Returning players aren't welcome back at all

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    I feel like my earth is lacking so much on both sides

    Like my might side isn't on par with other might dps

    My precision side isn't on par with other prec dps either.

    I want to stay earth and tank too, but look at brick. He dies and when you summon him you've already lost 50% of your life trying to summon him back because of how long it takes.

    Just the animations on some powers are too long and some powers use too much power up.

    Look at sorcery it's power mad hungry. Eats power up, but atleast they cdn bring their dps up. I can't bring my dps up on might. The animations are way too long on all powers.

    Prec dps on earth. Nah. What a joke.i,still can't fetch my dps up because again long power animations are too long.

    So my opinion rn is to stay as a week dps/tank or swap to a mega high dps power with higher damage output and fast power animations.

    Someone told me I couldn't be a gadgets dps because I wouldn't be able to clip. I used to clip ever power under the sun back in the day and be top dps 90% of the time.

    I don't want to chase top dps power. I want to play any role and be balanced towards me.

    I went into TTn. I was second to lowest cr but I wasn't lowest on damage because I wasn't the weakest for once.

    When I had 12m damage another player had 25m damage. By time the raid was over I think I was at idk say 40m or 50m damage total and top dps wad 125m or 150m or more. Just guessing can't remember the correct damage though.

    I'm thinking of paying the money to swap powers to a high dps output so I can complete end game content. It means the game loses another tank again.

    It's always troll powers that are op. Should I go munitions or gadgets and have a chance to not look as weak.

    I've just been in a normal raid. Top 2 dps was munitions. One 411 cr, second 401 cr.

    BASE ITEMS----

    Do I need them for a feat?

    Some episodes require you to collect 25 base items from episodes. Why doesn't I say on the base items them selves what feat they're from and if I've completed the feat already?

    Let's say I go to feats, bombshell paradox episode. Feat called - poster child for victory 2/8.

    The game knows I need this feat. I don't know I need this feat or where to go.

    So let's says I do this bombshell paradox raid and a base item drops. I honestly have to choose whether or not to take a random base item I may need of a piece of armour.

    Just write on the base items 2/8 for this feat in this episode at the bottom.

    I will then know to click the base item and collect it.


    This is so annoying to be. When I'm in a certain world. Why is the game telling me what feats I need here?

    I've just completed a feat (boom goes the crystal) destroy 150 crystal in doomed metropolis. When I was doomed metro. Why didn't turn game tell me on the map section that I had feats I can complete now in this world?

    Instead, press start, scroll to feats, accept feats, scroll to episodes, accept episodes, scroll to death of superman, read all the feats available, then realise I can do that feat.

    I'm always fighting the game for information. I'm always fighting against it. I'd rather work with the game and have it easier.


    After returning to the game and not knowing what the names of these are and people asking for like TTe, NUn, SWn. Can't you put it in brackets of what they're called so us noobs know what people write.

    If someone asks for Tbn. I can only assume its the threat below normal etc.

    Can't you put on each raid what ia used to identify each raid or something?

    Someone asks for something using these 3 letters words and a returning player doesn't know what it means without asking on lfg. Imagine asking every time until you remember.


    I'm in metal Gotham city. Detective mcnutty. Scroll down to this untuned armour.

    It says entropic hood box. It cost 12 source marks.

    What style is it? As a returning player. Every unturned gear is so confusing.

    I've 25 source marks. Spending 12 on this is alot just to find out what style it is. If I've or not.

    Will I spend another 12 marks in the future because I forget what style it is.


    I've loads of these on an account. I mean loads from back in the day. I don't know what to do with them. I don't know which ones to open for feats and which are useless. Why isn't the game helping me with more info? Tell me on the capsule it's self that I need an item in it still if I don't need to open it I can move on to n3xt capsules.
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    I've 22 artifacts in my inventory. My highest is like level 160.

    Because I don't have 3x 200 level artifacts I'm not allowed to join elite raids. Yep that's right. You heard me.

    I couldn't join sp, artsi. It's not even a top raid but people wanted to join it anyway.

    Well, how about we have a mechanic where it scales our artifact level up so low level artifact users can join elite raids too?

    160, 140, 104 is about what my stands at. They're not the best.

    Why can't my artifact level be upscale to 200 when joining elite raids? I'd still need to rank them up with nth metal to get feats. At least as a returning player I wouldn't be punished for low

    level artifacts.

