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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Cruize, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Cruize Active Player

    Hello, I just returned to the game today and was wondering if there is any sort of guide available, just ran some events to see if I still got the "hang" of it but I seem to have no idea how to gear up, I am currently playing a controller with CR 95 (already up from 82 when I resubbed) and have no idea where to spend some of the source marks (which I believe replaced the older content currency).

    I also do not have the option to boost to 210 atm without spending Daybreak cash and I am currently planning on checking if Quantum is still a good power for controller so I can't commit yet. Not to mention that the current CR boost offered costs like 4999 DBC so it is so expensive.

    A few more questions I have are:

    What would be the "softcap" CR at the moment as well?
    Is doing a mastery attack better than just spamming a single combo (spam full auto mastery or spam flurry attack)?
    How do you equip implants?

    Any advice would be nice as I tried asking in the watchtower and no one seemed to answer.
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  3. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    gearing up go to WT and the vendor near the Monitor Womb, where everyone is fighting. That vendor will display current gear available up to about your 250CR. I think the last style it has is Fallen God. There are vendors by the warp pads in that area too. I wouldn't pay $50 to skip personally. It will only take 2 weeks to get your CR up. Run the Chaos Gotham dailies for marks and gear boxes. I think 273 is max CR atm. yes you should be able to warp to your lair easily from the warp menu: map/warp menu.
  4. Cruize Active Player

    Can you tell me which NPC specifically, there is a lot of them :/

    I did, until I realized it was outdated.
  5. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    I'm not in game atm, so I can't remember its name... it's the one parallel to Booster Gold, on the 'bridge' just before the MW. A little bit before the PVP phase point.[/quote]
  6. Merlin2574 Well-Known Player

    Dang, it is? Oh yeah. The one running that site stopped updating it. Forgot. Sorry bout that.
  7. Cruize Active Player

    No worries, kinda sad that he stopped updated it tho.

    Is it the droid selling Themysciran and Atlantean stuff?
  8. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    It will continue to show new relevant gear as your CR increases. Maybe you have other gear to get first, I dunno. Also check out the vendors at each warp point. in that area, on the ground floor, both sides of the MW. One of those may have the gear you are currently on... maybe the insect gear or something? There are also vendors in the MW.
    Still, soon enough it will be that droid vendor on the bridge that you will need.
  9. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    the vendor is called 'mechanical supply officer.'
    yes, it will be selling the Atlantean and Themysciran gear :)
  10. Cruize Active Player

    Thanks for the reply, I'm glad to have spent it on the right npc, BTW how do I equip implants?
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  11. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Augments, you mean, yes? In the Inventory screen, there are 6 tabs above the Inventory -

    No. 5 is the Augment *equipping* screen
    No. 4 is the Augments and Artifacts *upgrading* screen
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