Returning Player Take On DCUO "Is it worth it?"

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    Reading through, Thank you everyone that posted. Some of you can relate with your experience and some of you can oppose and point out the exact flaw in my post, and all is welcome. I want people to express themselves and eventually rather they're willing or not, to make a thread themselves. I believe in the forming your own opinion. Paying $15 is probably the best course, but im also mindful to those guys who haven't made a post or is more mentally strong with their final purchase. Someone who never played this game can be reading this right now and it is helping them with their research on how the game is currently or what is going on with the game or things to be wary of etc. Same as a returner.

    As far as my post, its definitely based on my opinion no doubt. Its not so much of giving pros and cons to the world, but more of what I feel are Pros and Cons that affected my experience. Then I just mix in a little of things that can give those guys perspective of the game from someone who knows it at its current state. This is where bias will kick in, so I try to keep it as neutral as possible.

    This is a long post for sure, but Im not putting my college efforts into it lol. So some things may not be expresse as clearly as I want but its enough to understand where im coming from.
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    @ringz - Well it does have big fonts so I read it even though it looked long. The arguments are nicely stated and clear. However, it seems to me your cons as listed dealt with:

    --Devs are not communicative
    --games too accessible to players due to level of difficulty/ease
    --progression is forced and doesn't matter

    ---Community? - People will say whatever they want. Express in their way. Some I'll read and like, some I don't care about. Forum posts are peripheral to me and the game. Excluding those awesome posts by some members that are informative about gameplay, helps everyone and is done by devoting their own time and effort. Those members know who they are.. so a big collective "thank you".

    - Devs not communicative - sadly you subbed in the months that they were kinda tight-lipped. But that large memo you put out? They did that same thing a while back. A few weeks after Stats Revamp went live, a producer put out a very large post detailing the same exact thing. IF you're interested in reading, Mepps even put a link to it in his recent GU79 update post, pointing out very subtly that they have not forgotten that post. I think it's easy to minimize what they do in the background.

    --Game accesibility - Levels of difficulty. Do you realize what the real problem here is? The player base's skill level.
    How many players are there, that are really VERY skillfull and challenged by hard-core combat and mechanics?
    How many are good players but not THE best? How many are just average players? How many are below average?

    How many of those skilled players are in a league or able to form a raid group and work well together to finish a truly difficult and challenging raid?

    I think the Devs have already put into place the system to answer that. Realize that there are now 3 levels of difficulty for raids when it comes to the current Episode. The event version, the regular version and the Elite version. Each with their own appropriate rewards in place. The event version is perfect for the random queue and easy-going player, the regular's difficulty is fine for a 15 to 20 min run. Is the Elite version too easy? Yes. I have to admit that and I barely play elite. I will have to say they need to ramp up the difficulty on this a bit (using game mechanics and challenge), even it means I won't get the chance to do the Elite gear on the vendor. Thankfully, it's the same style now.
    So the system is in place. I think they are working on it.

    --Gear and progression doesn't matter - It seems you're argument here is tied to game difficulty, you want rewards to matter, to affect your effectiveness in combat - so that the gear you get means something. So once they fix the elite version, you should be happy.

    --PVP - C'mon. Broke is broke.

    I think it's very easy to miss the stuff they put in the game, some are so small, some take to much time that we forget we wanted it. But you did list some of them but there's a lot more. I've always wanted to do a year's end list and a post of what was changed in the game from the previous year but I'm too lazy and selfish. What's the point of doing it? Either members recognize it or don't care. The same changes I experienced happened to them as well. Either they appreciate it or don't; my listing it won't change their opinions.

    My opinion? DCUO continues to make changes in the game and the structure, they experiment, it evolves. I'm still here, I still enjoy the game and the few days I don't feel like playing the game, I do something else. But I spend a lot of time in the game, I enjoy it.

    I listened to the friends and league-mates who have left...
    They wanted new maps.
    They wanted new mechanics to the challenge.
    They wanted new characters.

    I think true MMO players, even gamers will eventually leave this game. It's because it ages and there will always be some new game coming out. It's an eventuality. Comic book fans may leave but they'll peek in, once in a while. True DC fans will never leave this game because of your first Pro argument. It puts them in the DC universe. Let's them play in it, in some form.