    Even if they only upscale level for a short period on returning players. Atleast I would be able to have joined an elite raid.

    Im a proper noob and apend more time on YouTube trying to find out what is my best load out set up for my power. I usually watch ieddy or obsidian chill or something. It's just so hard looking and searching for answer off game when I should be able to find all info in game. Isn't there something you can do to link YouTube videos to my power in ae to best current YouTube vid outhere?

    I'm on console and have no laptop or pc and rely on phone and ps4 only. Searching online is hard.


    I'm like 5 years behind on this game and have to decide on what to do with no help at all. I've to decide on everything. The feats are confusing, too hard or unobtainable.

    Maybe a lot more to write but I'm hungry tbh.
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    Feats again. Can even sell me the old content feats and I'll buy them all with replay badges. I'd prefer to earn them and feel accomplished rather than purchasing them though. But if I've to I will buy them.
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    I've 5 other accounts. 3 are full already. So that leaves 2 accounts. Yeah?
    If I save the nth metal stuff for let's say 6 months. That's 6 more months of not being able to get into elite raids still. Its pointless playing dcuo if I can't play elite raids too. I can't play agame fpt 6 months and not be able to have a chance of playing it.
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    bang on. that works, for me. everything up to & including the Phantom Zone.
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    You're being dramatic. I was gone for over 4 years. I was sitting around 250 skill points around christmas of 2020. None of my old friends that still played took me seriously and were next to no help on the way up. In 2 and a half years... I have managed to go from 250 to 780. I had quite a few leagues along the way but I used LFG a lot... and I was working full time with newborns. You're retired. You could probably do it in 6 months if you wanted.

    So don't come to me about how "impossible" it is. You're making excuses. Git gud and stop whining.
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    If you're running out of inventory/bank space and don't want to delete items, the value of which you don't know, you can use mail as extra storage for tradeable items. Things like old catalysts and exobytes, R&D items, consumables, et cetera, that you don't need right now - mail them to one of your other toons. The items will stay in your other toon's mailbox for 60 days, then will be returned to the sender's mailbox and after another 60 days will auto-collect and appear in inventory. So you don't have to deal with them for 4 months, if you don't want to. You can always delete them later.
  8. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    So you want returning players to ... play the game for 2 1/2 years to be able to catch up? I think that pretty much sums up the problem with DCUO.
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  9. Dev72 Committed Player

    Elite doesn't require 200 arts. That is a stipulation placed by certain members of the community. There are plenty of groups who are OK with 160 and better. Up to you to try to continue running with those same groups, or figure it out some other way while pretending it isn't any easier now than it was before to level arts.
  10. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Getting max SPs isn't "catching up". It's accomplishing everything in the game.

    As long as you can max out your main stat... which is probably around 450 to 500 right now... your toon is more than good enough to do nearly anything optimally. You could achieve that in a couple months of dedication. That's probably a good amount of time for the necessary skill to be acquired for entering the harder content ANYWAY.
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    This is a good one. I just got our dps by a cr 411 tank with all tank gear on.
    Every single item, but this guys face was higher stats than my gear.
    His tank gear gave better dps stats than my cr 398 gear.
    His might was an extra 10,625 compared to mine.
    His prec was an extra 4,500 compared to mine.

    Imagine his 200 artis his got, his league buffs, every other buff. What? Where do I get a go? Omg this game is so backwards.
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    If you are getting out DPS'd by a tank with Tank gear on....that isn't an art issue, or even a stat issue to a point....that is a skill issue.

    My guess is that you have enough SP in your primary stat just to possibly hit the soft cap....and people say there isn't a legitmate disimination between numbers at soft cap...and where the max is.
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    For me it was some serious catch up and arts. Everything about them is a mystery when you return. Especially how expensive they are to level, there’s always been grind, but arts a new kind of beast to a returning player, it can definitely seem overwhelming.

    Just a little more info on those would have saved me a thousand bucks and a big headache upon return.

    If they mentioned there is sales and 2xp weeks alone would have been super helpful /shrug
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    Hi, are you EU or US server?
  15. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I DPS all the time with troll gear, the might difference isn't that much drastic tbh (only a couple thousand even with elite troll gear vs regular dps. I did the math last episode, without the OP back: Might difference between Control Elite and DPS Reg = 3,743). However, that player might have had a lot more SP than you, or using might soders and compound omega as well.

