Returning Veteran, where do i start?

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    hello guys, i used to play this game everyday back in 2011-2013. i would pvp alllll day in the open world and grind arenas for marks for pvp gear. back in the days when you could have a f2p acc lvl 30 was max cap and you could fairly compete with all the other players. Now as i prepare to return in hopes of finding the same glory, was wondering if anyone could give me advice. should i stay f2p til 30 or just subscribe now?
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    Pvp as u remember from early years of the game doesn't exist anymore. Pvp has drastically changed, arenas become spam fest & legends are bugged talking here about soda and trinket not working.

    I say stay f2p for now and see how things are.
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    PvP (arena and legends) is completely unplayable as of the last update. No scaling, weird damage spikes and completely rigged powers. Do not subscribe for the sake of PvP.

    See devs? That's how you lose money by neglecting PvP.
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    This is PvP currently: [IMG]
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