Returning Player Needs Information on Sorcery

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  1. mbrewer77 Active Player

    Would someone direct me towards any information on playing a sorcery toon as dps and healer? I'm having trouble finding anything recent.
  2. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    As a starting bet, you should check out in Oracle's Database, the Master dps guide thread. That'll get you a decent enough loadout for damage, but it all boils down to what artifacts and play style you like.

    As for healing, artifacts make the difference there too. Sucks that so much relies on objects.
  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The most basic Dps informations are:
    • Dps side has to be played with Fury for decent damage
    • Dont stay max ranged for projectile abilities because they can miss the target easily as they travel
    • Precision is much more accessable in its current state unless you use Source shard artifact at a decent level (120+)
    The most basic Heal informations are:
    • Watcher is super weak and not worth using
    • Arbiter of destiny is very good and i advise you to make your playstyle revolve around that SC
    • Supercharge shield is not very strong so i wouldnt say its worth the 10k power cost
    • Some abilities tell you that they heal in an area around the targetet enemy - the range is much greater than you would expect from that describtion
  4. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Look up obsidian chill on YouTube
  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I can tell you what's worked very well for me on both sides. Humble brags I guess: I can solo heal probably anything tho the people I run with are smart enough to know you can't heal mind controlled or other reasons so 2 healers in any elite content (except burn checks) is the usual call.
    Healer, I can't remember names of everything so I'll check this post when next online to correct them.
    1st thing, I'm actually the exact opposite loadout of what was mentioned above. That can work but i hate bat form. Certain elite raids, that form will kill you.
    Artifacts are orb of Orion, page of destiny, and purple healing ray.
    Augs all restoration
    Priority heal. I use orb of arion so this heal is only used for the tank when he takes big spike. Maybe for others if everyone has health topped off. Acolyte also helps if you have to do a pick up. Tho healers shouldn't be doing those.
    Boon of souls 4person shield
    Watcher. He ain't great but I really don't need the spot and he does do a decent job healing the tank. Plus he adds a good amount of dps. Can run guardian in there if you're having trouble with a solo and need to run in healer role but want to get some dps.
    Circle of protection. Everyone complains about the size and it is smaller than every other similar power. But you can aim it the boss vs dropping it at your feet. And that is super handy.
    The 8 man heal. Invocation of renewal. It hits as hard as the 10k cost supercharge without the 8 man shield. Cooldown is kind of long but you are only using this when the entire group is taking big spikes. Can heal thru most 1 shot mechanics so it's pairs nicely with the page of destiny.
    4plyr/ group heal. This is your spam. Always spam. It stacks the revivify, heals 6plyrs with art buff, and feeds your watcher a bit. 1/4 each cast.
    That's it. Spec generator for power/resto/might. White augs, uninterrupted on the hands, power back from circle of protection, accelerated cool down for boon of souls are the important ones.
    Stat points: all the healer ones then some into your choosing. I specced hybrid and I probably shouldn't but I don't have to rely on a troll and lately, buff trolls are better to have in elites.

    Source shard, grim, la mort or amulet. Disclaimer, meta is trans/strat/solar amplifier for like every powerset. This combo has been working incredibly for me in single target. I can be out done but it's not super common and rarely is it by more than a million.
    La mort has been my go to. I use next to no power, range always, barely take damage or get aggro while being the most likely candidate.
    Feed fury
    .5sec cooldown blast
    Grand summoning
    Grim applies your pi, spam that quick blast, feed fury often. Always feed then apply godwave. Amulet, use finisher less. La mort, use it as often as possible.