    Edit: I'm just saying wearing the role gear doesn't change as much as people think.
  16. Proxystar #Perception

    It isn't up to you to protect people from feeling ripped off about purchasing feats and I honestly think this is more of a cover on your part to dismiss it as a reasonable possibility, nothing sounds better than your portrayal of protecting Bambi from the Capitalist wolves.

    The truth is SP do matter, a lot of people keep chucking around this 400SP mark, which is enough to max out a might based DPS character, that is all, it's entirely wrong however when it comes to precision dps and entirely wrong when it comes to playing support.

    You're also scaremongering acting like leagues will set some make believe extra requirement, what you think they're going to start asking for proof of time played, cut it out bro.

    Let's take an example then Earth 3 - 14x 1 star feats, 9x 2 star feats, 7x 3 star feats

    The feats should cost twice as much to unlock as just transferring them to an alt so unlocking this entire DLC would cost

    28+54+70=152 replays - so approximately $5 for this DLC (scale it from there if you think it needs to be more expensive)

    Yes, they require time, you can get them regardless of what you do, you can't get feats regardless of what you do, feats aren't just going to magic themselves to completion and artifacts and allies still give you the ability to marketplace, feats should as well after a certain point. The irony of all of this is that a bunch of you same people opposing the sale of feats, support the removal of the clamp, it's a delicious contradiction, because what it shows is you want the feats easier, but you want them free, your objection isn't to making the feats "easier" it's an objection to the mere premise that you be offered them for cash instead.

    Again simply scare mongering, base game has already been sold, the early DLC's are the next appropriate cab off the rank. The solution to activating content isn't gate keeping the feats, it's providing a decent reward through increased source marks per time spent in an instance and additional rewards end game players crave, like quarks, stabilizer fragments, better alliance drops and so forth.

    Proof of my point above, how do you encourage vets to get in to content, you give them the reward they want, not the reward they don't. You're never going to get them back in there with a "feat pity party" oh please Mr Veteran come and help me... So you take a two pronged approach, better rewards so as to facilitate the free route for those that want it and the purchase feat option for those that have the cash and can't be bothered, of which the same already exists with artifacts, allies and augments.

    Feats and Skill points aren't worthless, you lot keep saying that because pretending they're worthless and acting like they're not needed is what enables your desire to continue to gate keep them from newer or returning players. They're obviously worth something and that's why you care so much about making sure they're never sold.

    The goals and incentives remain and the mentality of this community time and time again proves that, they'll still rush to get the feats during relevancy they'll still crow about it, you just won't have them continue to restrict new and returning players, or less so, once they're no longer particularly relevant to those players who will continue to be ambitious about being the best at every given moment in time.

    edit; also since this is about feedback, rather than being a contrarian, what are you ideas to assist people with improving the feat situation, happy to hear your actual ideas, if you in fact have any?
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    So you give all the players this. You give them armour, skill points, artifacts. You give them high ranked everything. It still help them from being a noob. This is why the high cr raids are full of noobs rn. None have skill. Hardly any of these players have had to grind bc123 fos 123 etc back in the day.

    They also need teaching the raids. I need teaching the raids too. I want to complete all the old content too.

    I had a player rage quit a raid because there was no troll. We didn't need a troll. He wanted a troll because his power wad power hungry. Skill less player who can't rely on his own.
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha, made me laugh a little, I mean after 2 1/2 years are you even a "returning player" by definition.. :D

    I agree, you should not under any circumstances be grinding for 2.5 years to catch up.
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    I did come back and replied to a few. I'm still on dcuo, but for how long I don't know. After feeling like I'll never be enough in this game. I might just have to leave.

    All I've got in this post is players telling me to leave the game. Just what dcuo mode players to leave.
    With the attitude of this community its going to be same 1000 players every day until no one is on it.

    You say I shouldn't be in max elite raids after coming back for a week but I'm cr 398.
    So you're telling me I can have the option to join, but not allowed to join in. Yeah, great thanks. Sure cause I'll pay for a sub rn or not.

    How many players do you think are on here?
    I started a YouTube video telling me the stats. I wish I had earthed how much % are top sp, cr, etc.
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    Since coming back I've upgraded 1 artifact twice. Level 140 and level 160. First time took 6 fails and cost me 6 seals I had. 2nd time had 3 fails and again 3 more seals gone.
    9 fails though. Wow! Its a lot for a player who had nothing.