Revamped Time Bomb

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Scotty, May 2, 2017.

  1. stärnbock Devoted Player

    time bombs backlash is and allways was that everythings dead until it explodes...
    sure, fights are longer post revamp, but it is still a HUGE disatvantage... it IS! don't you think?
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  2. stärnbock Devoted Player

    well, the cool down could be six seconds and the cooldown should start to count after it explodes...
    thats the only way can imagine to get rid of the huge disatvantage of activation time. if anything else...
    well, it will suck... not only your power bar ^^
  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how did the time bomb behave before AM? i dont remember, i mean: there sure was a time bomb before it got out of hand?
    the only thing i know is that it screwed AM to the point of total domination and then the cap destroyed quantum completely...
  4. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    1Sec-hits time bomb
    2-7Sec-time bomb travels and hit
    8Sec-hits time bomb

    That idea:
    1Sec-hits time bomb
    ??Sec- detonation time
    +6Sec- Cooldown
    +1moreSec-hits time bomb

    There is no disadvantage of activation time, it has the same animation time as other powers. There's no damage difference over time between a power with a 6s cooldown that hits immediately(normal burst), over the course of 6s(dot), or at the end of 6s (time bomb),. The same damage total is done per second and the number of activations are the same.
  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Before AMs Time Bomb was the same as it is on test, except that you couldn't power it up by using other abilities/weapon attacks. You just sent it out and after a few seconds it would explode. The advantage to using it instead of a burst ability was that it had the Slow CC effect that would slow down enemy movement.

    Oh and also it had all that fake damage for a while that people used to boost their numbers on the scoreboard.
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  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    im out of ideas... what i hate is the cap!
    if what jafin says is right, i would say, make it as it was before AM (like a high dammage/powercost/cooldown that simply explodes after a while and with CC added to give you something for the time it needs to explode, no cap needed)
    but for me, the power is just... i hated time bomb as an AM, i hate it as it is on test server, i wish it would be like it was once (though i did not even remember) and i think i will do everything to avoid time bomb at any time in the future...

    there were some powers of some powers changed to fit AM, i will hold a momment of silence to turn my thoughts to those who got crippled by the implementaion of AM.
  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    If time bomb didn't have a cap it'd have to have a ridiculous scaling rate for the damage done during the time frame so no matter how high our stats got it wouldn't go past a set point. Something like:

    Currently (example, not accurate):
    19000 might
    Time bomb - does damage up to 147% of might for like 28k damage

    No Cap:
    19000 might
    Time bomb - does 25% of the damage dealt during 6 seconds. So even if I hit say 5 300 power costs and average 20k a hit for 100k damage total, I'd only get like 25k from time bomb even after draining the hell out of my power. It'd make time bomb weak af during regular rotations and overpowered during supercharges and supply drops. And given supercharges have short cooldowns, that might be broken for ranged dps, idk.
  8. Absolix Loyal Player

    The biggest scaling issue is that it is affected by damage modifiers twice. It was actually fixed at first when Quantum was first put on the stats matter update, but the "fixed" that Time Bomb wasn't being affected twice, and now the scaling issue that has been plaguing Quantum since it first got its AM is back.

    The only other thing that could make it scales more is being able to use damaging supercharges with it. Get rid of those two problems, and Time Bomb starts scaling like other powers, assuming they remove the cap.

    The issue is right now that Time Bomb actually doesn't scale as much with such a low cap which keeps things like crits, supercharges like Neo-Venom Boost, and even the +10% damage from being in damage role from affecting it as it does other powers.

    Time Bomb and Pets are actually being neutered in the update, because they don't scale with stats like other powers which is fairly dumb considering this problem was pointed out to the devs way back when Sore made the mega thread showing how the old Tunso test was different then how powers actually performed. They showed tests of how powers would perform without stat mods, only the max damage mod, and with 100 sp, then showed how they performed with stat mods, with all Home Turf mods, and with 170 sp. It showed that powers increased in Dps at different rates. There was some variation, but only 5 real outliers. 3 were too high, Quantum, Ice, and Gadgets, and 2 were too low, Sorcery and Earth.

    We were told they would fix scaling before the mid-range update, but only Gadgets got fixed before, its ability to use the WM crit with the AM was removed. Ice's issue actually got fixed in the stats matter update as it is no longer the only power with an attack buff that grants +crit magnitude. Quantum, Sorcery, and Earth however are still unfixed. With the cap Time Bomb scales too little, without the cap Time Bomb scales too much, and Fury, Crystal, and too a lesser extent pets like Swarm, Snow Devil, and Robot Sidekick still don't scale with stats at all.

    I can't imaging the stats matter update is going to do a good job of bring in players when stats, the supposed focus of the update, are not even going to affect all powers the same way. It does not leave me with the most hopeful feeling, and I am getting a bit tired of this game making me feel this way about it.
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  9. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    That was one thing I was wondering, as to why pets scaled with CR instead of just giving them Might-based damage, like an ability that worked through a pet instead of a completely separate mechanic.
  10. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player


    I need more thumbs.:)
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  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    this sums up the whole thread ^
    i totally agree.
    revamp is far from finished.
    look at time bomb.
    its totally messed up completely.