Reverence is recruiting! Legends/PVP/PVE. PC US server. Hero league.

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Treepanda, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Treepanda New Player

    Hero League on PC side.

    How do you sum up a league and it's members? Well, I'll try to anyways. (TL;DR version at the bottom of text)

    So a little bit about us:

    Reverence has been around for about 10 years. We used to be a huge presence on DCUO when it first arrived, and had something like over 100 members ( a lot of them very active. ) We took a year hiatus from the game, and unfortunately as these things go, members split off and did their own things as time passed.

    We are now trying to rebuild ourselves up to former glory, and looking for people who don't mind being part of that rebuilding process. We do currently raid and do legends/pvp pretty frequently. First and foremost though: We are a mature (but still sometimes silly) group of people. We have our own teamspeak server, and ask that people who are interested in seriously cooperating and raiding and the such join the server since it makes it much easier to organize events.

    But it's two-fold. We also try to recruit the person BEHIND the character. What do I mean? Well, we've played games where eventually the servers either get disconnected or depopulated to the point of non-playability. But those that we recruit? We continue to move on together into other games, and continue to play not just as a league--but as a group of friendly, fun people.

    We are all over the age of 18, and ask anybody who's interested at LEAST be 18 as well. We also request that you have a strong grasp of the English language. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate during raids/legends/pvp for people who have either a problem communicating or understanding English. At the same time, if your English isn't exactly stellar, don't take this as a dismissal.

    It's because of this that we do discuss all opinions and suggestions. After all, a league is sort of a "home" in-game, and we hope that you'd be as comfortable suggesting and doing things like you would your own home.

    We would like people who are respectful of others as well. Please, no joining if your only intent is to insult and berate everybody you can. We have no issue helping out with 4 mans, 8 mans, etc. Even if most of us are loot-locked. We do our best to assist in gearing up as well if you need that.

    I hope to hear back from some of you.

    TL;DR version: Reverence is recruiting(hero league). We are growing. We ask you connect to our teamspeak. Please speak English, and be at least 18. We are friendly, and promise to try and make your stay in the league both productive and enjoyable.
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  2. jedi New Player

    I started HOD:Reverence in 2003 with a simple goal in mind... To create a fair and fun multi-gaming environment for like minded players. So please feel free to come see us and join in the fun. :)

    May the force be with you all...errr...wrong game... um....

    Up, up, and away? ??
  3. Tiger Seducer New Player

    Well that was a pretty good sales pitch. Do you guys except brand new noobs? I just started yesterday and I have been looking for guild that uses a talk server.

    Btw do you play swtor?
  4. Treepanda New Player

    Yes, we do accept "noobs.". We are trying to rebuild to what we once were, and we have no issues with helping people who want to help us realize those goals. Most of our league is CR 80+ at the moment, but that allows us to make sure we can help you reach the same pretty swiftly.

    As far as playing swtor, we don't actively play that at the moment unfortunately. But if you're still interested feel free to send me a message either in game: "WadeParker" or through here! Would be glad to welcome a new member!
  5. djinternational New Player

    well heres my story,i am a big mmo guy,my games consist of world of warcraft(my number one game),swtor,and a little rift. i got tranfered through my job to a different state and lucked out to find a coworker and i had the same gaming interests. he had mentioned this game,and came home and immediately downloaded it. i have a couple of thirties now,one one a hero side pvp server and 2 villians on a pve server,all uspc. but as ocd as i was too get those levels up,i can honestly tell u that i have no idea how to play the game other then leveling..introduced the same game to another gamer friend and he loved it as well,but hes in the same boat as me,lol. not many manuals come with a game u download from the internet...we both are looking for guilds,to help us better our game experience,show us how to play,and teach us the right way to play our thirtys..if u can brave that task and dont mind a bunch of questions,we are very loyal and will change specs according to what the league needs -. thanks again for ur time.We are looking for active guilds, but laid back,ones that wont curse us cause we dont know how to play. i guess respond here and ill get back to you,thanks
  6. Tiger Seducer New Player

    Alright I would definatly like an invite. My hero's name is IFistdaTigrr
  7. MarkShmith New Player

    well I would like to join up send me an invite my name is MarkShmith I work but when im done working I get on the game and this Friday im upgrading my account and im getting the dlc packs. I started on this game with a villion. then I moved to a hero im still learning the skills for electronic spells and the 2 handed wepon. but im lvl 19 my villion is like 24 so I know some things but quit for a wile and forgot how to do a lot. so if you don't mind I would like to join.
  8. Treepanda New Player

    Well you're all welcome into the league. I have tried multiple times to send out invites to those two that listed your in-game names, however...we haven't been on at the same time apparently. IF you all use steam you can add me:

    It really kinda sucks you can't send league invites unless the person is online. lol.
  9. Xandroz_Illusive New Player

    I'll sign up Level 27 Xandroz Illusive is the In game name.
  10. Tiger Seducer New Player

    Lol ya that is something that really needs to be changed. Anyway whena re you usually on? I'll just try whispering you.
  11. Treepanda New Player

    I am usually on almost all day, days I work I either get on at midnight, or I work overnight. So my schedule varies, unfortunately. You can also whisper in game to either Sparkgasm, or Robbyn. Tomorrow (today if you're east coast ) I'll be on varying times throughout the day.
  12. Tiger Seducer New Player

    I think I have an idea. Could you just pm me the teamspeak server info? I'll just pop in and grab an invite from one of your guildies
  13. MarkShmith New Player

    im online right now if you want to send an invite
  14. thecopyninja New Player

    ice/tank hero here with CR72...send invite
  15. alhart89 New Player

    Lvl 24 troll here. 18+ and English proficient. Would like an invite please
  16. CJMathias New Player

    Please cancel that request. Thank you!
  17. Romeo Bravo Active Player

    Mental Controller (switching to quantum, already have my respect token) CR 65 SP 46 I am fairly new to rpgs in general and sometimes need help understanding certain mechanics of the games. My hero's name is xHourglass
  18. Dady Masterson New Player

    Hello, I am a nature healer. Started a couple months ago. I'm at 101 Sp and cr 82! I pvp and pve! My hero name is Deadspectre
  19. Romeo Bravo Active Player

    I have been added to the league and can invite people tonight if you are on.
  20. Obskuredmidgit New Player

    Hello I'm interested in joining your league my characters name is obskured