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  1. DatGuyBigMike New Player

    I am back to DCuo I last played around the time Asssault and battery was end game. What would be the most efficient way to gain sp? I play on ps4 Vengeful Sage. I'm also looking for an active league. Thanks for any advice and help.
  2. Tilz Loyal Player

    Most efficient way is to run content :D

    On a serious note:

    - Races
    - Exploration
    --> Those can be pretty quick

    - solo feats

    Then every DLC with open world parts has feats there (like kill special adds / mobbs)

    If you're looking for a league check out the forum section for leagues.
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  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Time efficient??? Time Capsule and rare drop feats off the broker.
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  4. OneWhoLaughed Well-Known Player

    emblems. emblems. emblems.

    oh, and solos. The deluge solo is great for a few easy SP
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  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Also, as you grind out source marks, there's several style vendors in the house of legends, worth 25-50 (most 50) feat points.
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  6. Swamarian Committed Player

    Assuming that you've already got the races and exploration, running content works. Most alerts and raids have multiple feats associated with completing them. Also, a number of DLC have feats for opening an artifact associated with the DLC. Also equipping that DLC's augment. (At least those don't take up inventory.)
    Open world bosses have feats associated with them. Some (BatMage/Shadow Batman, Doomsday, Giganta) have feats associated with how many time's they've been taken down. Others (the Metal Batmen, the duelers in Flashpoint) have feats associated with taking down all of them. These are also good because they're a quick 8 marks for the mission. If you see someone advertising boss spam, they're going for the counter.
    Styles are always good. Some style sets (like the one for amusement mile gang war) also give additional feats for wearing 8 pieces at the same time. (Technically, the feat's for wearing 8 pieces with the same attribute.) Unfortunately, figuring out what pieces qualify isn't obvious. The gang war set was straightforward, although I had to equip the set twice to get the bonus. Then I tried to do the same for Deluge, and none of the pieces I bought qualified.
  7. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    I would add: start with the enhanced versions of the emblems before worrying about the regular versions. More bang for your buck...
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As the others said, I was going to suggest the House of Legends styles which only take source marks to get (the 10 mark ones not necessarily the 70 mark ones), watch LFG for 'spam' groups, either doing bounties (they will hit all the 8 marks bounties one after another) or quick raids like Doomsday or FOS3...Doomsday raid also has some feats you can knock out easy if you ask at the beginning...sometimes. Get your source marks piled up, and buy every style you don't have. Also almost any bounties go towards some feat counts, so a bounty run will put a dent in those too.

    Emblems and TC gear in the Broker will take cash, which you likely don't have. However, if you were around in AnB days, you might have some of the few remaining 'valuable' Booster items like Plasmic auras or the black smoke or Nimbus. IF you had any of these, make sure you research the value before selling for 10M on the broker cause you 'think' that's a lot of money. All are worth a lot more, and all that cash can buy a lot of feats out of TCs, but make sure to check first. Some emblems only give feats for the whole set, and some give a feat per emblem. As someone else said, the enhanced normally give feats per emblem, but that flipped at some point, so older ones the regular ones give the feats. TC gear also has feats, but some of the older enhanced sets only gave a points.

    Get anything you can do solo or without group co-ordination. Obviously getting a solo feat done is all on you, so hopefully all are 'easy'. Some group feats are just checklists or counts that require repetition of runs. Queue those runs up and chunk off the list as you go. Some checklists take many many runs (artifact finder in Origin is one) and are based on random luck. Set those as stretch goals and queue those runs as filler if you are not tied up doing something else.

    As far as a general tip on getting feats...know the feats. In Omni group content, or if you are building a group, you have to know what the feat you want is and how it works. Many people won't mind trying for a feat, but if you are 1/2 way done burning Stompa in Happiness Home and then shout 'can we burn Stompa last'....good luck getting that one done. Know what you want going in and ask early and many times people will help....unless it's a challenge or time consuming.

    Run omnis for the Omni journal missions weekly. 1 raid, 1 alert and 3 solos/duos. A) it's some quick source for the journal mission and B) the box sometimes has a rare collection or OP catalysts that will help out on some other feats you might need, or generate some cash if you don't need them. Not every box contains gems, but some do.

    Lastly, check the current DLC as it comes out. There will be several 'count' feats for open world. These are best to get done during the DLC's active run and will be harder to knock out once the DLC is moved down a peg. A good example would be the bounties in Legion of Doom DC or Flashpoint. People still run those, but it's far less than a month or 2 ago when LOD was 'current'. Get the Dark Knights ones done now to avoid back-tracking later.

    Don't worry about the 'elite' feats unless you are in a good league. Yes, you can get them done, but you might spend many hours building a group and trying the feat and in that same time you could have been knocking out more SP worth of 'easy' feats. For sure you will want those, but as time will be your enemy in getting caught up, don't spend most of it chasing some 1/2 point elite feat when there are 6 other 1/2 point ones you could get done in the same time in regular. Besides, getting those easy SP will help in getting the elite ones done later as you'll be a bit stronger when you try.

    EDIT: On the subject of Omnis and knowing feats, if you know a run is done for feats, opt out unless it's a quick easy run. Some runs will drag you into a time sucking hole and the 1 min deserter penalty(won't even get that for solos) is worth it to draw something else the might yield some progress on a feat. Of course if you've never done a run and just want to try it, go for it....but once that's over, keep your SP in mind. Again, time is your enemy if playing catch up....don't waste it in 'Gotham University Warehouse', 'Hive moon Base' or 'Brainiac's Bottle Ship' unless you know you need a feat in there.
  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    That started the opposite way though. Enhanced used to just give a title feat. I think it flipped somewhere around the 'Notorious' capsule or something. The older caps use to grant a feat for every regular emblem. Same for TC styles.
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  10. FreezyPop Active Player

    The missing feat checker website still errors out when I enter an actual character, but it may still be useful for its ability to filter feats by star count. Much easier to see the three star feats for a category (like styles and emblems) when you’re weighing what to a at next. It’s much MORE useful when the census data is working, because it can show you a personalized list of 3 star feats you don’t have, but it’s still a lot easier to navigate than the actual in-game feat menu when you’re trying to decide on something from a vendor or broker.