    But I'm glad you took the month to sub and "decide" for yourself what the game is now and what it's value is to YOU. That's why people said, just go in and check it out for yourself. And I'm glad you took the time to make your thread.
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  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'll agree with everything you've posted, except the part of the players being part of the problem.

    Show me where they listen to any of the elder players of this game anymore, then maybe I could agree with that. We no longer have their ear, and haven't in awhile. My posts are usually reflecting of my game play and those I play with daily. I get very passionate about the game, because I love it. I had high hopes for my favorite power leading up to the revamp. The two months following the revamp I kept being told to learn my power, and I wasn't playing it correctly, by player testers and even the devs. I also had to take break because I felt I was at a point of possibly quitting. The revamp was laid out as something much different than we got. I'm still here, but I don't have to like it.
  4. BumblingB I got better.

    I stopped reading when I got to the font size. On my screen, I get like 3 words before a new line. That makes it kind of hard to read for me. I'm sure it's thought out and well done, but I couldn't read it.
  5. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I respect and appreciate you alot Prime. No doubt the devs are in fault too for the things here at the end of the day. I will never turn that eye away. I was there for the Crappy Heals post for electric and nature "Buff x & y powers already", and the mental and sorcery threads too. I wouldn't wish for my worst enemies to go through what I and others went through as electric and nature mains, for their powers. So I will not deny that there have been Pushes from the community toward the devs to fix said powers. I have seen crazy amount of "info bar graph numbers" just to prove that power is under performing or broken.

    However, I've seen too many factors of things that should have been a major "push", but got neutralized by fellow players. Im not talking power imbalances alone either, also including things such as: Pve, Pvp, TimeCapsules, Communication. I seen opportunities for people to agree that enough is enough, but never ignite. Rather people don't have the time for it, or folks are really chill and they calm down others respectfully, but that stops a route for demanding the game to get better. I can tell you how many times, numbers, and names of people who was telling I and others to "Quit making electric is weak threads. We get it" before the devs acknowledge us to wait on stats revamp before we knew stats revamp.

    It might not be something realistic for others yet, but I seen different communities for other mmos before and during dcuo times, that had their "enough is enough phase" without the need for social media. Having those memories of those games than comparing here, I just cant help it. I guess the EA and Bungie thing is a recent example for folks to see.
  6. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Im sorry. I tried to make the fonts bigger than normal size, and highlight some key parts to help make it easier to read. But my screen is adjusted for my eye sight as well, so that can potentially affect others.
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    Protip, the font size is scaled, not exact pixels. So when you increase it, it proportionately increases based on the pixel dimensions of your screen resolution. But there is a cap on it. So on smaller screen resolutions, it gets REALLY big. That's why CSS can be flubby on different browsers and platforms.

    Honestly, default font sizes and colors are still better choice since they were designed with the website in mind.

    It doesn't help I like to speed read paragraphs by glancing at the lines. I'm able to usually process it okay, but when it's only a few words a line, it makes it really difficult for me to process right. Though, yours is no where near as bad as some of the posters here that change their colors and use a very difficult font to read because they feel that makes them unique, but it just agitates the reader.
  8. DC Urban Committed Player

    Sure about that? DOTA 2 and LoL's revenue and player populace are out there. Obviously "Someone" wanted these numbers to get out in attempt to entice players to come in. There are also mmo where you can check the number of players online. So yeah, that is false.

    Notice how WoW (As you mentioned), LoL, and all these record breaking games allude to their populace.

    Even got some news on the GOAT of action mmo, BDO

    This says "hey, look at us, we are doing well, come join us"

    Obviously if that number hits 900 active players you will not hear a peep. The excuses for DCU are null and void. They are used to defend DCU, but the same never holds true for other mmo.
  9. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I think the main thing I would add here is that the game has taken a huge leap into the Microtransaction realm. The OP hints at this, but maybe not to the extent I think they should if you want to really give an idea of where this game is.

    If you're a new player, the free-to-play abilities in this game are pretty great. There isn't another game on the market, MMO-wise, that I can think of that does combat the way DCUO does. If you're into comics and you like to beat stuff up, and you're able to pick up a game and leave it every once in a while, you could play DCUO as free-to-play and be fine.

    If you're a player that wants to get the most out of your experience, you're going to notice hurdles. The "gotta catch 'em all" mentality that many mmo's suck you into is behind a pay wall within DCUO. Whether that's real money to open time capsules/buy replay badges or in-game money to play the broker game, DCUO feels less like a combat game and more like a grind fest in certain areas anymore.

