out with ep 44 instead got pushed to ep 45. the devs have not talked about it at all. I also want to know what happen to the supercharge pass and why we haven't had the next 6 art balance put on test server. like did we just stop trying to balance the game and live with it? I mean how are we gonna get pvp back or make pve fair for those who are not gadgets or elec running eog. Can we make the game challenging and get some balance updates moving along soon or what
  10. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I would like to see stats matter stop making new eps and get rid of cr system from here on out. do a new system/upgrade to the old one and have us go back to ep 1 and start over. you have too much content here to not think about using it in better ways
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Turret clipping getting you killed? Care to explain? As the only adjustment they did to it was power consumption being front loaded so it's no longer a free clip. They didn't change the mechanics of the clip jump cancel that everyone was using it for. So how is it getting you killed? Are you actually using it as Suppressor Turret free damage and not clipping with it? If so, nothing has changed for the summoning either. Matter of fact they actually changed it back to before the stats revamp, where it would despawn the moment out of combat. So I'm confused here.

    I do agree, Nature needs them to adjust it big time. The biggest is remove the SC element from Bug and Wolf form and change them back to pre stats revamp and pre AM transformations. The fact they are now 50% makes them completely useless to use.
  12. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    He's talking about Lernaea's amulet. Usually gadgets dps do taser pull > clip suppressor, jump > fear gas. Before the change to suppressor turret you would only take damage from taser pull and fear gas, now you take another hit from suppressor turret and its a 300 powercost. The increase in damage to yourself makes amulet gadgets might dps almost unusable.
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  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Ah. That's the difference. I don't like lerneas amulet, so never played with it. Just sounds like he needs to rethink his rotation then.
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Any supercharge review would have to include the on flow effects of this artifact, yea
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  15. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    The below is true BUT a compliment btw:

    As soon as anything close to balance is achieved (whether it's SCs, weapons or Powers) people like you (Fans, youtubers, min maxers etc etc) will come along and analyze and pull things apart, create a new meta and we will be back at square one with these threads popping up within days.

    No matter how good the devs are, there will be a way to maximise.. via artifact combos with cetain abilities or weapons etc
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    Probably have to agree with this.

    The other issue too is players always have to put in their 10 cents when it comes to power balancing and players are horribly bias, they'll try to deny it, but the reality is, they'll almost certainly be looking out more for what "they subjectively want" and ultimately any reliance on player testing whatsoever will always always result in imbalance.
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  17. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    If a supercharge pass or any pass was done correctly we wouldn't have this issue. A pass is used to create balance so if balance wasn't created from it that means the testing/execution of it failed.

    You are correct there will be a way to maximize metas just like there is today. If everyone knows how to do it tho, what is the problem?

    Some people definitely will be looking out for themselves and their favorite power. DC will have to be careful and listen to the right people. The balance i'm asking for is basically every power is equal unless it requires more risk to be taken on the user. Like rage for example because Berserk requires you to be so close to the boss.
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    There's no "right or wrong" players to listen too, and it's not "some people", all players regardless of how virtuous they preceive themselves as being, are both consciously and subconsciously prejudiced through their own biases and preferences towards how they perceive the game should be played and as a consequence balanced.

    I'm sure for that matter developers have their own biases but at that point it's at least developer prerogative, not player prerogative.

    This sort of thing can even ocur through omission, if all the best testers for example only like rage and they spend all their time testing rage it can lead to a disparity in focus leading to a disparity in performance, then there's also the fact that some people simply aren't "good at things", even if they are a good rage tester for example, that doesn't make them a good Earth tester and a "jack of all trades" even if they believed they were, tend to also be a "master of none".

    Player based testing in as many merits as it might have, is also the worst type of testing for a raft of reasons.
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  19. Retire Well-Known Player

    I would argue that balancing powers and weapons would be more beneficial to the game than a new episode, artifact, ally, etc. If the next GU was a power and weapon balance that would be great. I can wait for a new EP--it will be 100% completed within the first month anyway. A PvP revamp--or some love in general--would be great also.
  20. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    There have been plenty of situations in the past before the weapon mastery changes and advanced mechanics where dps and weapons were greatly balanced. You could min/max if you wanted but there wasn't a "meta" dps, there were multiple powers and even more so with phase dodge that would be just as competitive with eachother.

    Artifacts have indeed completely skewed that balance and while it would be controversial to balance the game around artifacts that not all players will have access to at 200, I think it is a necessity with the game now completely revolving around artifacts. A weapons pass and supercharge pass can be used in combination to limit the "meta" impact that powers would have
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