    Once upon a time, you could do everything within content (well...Tragic the Gathering aside...). A vast majority of the feats in game no longer have anything to do with instanced content whatsoever. (PvP or PvE) I'm not saying the game itself is pay-to-win! You can still complete all content in the game without buying anything but the subscription/buying the DLCs/episodes. It's the feats/stat points that make this line fuzzy.

    So I guess, for me, if I were returning, that's what I would want to know. Is this something I can pick up and run with? Is it something I should get immersed in? If you're the type of play that wants to immerse themselves into the entire game? You're going to have to prepare yourself to either let some feats be ignored, or shell out in-game/real money to keep up.
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  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Like I said, PR. Look at the history of info releases from this game, from Champions Online or just about any MMO (active or shut down) and you'll see plenty of numbers and milestones handed out to tout how successful their game is/was. And it's done for exactly the purpose you lay out, to get new or former players to play the game.

    But actual ongoing reports on populations or subscriptions coming out on a consistent basis? Those are a lot tougher to come by. That kind of info might be harmful to the game or the efforts to get people to play, whether it's because the populations are low compared to other games or simply because those axe-grinding players I mentioned will at the very least attempt to use it explicitly to harm the game.

    All games will allude to their populace (your words, not mine) in an attempt to entice players, and while some games may let you see how many players are online at a given time, that will never be the entire picture, especially if it's only giving you numbers for one particular server. MMOs, in my experience, simply aren't in the habit of releasing the actual numbers that players can see as a whole. We get windows here and there to look through, but rarely the entire view.
  11. Wallachia Devoted Player

    Oh cool, Ringz has made a new threa-

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  12. DC Urban Committed Player


    That was my point, so long as those games are doing well, the numbers will show. But, if they are doing poorly, to quote myself....."Obviously if that number hits 900 active players you will not hear a peep" Again, wonder why dcu are so mum for so damn long?

    "and while some games may let you see how many players are online at a given time, that will never be the entire picture"

    If you can consistently check the actual number of players online in real time....ummmm....that is pretty damn accurate. Starting to think this is merely your go to crutch saying, because it makes zero sense when one can consistently gauge the number of players online in real time....

    You said the same thing with Steam, but here is the thing.....What makes DCUO so special in terms of having low numbers compared to say....War-frame which is on consoles as-well? Why does those games have thousands to hundreds of thousands of players and DCU has around 900?

    I will tell you why, DCU is not popular, period. Does Steam take account of console players? No, but it does illustrate how DCU is not popular because it lags on perhaps the largest pc platform.

    DCU is not popular on Steam








    Once upon a time when it was fresh, sure, but not now. Even then it quickly changed from P2P > F2P > P2W.....They would have some recent numbers floating around if it was a solid mmo...

    "The announcement of the free to play move comes just seven months after SOE released DC Universe Online. SOE wouldn't go into the exact number of subscribers currently playing the game"

    Of course not:D....
  13. TestReporter Loyal Player

    It never was a popular game and we all know that, neither was Marvel Heroes Omega or any hero game that i can remember. This kinda of game hardly attracts a really big playerbase like WOW, OW, CS, LOL, Dota 2, PUBG etc. Also, DCUO barelly got any advertising when compared to other big MMOs.

    Not saying the population was always bad, we had (and maybe still have, not gonna get in this topic) a good population that could keep the game healthy, but we all know it was never as big as most of the games. Just look at CS twitch with 1.2mil viewers or OW with 100k guys watching a loop of the game director looking at the screen, LOL tournaments attracting many people IRL, thats a example of a popular game. But a game not being popular doesn't mean it has a bad population or is a bad game.

    Most of the companies don't reveal numbers unless they are increasing at a big rate or increasing for a long time. Revealing small numbers or population decrease really hurts the game's future and the next games of the company. If the devs revelead a population decrease, i would be the first one to write a thread saying "I told you to not make SPs p2w and make bad updates, see X and Y guys, i was right" .:oops:
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  14. Ringz Dedicated Player

    LMFAO !!!
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  15. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    I agree on this.. I have, maybe too bluntly, asked people who seem to talk about population a lot, Why does it matter? I see it as "The game suits me and my wants/needs in an MMO or it doesn't" - WoW is popular but I personally do not like it, DCUO has less numbers etc but it suits me better for what i want in a game...